I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


8. 8

Luke p o v

Yesterday was great with everyone, saying goodbye until we got to that kiss. I'm just so happy that she heard everything or maybe she wouldn't believe me when I explained it to her. I see it as a good thing even if she had to become enemies with her friend that was like a sister to her.

I get dressed in my black jeans and my Blink 182 shirt. I get my phone and the charger and put it in my bag. Mum comes in to make sure I have everything. "Are you all set?" I can tell she is fighting back tears. My brothers come in followed by dad.

"Yeah I'm ready" I say. A cab is coming to pick us all up. "I'm going to miss you so much" mum kisses my checks and starts to allow the tears to flow down her soft cheeks. "Good luck son. Don't forget to call or your mother will be worried" dad tells me. "Will do!" I assure them.

Listening for the doorbell I take my bags down to the door so I can get them out and packed in the car faster. Most of our clothes get packed prior to the start of tour so this is all extra stuff to remind me of home. There is a knock on the door and my brothers pack the bags in the trunk as I say my farewells to mum and dad.

"I'm so proud of you and your mates. That won't stop anytime soon" mum kisses my cheeks again. "I love you. Call me every night. Do your best, be polite, and make good choices. I love my little baby" I receive another kiss. I kiss her cheek as well.

"I love you son. Your mother is right, we are so proud of you and the other three. Don't do anything stupid but make a tour to remember" dad hugs me. I think I even see a tear in his eye. My brothers soon walk over to me and pat my back.

"Proud of you" Ben smiles and pulls me into a hug. "Same. Have fun little bro" Jack continues and joins our hug. Dad takes a picture and him and mum soon join the hug.

Oddly I feel another pair of hands and see that Cal got out the car and joined us. "You idiot" I laugh at him. "I love hugs" he shrugs his shoulders and walks back over to the car. Before getting in my family tells him "good luck" and "have fun" stuff like that.

Calum is the only one in the car so we have to pick the other two up. I'm happy because that means I can say goodbye to Al before we leave. We pick Michael up next and because Cal, Michael and I are closest compared to Ash.

He says goodbye to his family and we get in the car again no go to pick up Ash. When we pull up I run out the car and inside. "Hey Ash. You ready?" Michael asks. "Yeah let me finish saying goodbye" he turns around and talks to his family. He says goodbye to Ali first so I can have her the rest of the time.

"I love you Ash. Good luck!" She hugs him and starts crying. I feel bad leaving but this is my job. It's in the description. She then looks at me and just stares. "I love you Luke. I will miss you so much. Watch Ash and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble" she pests, looking back at her brother.

"I love you too. No promises. I will call you every day or night or if I have a chance. I just don't know when I will be free. God I'm going to miss you so much" I lean in and kiss her passionately. Putting my hands on her waist I pull her close and deepen the kiss. Usually Ash hates this but we won't do it for another few months. He can deal!

"How I will miss kissing you for the next few days" she becomes very sarcastic. I laugh at her. "I love you. Don't talk to any of those girls holding signs with your name on it" she lets a little smile crack. "As long as there are no other guys in this house besides Harry" I negotiate.

"Deal" we agree and hug one last time. I wave goodbye to everyone and the last thing we see before pulling out the driveway, to the airport is Ali, crying. I will miss her so much.





(After the flight)

We have just landed in New York and tonight we are playing at Madison Square Garden. It's our favorite venue besides Wembley but it it's still amazing. Mum always wants to come to a show here. I wish I could make that happen for her could make.

"Mates this is really happening!" Calum cheers. We just laugh at him and his stupid, giddy, smile. We get out the bus and go check out the venue. When we enter we are greeted by our crew who are so amazing. Anyway... We go to the 400 section which is toward the top of the arena. I go to section 114, Ash to section 128, Michael to 162, and Cal to section 144. We all start screaming to each other across the big venue and see if we can hear each other.

Last night there was a Billy Joel concert. I love his music, especially The Lights Go Out On Broadway. "OLLY OLLY OCTUPUS!" Ash shouts. "GOOD GIRLS AREBAD GIRLS THAT HAVEN'T BEEN CAUGHT!!!" Michael sings. "HEY LUKE!" Calum calls to me. I just sit back and laugh. "ANSWER BACK ASS!" He eventually gets mad. You can see the crew, building the stage, laughing at us.

"DOING GREAT MATES!" I encourage them. We all decide it was time to go to the dressing room which is huge. Calum and I play FIFA, Ashton sits and listens to music, Michael plays some video games. Of course I lose because Calum is the FIFA God.

After a few games we check on the crowd and see the seats filling in while the opening act run out. The crowd is jazzed up for them which most likely means they will be 10-times better for us. I can tell it will be a good show and if not it isn't then we have many more months to get them jazzed up.

Before I go on stage I call my mum. "Hello sweetie? Have a good show! I can't wait to see how it is. I love you so much! Kiss kiss" she says. "Love you too mum. Talk to you tomorrow" I refuse to 'kiss kiss' her though.

Next I call Ali. "Hello?" She says groggily. "Sorry were you asleep?" I question, already feeling bad for waking her. "Yeah but it's fine. Are you about to go on?" "Yeah. It should be good. The were happy with our opening act. I love you. Gotta go. Good night sorry for waking you"

"Have a good show. Love you" she tells me before I hang out. Hearing her voice calms me down. Out of the band I have the worst nerves when it comes to the stage. It's more anxious then nervous but I'm the worst either way. The stage is a home to us lads.

Ash runs out to get the crowd ready and the three of us join him. We open the show and the place goes nuts. Just the way we like it.

Ali p o v

It was great to hear his voice but its not helping with my sickness. I have been vomiting ever since they left today. I was also throwing up last night I just didn't want to worry Luke before he left. That's the last thing he needs right now.

It is 5:30 in the morning and I'm wide awake, there is no reason to try to sleep now. I decide to get my sweat pants, and t-shirt on and I write a note, leaving it on the counter incase anyone wakes up and wonders where I am. Tying my shoelaces, I open the door and turn some music on.

Starting out with a jog I soon increase my speed until I'm throwing up in a bush. I really haven't been feeling great. I decide instead of pushing myself to be even more sick I will just walk home. It may take longer but it is worth it at the moment. I feel like crap!

Walking a different way then how I came I see the convenient store. "Should I?" I whisper to myself as someone passes. They just give me a weird look. I shrug it off and walk inside. Walking to the middle of the store I pick two or three up and go to check out. I give them the required money.

Walking back home which is only two blocks, I go to the bathroom, not feeling well again. I use the bathroom and wash my hands. "Honey I'm going to work. Make sure you get Harry and Lauren to school" mum kisses my head. My stepdad leaves as well and I go to the bathroom again.








"Pregnant?" I question. No. I can't be. It is probably false. It was last time I took a pregnancy test. This time I won't even tell a Luke, I will make an appointment to find out the pregnancy test I just took is lying to me and then he will never need to know about it.

When could this be from though? Luke has been rehearsing or with his family and when we get together it is just dates or talking. Not sex. Then it hits me........ That night we watched the scary movie and his parents came home from their holiday early. We used a condom though.

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