I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


6. 6

Movie Date

Alice p o v

"Luke do you have to annoy me?" I pest. "That's my job as your boyfriend" he rubs his nose on mine. I try not to laugh but the urge gets the best of me. He breaks too and laughs at me. "So will you?" He begs. "No. I'm not watching that. I hate scary movies and you know that" I pout.

"My room is always free so if something to scary happens you can go in there and wait for me to hold you close and protect you with big muscles" he starts flexing. I just crack a smile and agree to it. I don't even know what the movie is called but we cuddle up on his couch and I already regret it.

His parents are on vacation for a few days so we are home alone at the moment. I offered for him to stay at my house so he isn't as lonely but when I ran the idea across mum and dad they weren't the happiest people. They turned it down.

The screen starts out black and a thing that is covered in blood and looks like a dead baby pops on the screen. I scream and cover my head under the blanket immediately. "It's fine. Do you want me to stop it?" He rubs circles on my shoulder. "N-no, I'm fine" I stutter. I don't see this going very well for me.

After about fifteen minutes I find myself alone in his bedroom waiting for the end credits. I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to things like horror movies. They are some of my least favorite things along with scorpions, and bugs.

My eyelids get heavy and I am soon asleep.

Luke p o v

The credits come to a conclusion and I go upstairs to my room to check on Al again. Last time I checked on her, about an hour or so ago, she was asleep.

"Oh you're awake" I state. She turns to see me walking to the bed. I take my shirt off since its so hot. "Are you staying here tonight?" He asks. "Parents will flip if I do. It's probably best if I don't but I can stay for a while if you want" she responds and I climb under the blankets with her.

"What are you watching?" I question. "I'm not really sure. It's stupid though" she says turning to burry her face in my chest. I grin and peck the top of her head. "You smell so good" she says, out of the blue. "Well it's the cologne you got me the other day" I smile even more. I feel like that's all I do when she is around. I'm such a fool when she is around me. I am still surprised I got her.

"You do smell so good though" she states, kissing my lips. I kiss back and our lips move in sync. Our tongues soon dance with each others and I'm smiling. Damn she is perfect. My lips move to her jaw line and proceed down to her collarbone. She pulls my head beck up to her mouth and I continue to kiss her.

I go in my night stand beside the bed and grab a condom. She smiles, knowing what I have in mind. As long as Ash doesn't know it won't hurt him. We soon are under the sheets getting down and dirty.

When we finish we lie down beside each other, panting to catch our breathes. I hear the front door open and panic. I can tell Ali heard them because she jumps up, holding the blankets over her breasts even if it is just us. We both get dressed and I hear my parents call my name. "In my room" I say not trying to get a shirt on.

Ali finishes putting her hair up right as the door opens. Wow was that close. "Hey dad what are you and mum doing home?" I ask fully surprised. "Your mother got so sick that we cut the vacation short. What did you guys do in here?" He asks, suspicious.

"Oh we were watching a horror movie and she got terrified" I laugh at her, looking in that direction. "Oh alright" he says going to his room to get some sleep. "That's so embarrassing. I better get home. I love you" she kisses me. "Love you too. I will call you then. Sorry about the scary movie" I refer to the sex though and she fully understands what I'm saying.

-the next day-

I wake up with a smile, remembering the night before. Checking my phone, I reply to some fans that tweeted me while I was sleeping and decide to get dressed at 10:43. It's just my nirvana shirt and black shoes and some skinny jeans. It's the outfit I probably wear the most.

Calling Ali, she picks up on the third ring. "Hey babe, I had fun last night" I assure her. "Me too. So Ash told me tour rehearsals start today. We won't be seeing each other as much now" she sighs. "Yeah. You are welcomed to g to the rehearsals though. The boys wouldn't mind"

"No I would be an interruption and I don't want to be. You really need the practice" she jokes. "Oh it's on Irwin" I threaten. We both just laugh and Ash comes around to pick everyone up. I say goodbye to his sister and the best girl in the world. We pick up Michael next, followed by Calum.

When we arrive to the studio to rehearse we go over the first half of the tour a few times and call it a day after many, many hours of playing guitar and singing. Of course there was some goofing around. Alright there was a lot of that but I'm happy that I can go and visit Alice for some time. It was a long day away from her. What will happen when I am gone for six months? I will miss her to no end...

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