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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


4. 4

Coming Clean

Alice p o v

I feel sick, tossing and turning in my bed. It has been a month since my date and I'm just not feeling well. I sit up and feel everything coming up. Running to my bathroom I throw up and brush my teeth when I'm finished.

Ugh! I feel so gross. I decide to just have a lazy day and wear sweats. Then I realize something that terrifies me... I'm two days late, feeling sick and I slept with Luke a month ago... Please don't let this be what I think it is. There is a small convenience store down the road so I through the first pair of shoes I find.

Purchasing three pregnancy tests, I run back home and hope Ashton doesn't spot me in the next few minutes. I pee on the sticks and I feel so weird. My 17 year old self shouldn't be doing this. I run the shower water to make it seem like I'm not hiding in here but actually doing something.

I wash my hands and go on my phone as I wait the stupid five minutes it requires. Although it is about every ten to twenty seconds before I check them all. Eventually as I check for the hundredth time I see the signs. Two positive and a negative... That means the odds are I'm pregnant I mean everything is lining up right t the second.

Picking my phone back up I call the doctors office and make an appointment for today at 11 AM. I get dressed in my skin tight, black, skinny jeans and Ashton's Beatles shirt. I'm shaking as I call Luke out on the back patio. "Hey babe!" I can hear the smile on his face.

"Hey Luke" I sigh. "I think I may be pregnant. I fill sick, I'm so hungry, and I'm late. It doesn't help that two out of the three tests said pregnant" I say all in one breathe. I understand if he breaks up with me. I will tell Ash it is someone else's. hopefully the baby doesn't look like him or it will be hard...

"Oh wow. Ashton is going to kill us" I can tell he has his hand in his hair, combing it, as he always does when he is nervous. "Why is it that you always bring my brother into our relationship?" I snap. For a month of our Secret Love I don't think we went a day without talking about how my brother will catch us and get mad. I'm old enough to make my own decisions so if Luke hurts me, he hurts me. Ash can't do anything.

"Because our relationship is perfect and I don't want him to ruin that" he simply replies. "It's not perfect because we talk about him more then us" I say. I shake it off and tell him I have a doctors appointment at 11. He says he will give me a ride.

I meet him down the street incase Ash saw his car and we go to the office. I sign in and we sit, holding hands. I'm hoping no fans see us here or the secret will be out. Actually I hope they do. I'm sick of being a secret.

"Alice Irwin" the doctor calls around the waiting room. Luke and I get up. I don't know about Luke but I already have names picked out. If its a boy I want Ivan and for a girl Stella. I think I would rather have a girl so I'm not alone anymore when I hang out with the boys. What about them touring. I will be practically a single mom.

Maybe Luke and I will get married to make an official family. Who cares about my stupid controlling brother. I sit back on the bed and roll my shirt up. "This will be cold" the doctor warns me. I feel the cold gel on my stomach and look at the screen. I don't see anything but babies are so small at first.

"I'm not seeing anything" he tells us. What? But I had the names and y life already picked out. "Why was I sick, and hungry, and I'm late... I'm never late" I snip. "Maybe something you ate and many people get hungry before getting their periods. For being a day or two late, it's common. Having a set day every month of your life is to boring for your body. It changes it when it gets bored" he gets up and walks out.

I fight the tears. I know I am only 17 but in that hour of thinking there was a baby, I grew to love it. Luke hugs me, "sorry if you got your hopes up" he kisses my temple. I smile up at him.

He drives me home and I get out of the car he calls Ashton asking to come over to hang out so I get all sweaty and pretend I was out for a run and Luke saw me, giving me a ride back to our house. I get out the car and run upstairs to my room. I see the rest of the boys are in Ashton's room hanging out. Calum is laying on the bed, throwing a basketball, Ashton is on the floor, his hands draped over his knees, Michael spinning on the chair.

They turn to me when I get in the doorway and Luke passes by me to the bed, sitting on the end, by Cal's feet. "We need to talk" Ash said. He goes into my room as I stay in his. He comes back moments later with the tests. My heart stops. "Where did you get them?" I questions. "Where did You get them?" He emphasizes 'you.'

"The store. Do I need to explain why?" "I think so unless they are yours." I could lie and say they are Keira's or I could be forced to breakup with Luke and watch my brother beat him to no end.

"I'm not pregnant Don't worry" by this point everyone is staring at us, luckily mum and dad are at work. "So they aren't yours?" He calms down. "No they are. I'm just not pregnant." I assure him. "Two of them say you are though" he raises his voice.

"You wanna know the truth? Alright then the truth is what you get" I turn to look at Luke with sympathy. He just stares back t me. I can tell he is scared too for the reaction that awaits us. "I didn't go for a run, hell I'm wearing converse. Luke and I have been dating for a month and we had sex alright? I thought I was pregnant. I'm not. Are you happy?" I start to cry and run into my room.

Luke p o v

I sit on the bed with the boys. Ashton waits before staring me down. I bring my head up from my hands, cupping my cheeks. "You I'm going to KILL YOU" he points at me and walks towards me. "Ashton I'm sorry" I say as Cal and Mike fight him away from me.

"Truly I am. It was a mistake but we are happy. Doesn't that count for something?" I argue. "You slept with my sister there is so much damage done" I tries his hardest to fight Calum and Michael back. "Ashton calm down!" Ali demands coming back from her room. The boys throw him back and he doesn't try to fight them again.

"Get out" he says simply. "No. Don't Luke, you can be my guest" she responds. I'm so confused. Maybe it would be best to leave. "I told you to never date any members of my band and you didn't listen" he turns to her. "And what will you do? Ground me for a month?"

"Isn't it better to have me date a band member? Think, they don't want to break up the band and they know how much you protect me." She tries to battle him. "They know its a battle against them. They care about pissing you off more then other guys. It makes more sense" she says. Actually that's a good argument because its so true. We don't want to piss Ashton or anyone else off for that matter.

"Fine" he sighs. "But Lucas, if you hurt her, I break you" he comes over and shakes my hand. We both smile and there is a sense of relief. Man can my girl argue her way out of things. "I'm just happy my baby sister isn't having a kid herself" he hugs her. Calum and Michael smile at each other.

It will be so nice to not have to hide our romance from Ashton. "No more talking about how Ash will kill us" I walk over to her and hug her tightly. I pull away and kiss her lips passionately. "Never said this was acceptable" Ash jokes. We pull away, turn to him and smile. Feels good to Come Clean!

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