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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


29. 29

False, False Alarms

Ali p o v

Day three with a Luke at home is going great but no signs of having babies yet. Luke has spent every minute pretty much by my side since he has gotten home. We sit on the couch and watch movies all day long which isn't ideal but it has to work I guess.

Ash takes Harry and Lauren to school everyday and then goes and hangs out with some of his old friends like Derek and Judd. "Lucas I'm starving" I throw my head back and grin. He gets up to get me food and I thank him when he throws me a bag of food. These girls like their food. We finish our movie and I go upstairs to our bathroom. We should really get a downstairs bathroom.

When I go to the bathroom I pull my pants down and see that I'm bleeding. "LUKE!" I shout. He runs upstairs and rushes into the bathroom. "Wha- What does this mean?" He asks. "I don't know. Call my mum. I'm worried" I start to cry. He does as told and hands me the phone.

"Mum I'm bleeding what does that mean?" "Is it heavy or not. Because if its just spotting you may be going into labor. That's what happened when I was pregnant with Lauren." She tells me. "It's just spotting. Could I really be going into labor?" I question. I look at Luke and his eyes have grown twice in size.

"Very well could be at this point." She tells me. I hang up and tell Luke what could possibly happen. "Well you're not in labor so do you want to finish our movie?" He asks. "Sure" I say washing my hands. We make our way back to the couch and cuddle up together.

I'm soon asleep on him and he watches the movie. "LUKE!" I shout, waking myself up. "Is everything alright?" He sits up, concerned. "I'm fine. Just a dream I was in labor" I sigh and rest my head on him, going back to a peaceful slumber.

(An hour later)

"Owww" I cry as Luke calls the doctor. "Hurry up" I complain. He grabs my over night bag and my hand and takes me to the car. Driving off I realize this is it. I'm having twins very soon. I hold his hand as he stares at the road. "Ohhhh!" I say rubbing my stomach. "Breathe" he demands. We arrive and he guides me inside.

"Alice Irwin" Luke tells the receptionist. She gets us a nurse to take me to a room and hands me the stupid hospital attire. Going to the bathroom I change and Luke helps me into the bed. He pulls a seat over and starts calling our families while holding my hand.

My mum is soon here from work and holds my other hand. The doctor opens the door and checks to see how far I am. "Long time to go yet. Only two centimeters" he informs me. "Mum it really hurts" I start to cry. Throwing my head back the door opens again and Liz walks in and over to her son.

"I want it to stop" I complain. "Should I get the doctor to give you an epidural" mum questions but I get another contraction and tune her out. Luke pushes my hair back out of my face and kisses my cheek. "You are doing great" he assures me. We all just sit there and wait for more contractions in agony.

Luke goes on his phone and sees that his mates are here along with our other family members. It's nice that everyone wants to be here to welcome the girls. The doctor comes in so I can fill paperwork out and asks if I want the epidural. I plead for it and they come back in with a needle, ready to inject my back. Sitting up the pierce my back with it and Luke could tell it hurt by my facial expressions.

He kisses the top of my head and I sit back down. I feel my eyes get heavy from all the drugs I'm on and I'm soon asleep.

Luke p o v

After Ali is asleep for some time I go out to the waiting room to find Michael, Calum, and Ashton along with my dad and brothers, and Ali's stepdad and brother and sister. "How is she?" Ashton jumps up. "She's good. Just got an epidural a little while ago and is now asleep. I just needed a quick walk around" I I form everyone.

"Little bro will be a dad soon" my older brothers Jack and Ben pest and put me in a head lock. "Calm down" dad says. I smile at him and he gives me a hug. "Proud of you son" he makes me grin. "Thanks dad." I say. "Where is mum. She should be here by now" Ashton looks around, curiously. "Oh she is back there with Ali" I tell him.

"So on October 4 we become self proclaimed uncles" Calum hugs Michael and pretends to cry. "You two are dorks!" I shake my head and smile. "You know that means whale penis right?" Michael states. "Good to know. Just another casual conversation in a hospital with 5 Seconds Of Summer ladies and gentlemen" I shake my head.

"I should probably get back in there. I will be out whenever we hear anything" I turn around and walk back to Ali's room. Our mums are carrying a conversation that probably won't end for a while. Ali's mum is the most outgoing person I have ever met. So is my mum but not on the same level.

I take a seat and go on my phone for a while, texting people, putting earbuds in and listening to music, and playing games. I decide to let the fans know their will be two new members of the 5sos family:


At the hospital ready to welcome the two newest members of the 5sos family anytime now! Only a few more hours #dadsos

It gets many favorites and retweets and so many comments. The fans are excited now about the twins which makes me happy. I look up the hashtag 5sosfamily and see many fans tweeting about it and they changed their names to something to do with it. We have the best fans in the world.

I listen to some All American Rejects and notice Ali waking up. "Hey how do you feel?" I ask, turning the music off. "Like shit" she holds nothing back. "The doctor said he will soon be in to check how far you are" I inform her. I notice our mothers are still talking in the corner. "What time is it?" She asks.

"2:57" I say. I look out the window and the sun is still shining bright. It is a beautiful day out there. She shakes her head and the doctor does as he says and comes to check on her. She was asleep for about an hour or so. Probably more. "Well you are still at two centimeters out of ten. These babies just don't want to come do they?" He laughs.

How does that happen she has been two centimeters forever now. Does it always go this slow? Maybe it's better this way though the twins will be in there longer maybe not much but ever hour counts. The doctor goes out and I ask if she is starting to feel pain yet. "No" she simply replies.

I go back on the phone while she turns the tv on. She just watches whatever was already on. Our mums decide they will go out to the waiting room and talk there. I text Calum: She is still at 2 centimeters. Looks like you will be the self proclaimed uncle on October 5 rather.He replies back with a sad face and I watch tv with Ali. She looks tired.

(Early morning)

The doctor comes in and tells Ali she is ready to push. God Damn! I'm going to be a father in a few minutes. The nurses and doctors come in as our mums join everyone gathering outside the door in the hallway. "Alright your losing the epidural and will start to feel pain again. When you have the next contraction we will start pushing" the doctor informs her.

He tells me to grab her leg and hold it up while a nurse holds the other. "Ready Ali? On three. One, two, three" Ali pushes as hard as she can and screams her lungs away. I stare at her face as she makes a miracle happen. The babies will be premature which will be a struggle but this is amazing.

"Again" the doctor demands. "Lukeeeee!" She shouts. "I'm right here. You're doing amazing" I rub her hair out of her eyes. She pushes more and the doctor tells us she needs an even bigger push to get the shoulders out. Ali starts to whine but I reassure her our little girl will be here as soon as she gets the shoulders.

The doctor sits up and is holding a new beautiful baby girl that is all mine. "Ali she's beautiful" I kiss her lips. "This baby should be easier to get out Ali. Next contraction ready? One, two, three" he says and she starts pushing as the nurses take our tiny baby girl to get cleaned. Ali grips my hand and starts pushing again.

Ashton p o v

We all listen to my little sister in pain and it is the most awkward situation I have ever been in. It's like being in there delivering the child when you really aren't. I feel creeped out. The door soon opens and the doctor comes out pulling down his mask thingy.

"Can we see her yet?" Mum asks. "She is feeding them first than you can" he smiles. "I'm an uncle" I run into Michael's arms and he lifts me up with the help of Harry and Calum. Everyone laughs and Luke comes out with the biggest smile planted on his face.

"Oh my baby is a daddy" Liz runs over and hugs him, kissing his cheek. "Congratulations" I walk over to him and pull him into a hug. "How does it feel dad?" Calum slaps his back. "Can I talk to you two quickly" Luke looks at my parents and pulls them to the side.

"You said I could be the godmother though" Calum pests. "You can't be anymore" Luke looks back at our group in the hallway. We go back to talking and Luke runs back to the room with an even bigger smile. I've never seen him so happy.

Ali p o v

I look at Aspen eating as the nurse looks at Brooklyn's height and weight. They are very small but healthy luckily. When Aspen is done Luke runs back in the room and grabs her while I feed Brooklyn. "Why are you so happy?" I question. "Is there a reason I shouldn't be?" He asks.

"No because so am I" I throw my head back as Brooklyn finishes. I pull my shirt up and we sit on the bed together admiring our beautiful, healthy, baby girls. "Ali I love you so much and this showed me how much I need you in my life forever. Will you marry me?" He gets off the bed and down on one knee, still holding Aspen.

"Of course I will" I smile and he stands up and kisses me. "The ring is in my pocket but my hands are full" he makes us both chuckle. I reach in his pocket and grab the ring. He places Aspen in my open arm and slides the ring on my finger. "Our little perfect family" I smile. The door opens and everyone makes their way inside.

Both mums have tears in their eyes and everyone is wearing a smile. Luke sits on the bed again and we look around the room at all the people but most of all our new beautiful daughters.

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