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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


27. 27

Hospital Visits

Ali p o v

I wake up with a sharp pain, late at night. Grabbing my stomach I take a deep breathe and get up. I walk up to my room to see Owen and Ricky sound asleep. I go to the next room in the hallway and wake my sister up. "What!" She shouts. "I have an awful pain. Stay here with the boys alright. If they wake up call me. I need to go to the hospital" I say.

"Oh alright. Good luck" she tells me. I take a deep breathe and get in my car. Turning it on I put the windshield wipers on due to the rain. I sit there and call the hospital to inform them I'm on my way. When I hang up I get another sharp pain and start to cry.

My vision becomes blurry and I wipe my eyes. I refuse to call Luke yet until I know exactly what's going on. I know Luke and if he thinks I'm in labor he will be on the first flight home to be beside me, even if I end up not in labor he will refuse to go back because that will mean I'm most likely close to labor.

Pulling out the driveway I make my way to the hospital and grip my stomach, making my way in the doors. I have only been out the hospital for a week and a half but I only spent two days here. Kyle is still here getting help with his legs. My back feels like I was just stabbed.

"Alice Irwin." I tell the receptionist. She instructs me where to go and a nurse takes me to a room. The doctor comes in and takes some blood. Only two tubes. He tells me to sit back and listens for the twins heartbeats. We hear both of them and they are sounding great. That just means they are breathing well though I need to know if I'm in labor.

Dr. Lynwood does an ultrasound and I see my growing girls. They are so beautiful. "Alright well they look fine but I will I have to check you out just to make sure everything is alright." He tells me. He does what he has to down there and soon starts telling me what's happening.

"You are perfectly fine and so are your girls but you are starting to dilate." He says. "So does that mean I'm having them?" I become puzzled. "Not quite yet. Your body is starting to get ready for it though. I would say you don't have to much longer but than again it could be another two months." "Alright. Thank you" I smile.

"Don't go yet Ali please. Now you still have a little less than three months and I know you don't want to go into labor prematurely because we don't want anything to happen to those babies of yours. I'm putting you on bed rest until have them." He says making me want to cry. What about work and everything I need to do to get ready for the kids?

He lets me leave but I decide to see if Kyle is awake. Making my way to that wing of the hospital I see a light on in his room. I knock and walk in. "Hey Kyle" I grin. "Hey Ali? What are you doing here? It is 4:30 in the morning." He questions. "I had some pain and decided I should get it checked out so now I'm on bed rest" I fight tears. "Oh I'm sorry Ali" he looks sad.

"Don't be. They told me it will help the babies so I want to do whatever helps them" I somewhat lie. I do want to do what's best for my kids but I also want to be able to walk and move around. "You'll be like me now" he chuckles. I know he is talking about being paralyzed. "I'm sorry about that night. I wish it never happened" I let tears slip down my warm, rosy red cheeks. "Me too but I see it as an exciting obstacle to concur. I'm doing everything I can to see it as a positive" he tells me.

"You always see things in a positive way. I'm jealous of that. Tell me something, how do I view bed rest as a good thing?" I wipe my tears. "They put people on bed rest so they don't go into premature labor. If you go into labor now there is a good chance they won't make it. The longer you remain pregnant the healthier your kids get" he tells me.

I know he is right but it is one of those things you become selfish about. It's more about you than your kids because you want to move. It's a hard thing to deal with and I've been on it for fifteen minutes. I pull a chair up and talk to him for a long time.

I drive home. He stopped my pain so I feel fine but as soon as I get home everyone is awake. "It is 6 in the morning what is everyone awake for?" I ask. "Owen started crying and woke everyone help and when you were nowhere to be found he freaked out even more. They aren't tired anymore as you see" Harry tells me as we watch the two boys jump around on the couch.

"How did everything go?" Lauren pulls me aside. "I'm on bed rest" I start to tear up and let them fall. "I can't get up. I can't do anything for the next three months possibly" I sob. She pushes me towards the stairs and shakes her head. I know what she means though.

I go upstairs and cry my eyes out. Eventually I hear my phone going off and I walk over to my dresser to pick it up. Of course it is Luke. What are the odds of that? "H-hello?" I wipe away some tears. "Ali what's wrong?" He shows his concern.

"I'm on uh bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. I started dilating so the babies could come very shortly or in weeks. They don't know and I just have to stay in bed. I'm home alone with four kids for the rest of the day and I'm on bed rest. I can't do anything and yet I have to do everything? I don't know what I'm doing and I'm really scared" I bawl.

Luke p o v

"Oh Ali. Don't be scared. If it makes you feel any better I'm scared too for many reasons-" She cuts me off. "This isn't helping Luke. Your just a hypocrite. You are telling me to not be scared but you tell me how you are scared?" She cries. "I'm scared I won't make it there to welcome my kids into the world and to be by your side when you go through all that"

"I'm sorry Luke. I'm scared for that too. I want you to be able to welcome the kids with me. It will be the best day of our life's and you may have to Skype me to be there." She tells me. I don't want that either. She is right about the most important day of our lives but I may not be by her side for that.

"I'm going to be there alright? Just call me when you go in labor and I will be on the first flight home. I love you so much Ali. I have to go the show is about to start. I will call you later. Don't worry about anything alright?" I tell her and hang up.

Ashton comes up and asks wanting going on so I tell him which leads to Calum wanting to know wanting going on which further leads to Michael wanting to know what's happening. It is a mess but I tell everyone about Ali being on bed rest. We sit and talk about it for five minutes than get our instruments on or grab sticks.

We go on the stage and I feel it isn't my best show because all I can think about is Ali back home. She was crying about it and probably still is. The crowd seems to really enjoy themselves but I just am not feeling it. I'm happy I'm here just I wish I was there to support my number one girl. I wonder what she is doing right now...

Ali p o v

"Harry do the dishes so mum doesn't freak when she is home" I demand. "Lauren can you vacuum the living room?" I ask. They do as told with no arguments and Ricky, Owen, and I sit in my bed and watch movies. We giggle at the silly talking toys and watch Toy Story 2 when we are done with the first.

I look at the clock and everyone should soon be home. The boys are fast asleep and the third movie is on. I start to drift off too when my door opens and mum walks in followed by everyone else. "Oh hey how was the trip?" I question. "Great. It was so nice to not have to deal with kids" mum kisses my forehead, grinning.

"They were great" I tell Simon and Darla. "Good. We were worried they wouldn't be. Thank you so much for watching them. Well we should probably get going. Thanks again everyone" Simon says, picking up a sleeping Ricky while Darla gets a sleeping Owen.

I sit in my bed and watch another movie. This time it isn't a kids movie though, but Endless Love. I turn over and everyone walks out my room. I watch many more tv shows and movies and my mum comes in. "Are you feeling alright? We hardly have seen you unless it was to get a drink or food or to go to the bathroom" she says.

"Mum" I sigh. "In the middle of the night I woke up with pains so I went to the hospital and they told me I'm dilating so if I don't want to have the twins soon I have to go on bed rest." I confess. She sits next to me and kicks her feet up on my bed. "It will be alright. Does Luke know?" "Yeah I called him earlier"

"Well at least you aren't on tour anymore with your brother or you would be home anyway. You have us and we are all willing to help" she assures me kissing my nose. "Thanks mum" I smirk. Everyone ends up here and we play board games on my bed for the night.

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