I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


26. 26


Ali p o v

"Lauren can you just shut up for five seconds of your life. Your so annoying!" I grab my head, angered. "Why are you so grumpy? You're no fun anymore. Ever since you met Luke he has become your whole life and you don't care about anything else." She shouts back. "Well I'm sorry I got pregnant and am having twins with him. Life isn't easy for me as it is for you!" I turn and go to my room.

She follows me in, "why can't you at least talk to me? Maybe I need your help with something?" She try's to make me pity her. "Yeah well I need everyone's help for everything. I can't even do simple things like crossing my legs when I'm sitting because I'm that far along now. You have it easy!"

"Girls!" Mum comes and shouts at us. "Now what's going on?" She storms into my room. "Stupid Lauren is nagging me and I just want five seconds to myself. I won't get that for at least the next 18 years so I'm trying to accomplish it all now." I shout at my mum, still angry at my sister. "Don't you dare scream at me Alice Irwin!" She gives me a stern look.

"Now look Lauren. Your sister needs time to herself alright? And Alice, you need to not be so childish. Do you see this?" She points to my oversized belly. "You will be a mummy shortly so grow up and don't scream at your sister when she is talking. Just tell her to be quiet nicely. I have an idea..." She says.

"Ali, my friend needs a babysitter and you will be taking care of her son for two days... Along with your brother and sister. You know how your stepdad and and were taking Simon and Darla on a weekend get away? You, Lauren, Harry, Owen, and Ricky will have fun together. Make sure they have baths, homework done, are fed, and you won't be able to leave Owen out of your sight that much. He is only two, and Ricky is 4. Cute boys though" she smiles.

I don't want to watch someone else's kids! I have two of my own to care for now. I know they aren't here but that's still a challenge. "Dar has been looking for a babysitter for a while now so you will do" she turns around goes back to cooking dinner. I push Lauren out my room and lock her out.

Picking up my phone I dial Luke and complain about it all. He said it will be good practice for me but it won't because this isn't my kid. Eventually I hang up and turn on some music I tune everything out.

(That weekend)

"Thank you so much Ali. Are you sure you will be okay? It is harder while pregnant, I can give the boys to my mum for two days?" Darla questions. "I'm fine" I smile. "She'll be fine, right?" Mum pats my back and gives me a hug. She moves over to Harry next and Lauren.

We watch them pull out and Owen starts crying because his mum and dad won't be back for a while. "They will be back soon. Don't be sad" I try to sooth him. "Ricky do you want to eat something?" I question walking to the kitchen. "Yes please" he is so content. "What would you like?" I say.

"Banana and sandwich" he simply replies. "Owen would you like one too?" I ask, receiving a head shake, up and down. I put him on the chair by his brother and make their plate of food up. "Make me one" Harry demands. "Me too" Lauren walks in right behind him. "Make them yourselves" I say putting the plates in front of the boys.

Walking back to the sink where my siblings are I whisper in their ears. "I don't want drama while they are here. Don't demand things. Don't expect anything out of me. You two can take care of yourselves for two days but Owen and Ricky can't. I will watch them this weekend; you watch yourselves" I say. Taking a seat by the boys at the table I talk to them and get to know them a little better.

"So Ricky what do you like?" "Football! And race cars. I have a big box of them at home. I have to keep them up high so Owie doesn't get them. Mummy yells at him because he tries to eat them" he laughs at his little brother. "That is silly. Why would you try to eat them? Do they taste good?" I look at Owen. He just gives me a big smile. When they finish I go to clean up and Ricky has warmed up to not being with his parents.

He starts running around and my siblings chase them around outside. I watch them from the window at the sink to make sure nothing happens, which it doesn't. When I'm done the dishes I go and sit on the chair on the patio and play on my phone and text Luke.

"Can you play tag with us?" Ricky asks me. "Sweetie I would but I don't feel good right now" I lie. I actually can't run because that induces labor and with Luke not being here I am trying to not go in labor. Besides I still have about three months. A total of 12 weeks left and I will be able to see my toes again! I'm so excited for that.

I get a call from Ash and ask my brother and sister if they want to talk to him. They end up on my phone for an hour taking turns talking to him. I take the boys back inside in the mean time and we watch tv while taking a nap. Owen is a fighter. He doesn't want to sleep so he fuzzes around as where Ricky is out in a matter of minutes. I was always the a Owen child of the group. Ash and I both were. Har and Laur were the tamed ones.

I had to hold Owen for a while until he finally slept. It was nice, I imagine Aspen or Brooklyn being like that. I also see Luke cuddling them a lot. That's my favorite part, I can't wait to see Luke as the father of two beautiful little girls. His mates will pick on him but I'm excited for it.

My brother gives me my phone back and Luke is on, wanting to talk. We talk for about a total of an hour before I hear foot stomps in the living room. I walk out to see Ricky and Owen running around. They really are cute. Owen is a little red head with the bluest eyes I've ever seen and Ricky also has blue eyes but not on the same level. They go nicely with his dark brown hair though.

"Alright you little party animals!" I laugh. "Want to go to the park?" I ask. They scream and we take a walk to the park nearby. Ricky runs off as soon as we get there and Owen does his best to keep up with his older brother. My brother finds one of his friends down here and hangs out with him as for Lauren she sits and plays Trivia Crack on her phone.

I shake my head at her and try to lift Owen up so he can climb on the monkey bars. He starts to giggle which gets me smiling. He is so cute. I push Ricky on the swings and Owen needs someone to go down the slide with him so I force Lauren to get off her phone for ten minutes. It bothers me when people are on their phones all day and night and can't carry a conversation.

I know I have been doing it more and more but that's because I only have three months until my due date and my boyfriend is away for all that time. Your phone isn't your life and it isn't important as family and friends or anything much really.

Deciding we should soon go back home they all complain and march their little behinds to the street our house is on. I give the boys baths and dress them in their pajamas. They don't have to go to bed just yet but I need to get work done so I leave them watch tv while I check on Harry and Lauren doing homework.

I sit at the desk and start doing work on my computer, occasionally checking over my shoulder to see the boys laughing at the tv. They are watching the Ninja Turtles. I get a random Skype request from Luke and accept it. "Hey babe" I smile. "Hey sweetheart! Oh are they Ricky and Owen?" He asks. "Yep that's them. How was your day? We haven't talked since Thursday" I tell him.

"Good. We are in Madrid, Spain and the place is great. I think all us lads like it" he says and Owen comes over and tugs on the bottom of my shirt. "Who that?" He points at Luke, innocently shy. "That's my boyfriend Luke. Do you want to say hello?" I ask. He shakes his head and sits on my lap.

"Say hello and tell him your name" I whisper in Owen's ear. He just waves. "Luke this is Owen. Owen tell him how old you are... Are you three?" I ask and he says yes. "No your not silly. Your only two" I tickle him. Ricky soon comes over and sits on my other leg. He talks to Luke and we all laugh. This is what my life will soon be like. Skyping Luke with the girls on my legs so they can say hello and talk to their daddy...

Wow I may not get to see him much which does bother me but if Brooklyn and Aspen can't see their dad how will they turn out? Every little girl needs to be spoiled by their daddy and my girls might not have their daddy around much...

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