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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


25. 25


Ali p o v

When I wake up the next morning I realize I only got about two hours of sleep. I decide I need to walk because my legs are cramping. Who cares if the doctor yells at me. I'm 18. Making my way to the waiting room I see Kyle's parents sitting their holding each other.

I stop in my tracks and stare at them. Obviously they have yet to get results or got results they don't want to hear. I hope he is alright. The doctor told me Braden, Patrick, and Seirra are alright although Seirra got a lot of glass in her from going through the windshield a bit.

I start walking over to Kyle's family and stop when I'm right in front of him. "How are you?" His mum cries. "Are the babies alright?" His dad continues. "Yeah. Their fine. How is Kyle though?" I sit next to his mum. "W-we have yet to hear anything. I don't know if you saw what happened but I just hope Kyle wasn't the one driving. I hate saying this when I don't know if I will ever s-s-see him again but if he was the one to hurt all of you I will be bothered by that" she says.

"Don't worry he wasn't. He was in the front though. Seirra was driving. They were singing a song and she looked at me for a few seconds. When she turned around we saw the tree and I didn't see Kyle fly out the car but I saw him on the ground. I'm so sorry. I was in shock but I tried to call the hospital as fast as I could" I start to cry which hurts. I'm still in a lot of pain.

"Thank you." They hug me. "I'm so happy your family is safe at least. I just want our son to have the same results as you. Only a few bruises" his dad says. "Ms. Irwin, you can't be out of bed. Please go back to your room" the nurse yells at me. "I-Im sorry about Kyle. Truly. He's a fighter though. I know he will pull through." I tell them. "Thank you. We're glad you are safe though" they put on their best smiles for me. I start to cry and turn to go back to my room.

Climbing back in bed I go on my phone and just cry for a while. A lot of my friends text me asking if everyone is fine and I explain what's going on. Seirra is banged up and Pat and Braden are both in the same condition as I am. The only exception is I have to stay here for two days because they need to make sure the babies are all good and healthy.

I soon feel my eyes get heavy and I'm asleep.

Luke p o v

"Michael your a dick!" Calum screams at him. "At least I'm a dick and not a pussy like you!" He shouts back. Ashton just sits back and the two of us laugh at our stupid mates. We really just stopped caring about getting on people's nerves a long time ago. It's a given when 5sos comes to town, you will be highly irritated.

I feel my pocket buzz and pull out my phone. I see it is Ashton's mum and answer it. "Hello" I say "Luke. Ali has been in a car accident and we don't know what's going on. We just got the call. I figured you should know since they are your three girls. Don't panic the babies have a slight chance of making it but no one knows. I am on my way to the hospital now. I will call you when we get more news" she says.

"Oh my god!" I say a little to loud, getting everyone's attention. I sit up and she tells me she will call back soon. "What's up mate?" Calum asks. "Ali" I answer. "Aww congrats! Your gonna be a big papa!" Ashton punches my shoulder, giggling. "No Ashton! She was in a car accident" I see his face drop.

"S-She is alright right? The kids are all good?" He sits up as well. "No one knows" I start to cry. Calum comes over and starts hugging me. Michael and Ashton join in and I cry uncontrollably. We sit there for a while and talk but after a while we sit in silence. Soon I just want to be left alone so I find my own room to sit in. Actually I just sit on the balcony of the hotel room.

I feel my phone go off and it is Ali's mum again. "Is she alright? Are all of them alright?" I more so shout. "They are fine. She was wearing a seat belt which saved all three of them. Seirra Braden, and Patrick are all right but we have yet to hear anything on Kyle. All we know is that he was thrown out the car and was in the middle of the road face down. Don't tell Ali but it isn't looking good for him at the moment. I know they are good friends" she cries.

"Thank goodness!" I let out a deep breathe. "Is she awake at all?" "Yeah she never fully blacked out. They told us when she was in the ambulance she was close to it though. She hit her head off the front seat and got a big cut. Her back is giving her pain she said. We have yet to see her. I would call her soon. Just give it some time. Maybe 20 or so more minutes" she tells me.

"Thank you. Sorry I couldn't be there for here. You gave me your trust to protect your daughter and well I'm in Brussels half way around the world" I sigh. "Luke your fine. Your earning money to support my daughter. I know and so does she, that you love her very much and that's all I ever wanted for her. Your a good boy Luke. Thanks for that" she says.

I soon hang up and wait about a half hour to call. She picks up after some time and I'm so happy to hear her voice. "Hello?" she questions. "ALI! Oh I'm so happy to hear your voice. I love you. What were you doing in that car? Are the babies alright? Who all was involved? Are you sure okay? I love you Ali" I babbles.

"I'm fine. It was a group of us and believe it or not it was all because of you" she pests. "They were looking back at me as we listened to some stupid band called 5 Seconds Of Summer and when they turned around we were colliding with the tree. The babies are fine by the way. All because I was wearing a seatbelt. Although I have a HUGE black and blue mark now" she tells me.

"I'm just so happy you're alright" I says. "I have to go. It is like 3 in the morning I just couldn't sleep until I knew you and the kids were okay. Ash has been crying for the past hour. I will tell him you're all good. Goodnight. Ali. I love you so much" "Love you" she smiles and hangs up.

I get up off the bed and go to see Ash talking to the other lads. "Ash everything is fine. Ali, Aspen, and Brooklyn are all going to make it." I smile. "Thank goodness" he stands up and hugs me. "I don't know what I would have done if I lost them all" I say.

Ali p o v

(The next day)

I finish eating the crappy hospital food and and push the tray away. Sitting up I turn the tv on and watch I Love Lucy. The door soon opens and it is Seirra. "Ali I'm so sorry. If you hate me forever I totally understand. I hate myself too. I got everyone hurt I almost made you and Luke lose everything and I-I-I" she sobs, falling onto a chair. "Seirra it's fine. Everyone is fine" I assure her.

"No they aren't K-Kyle" she chokes up. Oh no please tell me he is alright. We have been good friend since grade four. We always hung out together. He had a life ahead of him. "He's paralyzed from the waist down. I'm such an awful person" she sobs even harder. Kyle paralyzed?

He was the athlete that could have been anything he wanted. His goal was to be a pro basketball player or football player. He was Mr. Macho that everyone turned to for help. He was the nicest guy I ever met and now he can't move his legs.

"Seirra it's fine. Look it's better he is paralyzed than dead right?" "Depends how he sees it. You know him he always had to be moving and now that's physically impossible for him. I ruined everything for someone who gave me and everyone around him everything" she says. "It will be okay" I rub her hair, pulling her into a hug.

"Are they allowing visitors for him?" I question. "I think but I refuse to go in. He will hate me and I just can't deal with that" he grabs her head. She has a concussion so it is hurting her. "Let's go visit him. Look if it makes you feel better he turned around too. He was doing the same" I try to make her feel better. "Yeah just not driving" she pouts.

I grab her arm with all my strength which hurts me way more. Dragging her to Kyle's room we knock on the door and his dad answers the door. He and his wife step out to give us some time with their son. They are so happy he isn't gone because he was their everything and only child.

"Hey Kyle" I say. "Hey" he forces himself to smile. "Are you and the twins good?" He questions. He is acting as if he isn't hurt which I love and hate all at once. Maybe it's making him forget about the accident for a bit. "Yeah we are all good. How are you though?" I sit next to him. Seirra sits in a chair furthest away from his bed.

"I'm good. Happy life is still in my hands and the sun is shining bright. The birds were outside my window earlier singing. It was relaxing" he grins. So happy all the time. He definitely sees the glass half full rather than empty. "Why are you sitting over there Blondie?" He turns to Seirra.

"I know you hate me. You both should so why don't you?" She because angry. "Calm down" Kyle giggles. "I'm still well and as long as I'm breathing I'm happy. Life is a fragile thing and I'm happy my life was stronger than most. People die if the same thing happened but God is giving me a second chance. I must be special" he smirks.

She bends down and hugs him. I join in and we all smile. "How long do you have to stay in the hospital?" I question. "To long so come visit anytime. No they said a few weeks. I don't know if you heard but I got bruised up a bit" he pests. Always the joker.

"We will give you time with your family we just wanted to check on you. Glad you're okay" I kiss his cheek. "Same to you four" he kisses both our cheeks. We walk out and his parents go in. My parents are in the hallway going to my room. "Over here" I say. I walk up to my room with them and chat a bit.

I hope I can always be as happy as Kyle is in life. No fears to worry about. Always joking and posting people. I'm happy he is alive and I hope nothing ever happens to any of us like that again. I would miss my friends to much...

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