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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


24. 24

Beach Bash Tragedy

Ali p o v

The boys are pretty excited because after months of the United States they are finally moving to Europe for a month and a half and then a week break, concluding with about three weeks in Australia. Not to much longer any more. So it has been four days since my baby shower and I have yet to set things up.

This week when I went to the doctors they told me I should start getting ready because the more kids you carry in a pregnancy the earlier you will go into labor. She says I can have the babies anywhere from three months premature, which scares me. That is a total of 12 weeks and Luke will only be with me for one of those weeks. The odds are 1 to 11. That doesn't look very good for him being around for the birth.

This hot August sun is really starting to get to me too. It is so hot and with all the extra weight I just spend my days in my cool bedroom. My phone starts to buzz and I get a text. "A lot of us are hitting the beach. You in?" Seirra texts me. "Trust me you don't want to see this in a bikini lol" I text back. "Who cares. You are pregnant not fat. There's a diff." She sends.

"Fine:(" I say. I get dressed in my bikini and my boobs have definitely gotten bigger. I put a dress over top of everything and grab a towel. I hear the car horn and write a note, leaving it on the table. "Going to beach" It says. I walk out the house and sit in the back with Kyle and Patrick. Seirra is driving and Braden is in the front beside her.

They put the roof down and I buckle up as my hair flies everywhere. They blast music and its so good that my friends see me as I was and not the fat pregnant girl I am. A Foo Fighters song comes on and we all scream the lyrics. The babies start to kick so I guess they can hear it too. They kick a lot during loud music.

I remember the day they first ever kicked me. I was sitting on the couch with my stepdad just watching The Voice and I just felt them kick. It was so amazing. Besides hearing the heartbeat for the very first time that may be the best feeling in the world. That is until they get under your ribs and kick with all their little might. That hurts a bit.

We are soon parked at the beach and we unload the trunk of the car and meet up with everyone else. I see the camp out full of blankets, and chairs, and coolers full of beer. Who cares if we aren't all over 18. We are here to have a good time. To bad I'm five and a half months pregnant and can't drink. I miss being a normal teen with my friends somedays.

As we walk closer we hear the radio blasting and all my friends, drinking, sunglasses on. I soon join them and they guide me to the water cooler. They all laugh and say there is a bit of everything in everything. I hear my phone go off and it is Luke. My thumb hovers over the accept button but then I put it in my purse again.

There are some days Luke can't pick up my calls and I have dropped everything when I'm with friends just to talk to him and I'm sick of that. I have the rest of my life with Luke. My mates are going to college, and leaving town to live their lives. We are going to drift naturally and I don't have many more of these moments.

I grab a water and take a sip. "Take it off!" They cheer repeatedly at me. They are trying to get my dress off so I can have no insecurities. They figure once it is off its off and the bikini will be the only thing left. I shake my head no and Drew grabs the bottom to pull it off. I push him away and end up taking it off myself to reveal my stretch marks and ugly belly button.

We can't all have that perfect body while pregnant. They all cheer for me when I'm done. I take a look around and some of the boys lift me up and run into the water with me on their shoulders. I scream because I don't want to be dropped. "Kyle! Matt! Stop Landon!" I shout at them. They dunk me into the water and laugh, running back to our friends.

Getting out I fix my bathing suit and make my way back to everyone. We all just sit down and talk. Lindsay starts playing her guitar and we start singing along. This is what everyone needs in life. This is a total comfort system for me. I can count on these mates to get me through everything.

I look around at everyone and smile: Drew, Seirra, Valerie, Matt, Landon, Stacy, Lindsay, Mallory, Braden, Patrick, Kathy, Lacy, Keith, Joanna, Ryan, Dylan, Emily, and Ginger. There is a boat load here which makes it even better.

Since I no longer talk to Keira, Ginger has for sure become my bestfriend. Some people go into the water and have a good time and others stay and talk. Someone brought a beanbag game and some play that(me) and a third group blahs football(soccer).

I feel I should introduce Calum to Pat. They are the two biggest FIFA fans I have ever met. They would hit it off well. After some time some people leave to get food and soon come back with like ten pizzas. Could this get any better? I think not!

We finish the food and throw our trash away. Soon getting back in our cars we say goodbye to everyone right as the sun goes down. We get in the same cars as we came and Sierra drives again. Kyle is in the front beside her this time and Patrick is by the window, Braden in the middle and me behind the driver.

We turn the radio on again and a Green Day song comes on. We all shout and Braden goes insane. They are one of his favorite bands of all times. He is the musical on for sure. Seirra is the girly shoppy one. Patrick is the FIFA one but Kyle is the athletic one that can do well in any sport. He is just that guy of the group.

The next song to come on is She Looks So Perfect by non other than 5 Seconds Of Summer. They all turn to me and make kissy faces at me, while singing the words. Sierras' hair starts blowing in my face as she stares back at me. When she turns around we see the tree and are soon apart of it.

It throws us all forward and I hit my head on the seat in front of me, gripping my stomach as fast as I can, so nothing critical happens. Thankfully I had my seat belt on and didn't fly out the car. I look around and Seirra has the death grip on the wheel, on the other side of it though. Pat and Braden are holding on to the seats and Kyle. Kyle, I look around and see him out the car in the middle of the street. Picking up my phone I dial the hospital.

"I was in a car with my friends and we got in an accident!" I panic. They tell me to calm down and when they get everything they need they tell me I can hang up. My eyes tear up and I start t cry, out of fear that the babies aren't okay. What do I do if they aren't. I take the seat belt off and pull up my dress to reveal a big red mark where the belt was moments ago.

I see the ambulance and they come to help the five of us. Three of them look like they will be okay but Kyle is sitting in the middle of the road, lifeless. Kyle is a great friend, what if he isn't okay? My biggest concern is still my kids. I would die for Aspen and Brooklyn if they aren't okay. I will do anything to have them healthy.

The people check on me and the others and when they move my head slightly I wince in pain. They move my back and I cry, the pain is that severe. I'm soon in the back of the ambulance and after answering all their questions I feel light headed. They give me some oxygen and I try my best to stay with it.

They rush me in to the hospital and get me a room. My parents and siblings are by my side and they are doing many tests on me. I don't care about myself though. As I think I made myself clear over and over again I'm not the important one here.

They are soon setting the ultrasound up and checking for heartbeats. "Well their heartbeats seem normal. You are very lucky. That seatbelt saved you and your daughters' lives. No one else in that car had their seat belts on" the doctor tells me. "How is everyone?" I keep it as short as possible. "For the most part, well. Kyle is in surgery as we speak. His parents are in the waiting room. I recommend you sleep though. Don't try to get up yet" he demands.

I sigh and my mum grabs my hand. "Alice, what were you doing being so careless?" She tries to not freak out. She is clearly mad. "We went to the beach and when we came home they turned the radio on and got in my face for two seconds to pest me about Luke and with the roof down hair was blowing everywhere and the tree soon appeared. I didn't try it mum. I went to have one last hurra before becoming a mum myself." I start to cry.

She sits next to me. "I was never so scared in my life" I cry into her shoulder. "Because you almost lost your life along with Brooklyn and Aspen?" "Not just that. I didn't want to show how scared I am to actually have them. I'm terrified about being a mum. It's not even one kid. I have to go full on and have two at first while my boyfriend tours the world and I'm doing it by myself and I'm scared" I cry even more.

"Oh darling!" She soothes me, rubbing my hair. Everyone is soon hugging me and my phone goes off. "It's Luke" I say. They all leave so I can have a moment with him. "Hello?" I question. "ALI! Oh I'm so happy to hear your voice. I love you. What were you doing in that car? Are the babies alright? Who all was involved? Are you sure okay? I love you Ali" he babbles.

"I'm fine. It was a group of us and believe it or not it was all because of you" I pest. "They were looking back at me as we listened to some stupid band called 5 Seconds Of Summer and when they turned around we were colliding with the tree. The babies are fine by the way. All because. Was wearing a seatbelt. Although I have a HUGE black and blue mark now" I tell him.

"I'm just so happy you're alright" he says. "I have to go. It is like 3 in the morning I just couldn't sleep until I knew you and the kids were okay. Ash has been crying for the past hour. I will tell him you're all good. Goodnight. Ali. I love you so much"

"Love you" I smile and hang up. I rub my head and notice there is a huge bandaid on it. Turning the camera on on my phone I see I have many bruises and a big gash on my head. It has been bleeding because I can see the blood stains underneath the bandaid that covers my entire forehead.

I turn my head and pull the blanket up to my chest, trying to fall asleep. Tonight just keeps relaying in my mind though. I'm so blessed and thankful for my life. I hope everyone is alright...

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