I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


23. 23


Luke p o v

I wake up with Ashton cuddling me. Flipping him off the bed makes him jump up in anger. "What are you doing?" I question. "I had a nightmare and you were the closets thing to cuddle" he pouts. "That's what pillows are for" I roll over to try to go back to sleep. "But your so soft and cozy. That pillow is as hard as a brick. Sorry I thought you loved me" he pretends to cry.

"Wow I sound just like Ali now" he tells himself. "Bro" I say to get him to stop. All I want is sleep at the moment and he is depriving me of that. Today we have a big meet and great that should take a while and then we play the show, ending our day with some relaxation and sleep.

I should probably call everyone back home to check in. I haven't talked to mum or dad in a few days and I talked to Ali on Sunday and today is Tuesday so we need to talk. She had an ultrasound yesterday so I'm excited to see what happened with that.

"Hey Lukey!" Ashton pokes my cheeks. I get up, throwing the blanket across the bed and walk out to the hall and enter the other lads' room. They are screaming and having a great time. I guess I'm not meant to sleep.

Ali p o v

My ultrasound yesterday went great and they told me the babies are about 26 meters(10 or so inches) just think I'm more then half way done this journey of being pregnant. It has been stressful but I'm excited to soon meet them.

Luke hasn't called in a few days but its fine. I understand he is busy although I got a call from Ash last night which was nice. Recently I have been spending a lot of time with my friends. Keira has tried coming over a few times but everyone here understands I'm done with her and just tell her to go home. My friends that I've been hanging out with are now Mallory, Ginger, Valerie, and Seirra. I hang out with other people but they are my main ones.

Picking up my phone I call Ging and she tells me she will come over and hang out. When she arrives and knocks on the door I text her and tell her to come in. We live in such a pathetic time but I'm five months pregnant and just stopped caring.

"Hey Ali, how do you feel?" She asks. That's one thing I don't like about being pregnant, everyone treats you like you were just shot and about to die and your not. Actually instead of lives being lost you are providing someone with a new life. People see I'm pregnant and the first thing they say is, "are you okay?"

"I'm fine" I say as she sits down. "Good, so have you talked to Luke recently? How's he doing?" "He is good. He said the tour is going great and they are in... Texas" I pause to think. "I'm so jealous, I always wanted to go over to America." "Well it is huge. I only spent a few weeks there and didn't even see close to everything they have" I giggle.

My brother and sister start fighting upstairs but I'm not stopping it. Ging just laughs that I continue talking to her. We come to the conclusion that we are both starving so we call in some Pizza. It is just easier with Harry, Laren, Ginger, and I.

"So a lot of us are getting together tonight and having a party, want to come?" She questions. "Ginger" I furrow my eyebrows. "I'm like five months pregnant, do you really think a party is what I should be doing? I doubt anyone will want to talk to the pregnant girl" I look down and play with a loose string on my sweater.

"They are all your friends, Mally, Val, Sierra, Kathy, Lacy, Emily, Joanna, everyone. Come on! Pleaseeeeee!!!" She begs. "Only for a while but if I don't enjoy it because I'm the pregnant girl I'm turning right around and placing my but on this couch for the night. Deal?" I put my hand out. "Deal!" She shakes it and we smile. "So what are we doing at your party?" "Oh, umm, just hanging out and talking. We don't do that much now that people are going to college soon and have work and everyone is just busy" she explains.

I agree with that as the doorbell rings. I hand money to Harry and he pays the pizza guy. Coming back to the living room with plates we all eat and Lauren cleans up. I like being the pregnant sister that has a reason to sit down a lot... You just make your siblings do everything! It's definitely a plus.

My computer goes off and it's a Skype request from Luke. I answer it and Ginger and I soon appear on the screen along with Luke. "Hey beautiful. Hey Ali" he jokes. "Hey Luke. How is the tour going. We haven't talked for a while" I say. "Well your brother started cuddling me this morning because he had a nightmare then when I tried to sleep he just wouldn't let me so I'm tired. How are y-" "YOU DESERVED IT!" We hear Ash say. "Is that Ash!" My brother and sister run into the room.

Luke hands the laptop to Ash as I hand mine to the little rascals. They continue to talk and Luke calls me until they are done. I feel bad being on the phone while Ging is here but I don't get to talk to him as much as I would like. Soon the computer is back in my possession and the two of us are talking to Luke again.

"We need to get going the party starts at 6 and until we get ready and all that, we need to go" she says. "Alright" I tell her and look at my computer. "I will miss you so much. I love you Luke. Have fun, be safe, all that. I will see you when you get a free chance I guess" "Will do. Love you" he says hanging up.

Why was he not curious that I'm soon going to be a mum myself and I'm going out to party? Oh well, I guess he trusts me, which is a good thing. Ginger and I head to my room and I get dressed in some boot it jeans, my least favorite part of pregnancy. Skinny jeans aren't good for you because your ankles and legs, and feet swell up so you need boot cut jeans. Anyway, bootcut jeans, a yellow summery shirt, and some cute shoes.

I sit in the chair and I hear the door open, it is my stepdad. Ginger starts curling my hair and makes me "appealing to guys" as she states it. The two ton baby bump is the turn off though. She does my nails and finishes with my makeup. She does my eyes to an extreme in my opinion. They aren't done much but I only ever wear mascara really.

Walking downstairs we see Harry and my stepdad at the table eating dinner. "I'm going to Ginger's house for a while. Be back before midnight" I inform them. Ginger drives us in her car and we are soon in front of her house and I see a lot of cars. This is Gingers' party and we are the last two here?

We climb up her front stairs and she finds her key, opening the door. We turn the corner to the living room and everyone jumps out at us. "SURPRISE!" They make me cry. I notice all the pink and Aspen and Brooklyn spelled out. I start to cry and my mum and sister come over and hug me. All my friends and loved ones are here at my baby shower.

"Thank you so much! I had no idea" I wipe my tears. "Wow Ginger, did you have to do my makeup. It's going to run now" I say as everyone laughs. Taking a step in I see all the decorations and they get a big picture of a couple holding twins and put cut out faces of Luke and I on their heads. Luke is screaming in his photo which makes it so funny.

"She seriously told me all day. 'Is it really right for me to go party when I'm pregnant' and I wanted to hit her for it" Ginger tells everyone. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands when I'm done. Looking in the mirror I check my makeup and it is awful. I was expecting... I don't know, but it wasn't a party for me. When I go back out everyone is sitting down and Ginger tells us we are going to play games.

Apparently that poster means something because it is pin the diaper on Luke. Why would we not make fun of Luke while here. I go into the kitchen to get a drink and Liz, Luke's mum is there for the same reason. "Hey! How are you enjoying it?" She questions. "Great. It was so unexpected." I laugh. "We could tell. I got pictures and your face is priceless" she smirks, taking a sip of her drink.

"So have you heard from Luke recently?" She asks. "I just talked to him today before Ginger and I came here and he said he is enjoying himself. He said he has been super busy though. When was the last time he talked to you and Andrew?" I ask. "About three days ago. I just wanted to know if he was alright and safe. I worry about my little baby" she smiles down at her cup. "We should probably get back in there" she tells me.

We walk back in and we are starting a new game where you have to right down something for every letter of the alphabet that describes a baby, baby toy, nursery themes, etcetera. The thing is I have to fill one out and since I'm the mum of the baby shower whoever has the most answers that I have wins!

I fill mine out and everyone does theirs. In the end Mally wins. Mallory and I have a similar mind and we are always thinking about the same things so she got 10 out of 26 correct. It's actually a lot harder than you think. The final game we play is there are a list of musical duos that you get a few lines from their song and you need to name the duo since Luke and I are having two.

It's such a cute game. I sit at by the doorway as everyone watches me and they start handing me presents. I tear into the one by one and read all the cards. Actually during this we play a game called "guess how many onesies Ali gets" which sounds fun. Everyone wrote their names on paper along with their guess and my mom is in charge of them.

I get so much stuff and so many onesies. In total I get 38. Along with a pack and play, toys, other clothes, and so much more. It will take me a day to write all the thank you notes. We finish with cake and talk. Everyone asks for pictures and I feel famous at the moment.

We load my mums car with all the gifts and they force me to take the leftover cake home. I do as told and Laren sits in the back while mum drives and I'm in the front. The boys come out when we get home and help unload the car. I just throw everything in my room and tomorrow I can put stuff together if I want. I might wait until I'm closer to my due date though.

Since it is so tightly spaced in the house and there are no extra rooms the babies will sleep with me in my room. I just have to rearrange my room so everything can fit in here. With all my stuff and all theirs that is three people living comfortably in one room for a long time. Plus when Luke comes home from tour he might want to sleep over some nights with them to help me out. I hope he does!

I decide to get a shower in the morning and go straight to bed after telling everyone goodnight. I'm so happy I have the friends I do. They mean so much to me and make me feel so loved and wanted!

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