I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


22. 22

Catch Up

Ali p o v

I'm not mad at Luke and he has only called a few times a day in the last month. The fact that he sees nothing wrong with what he did bothers me still. Well let's recap this last month so you all are up to date. My belly is very big now and I'm five months pregnant. The babies have started kicking and it feels funny. I have been working as a waitress at this restaurant so I have money for the girls when they come.

"Let's go I have to go work" I tell my brother and sister. Well school is over for the year so my brother and sister always need me to take them to their friends' houses. It is currently the middle of July and tomorrow is Luke's birthday. To think he will be 19.

I love him so much and I'm glad he started to talk more. I will never forget that conversation on the phone. It was the day after I came home and I woke up to a phone call.

"Hello?" I rub my eyes, yawning. "Babe I'm so sorry. I actually have to tell you something but I need you to go on Skype. This is something I need to see you for. I just needed to tell you to go on there" he says. I go on Skype and when I see his face I'm still frowning.

"Alice, Elizabeth Irwin I'm so sorry from every part of my heart. I fell asleep with tears last night, thinking I lost you and the girls. I know they aren't here but I thought you were that mad, I mean you did leave the country" he says. "So I have a confession" he starts. "I'm scared. I don't know how to be a father. I'm 19 next month and barely an adult. I just figured there isn't much time before I have to give my life to my family. Not saying its a bad thing because I'm excited but soon I'll have to not spend as much time with my mates and more time changing diapers and having tea parties. That's not an easy thought for a man to grasp" he laughs.

"Luke I understand. Why didn't you tell me though. We could have gotten through it together." I tell him. "I know but I'm the stupid one. S does this mean you are coming back on tour with us?" He becomes excited. "Luke I am so sorry but I only have a few more months and with my mum telling me everything I need before the girls get here I'm stressed and have so much to do" I apologize.

"I understand. I love you. Sorry I drove you away and didn't tell you what was bothering. How will I spend the next few months without you?" He complains. "It will be a challenge but it will go by so fast we just have to wait until the end of September when you have a week of concerts here. Then it will only be about three weeks of tour and after that it will be you, me, and our daughters. We will get through everything" I assure him.

"I just thought of something... W-What happens if, if I'm not home for them being born" he becomes upset. "My mum and both our families will be there and we can Skype or whatever just so you feel like you're there. I do want you there because it will be the most important day of our lives. We will be parents on that day and I want you beside me, even if it is just through the screen" I smile.

Well that was last month and we have been so much better and happier. "Wait Al!" My brother screams. He runs out my car and back into the house. "What did he forget now?" I roll my eyes. "Don't ask me" my sister sasses. I feel my phone vibrate and throw it at my sister so I'm not distracted. I would never text and drive because if that didn't kill me my parent would. Plus I have my wonderful babies to think about.

Harry runs back into the car and I drive him to his friend Chad's first and my sister to her friend, Lyla's. When they are gone and out of my hair I go to work and start waiting tables. It is hard being on my feet all day because they are starting to swell.

This whole pregnancy thing is overrated. I'm happy to soon be a mum but I'm not like the few months before it. "Hey Chris" I grin. Carissa is a good friend. She understands what I'm going through even if she is about fifteen years older than me.

I pity her because she doesn't have it. In the short time I've considered her a friend she told me a lot about herself. When she was little it started great, but then her mum committed suicide and her dad remarried. Her dad blamed her for it and she was beat. Then she became a teen mum years after she was adopted by a nice family. She was soon married and had a second child. Her husband soon passed away when she was eight months pregnant with her third.

I have taken my life for granted. The only thing I can relate to is the teen mum. I hope I'm never a widow though. I want to die old before Luke does and I still want the ring on our fingers to show our love. Carissa is the nicest person you could ever meet. I don't know why God shows her but maybe that's what made her such a great person.

Taking orders is a challenge but the biggest challenge is the belly when you try to work. Oh and the peeing. I always have to pee anymore. It pays well and I have fun more than I would anywhere else so I'm not complaining.

Luke p o v

The boys and I aren't doing anything so we are relaxing by the pool. That word isn't in my vocabulary. The last time I relaxed was probably when our family went of vacation about four years ago. I enjoy what I do so I don't care. "Hey what are you doing? Huh? Huh? What did you say? I can't hear you?" Ashton tries to annoy me and boy does it work.

"What are you doing?" I laugh. "Annoying my sisters boyfriend. I can't intimidate you because well you know me, so I'm stuck annoying you. See this is why you shouldn't date my sister" he says the last sentence louder so all the boys see his point.

"Yeah Luke" Michael coughs. I put my sunglasses down to block the sun some and what do you know Calum comes up and plays with them. He gets sunblock and draws a dick and balls on them. I can't stop laughing. The other three lose it too. How did I get so lucky to spend everyday of my life with these asses?

Calum and I then go into the pool and be idiots. As long as I'm with him I'm happy. He's all I need in life. Haha. Out of all the mates I get on with Calum the most. He also tries to hump me the most so it would be awkward if I was closer with Michael or Ash. It's something special we share. That's why we share rooms a lot haha.

I'm probably going to see some gifs and tumblr posts about that now. When we get out of the pool we see there is a grill so we make our tour manager grill us food. What's the point of tour managers if you don't boss them around?

I decide to text Ali quickly to see how she is feeling and what she is up to. "I'm good. My feet are swollen but I'm good. How are you? Enjoy your day off?" She sends back. "Great. I miss you sweetheart:(" I hit send and the burgers are done. She texts me back but I wait until I'm finished.

We text for a while and we tell each other about our days. It's hard no having her here but she needs to not travel while pregnant. It's hard on everyone but I'm sure if you're pregnant it is ten times worse.

The lads and I make our ways to our hotel rooms and I get a shower. Tonight I'm sharing with Ashton. Darn it no free humps from Calum. Maybe I will switch rooms with Michael ha. When I get out of the bathroom I see Ashton trying to flip off the bed, into the air and watch him, recording it all.

I post it on Instagram. "When I get done my shower and I'm sharing a room with Ash. Never know what you will come out to find." He falls of the bed and I fall to the ground laughing. "The people below us are now down at the front desk complaining about the idiots in room 400" he says still on the floor.

Our parents would be so proud. I walk over to Cal and Michael's room and hang out while Ash gets a shower. It's a pretty fun night but I love what I do so I can't wait to play a show tomorrow night.

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