I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


21. 21

Breaking Point

Ali p o v

I'm so happy and excited to see my little princesses but Luke has been getting on my nerves. He hasn't been giving me any attention. I'm not saying everything is about me but I need him now more then ever. I'm four months pregnant with his kids he could give me some attention.

I sit in bed and he isn't even cuddled up with me. I get a shower and wait for him to wake up. Maybe all we need to do is talk about this and everything about our relationship. He is really starting to piss me off though. I ask him to pick something up and instead he starts a conversation and pretends that he was talking before I asked him so I have t clean everything.

The fact that I have turned into the maid makes me mad. Alright my brother doing this I get, but Luke? I try to help them clean that doesn't mean it is my job. My job is to support them and try to stay healthy while carrying the kids. That's why I'm here. So Luke can be with me while I'm pregnant and right now I feel he is taking advantage of me.

When I get out the shower I get dressed and put my hair up in a ponytail. I don't feel like trying to hard today. I do a little makeup and brush my teeth finishing with applying my deodorant and perfume. When I walk back into the room I don't see Luke there. Ashton is passed out asleep on the other bed still.

I go over to the others' room to see if they're awake which they are and they are jumping around and making a mess. The thing that catches my eye is Luke though. He is partying around with them and it makes me mad. I understand that he needs to have friends, it's unhealthy to not keep in contact. I'm always calling friends back home while with these boys but I don't get any attention. I walk right back out without any of them knowing I came in because they are screaming to much.

Shaking me head I start to cry in the hallway. So I see where I stand. When he is with me he doesn't talk much but he screams and stuff when he is with his mates. Wiping my eyes I walk back to my room and see an asleep Ashton. I sit on his bed and cuddle up with him. Not in a weird way but a brother sister kind of thing.

I'm soon drifting off to sleep thinking about Luke and me.

Ashton p o v

I awake with my sister, not knowing what happened or how I got in her bed. Weird night I guess. Deciding not to wake her I brush my teeth and put deodorant on and change my outfit. Wondering if the lads are in the other room I go over and see them all throwing shit around.

Joining in I throw stuff at them and jump around on the bed. We all watch tv and goof around. "So what's going on with everyone?" I ask. "Nothing. I just need some time with you boys. I'm soon going to spend my time with three girls. That means all pink. I don't do pink very well" Luke says. "That's why we don't have kids buddy. I don't know how you do it. I'm only two years older, not a big difference but I would shit myself if I found out I was going to be a father" I tell him.

We all sit around and do nothing until they call us to the venue to do soundcheck and a show and we have some interviews. We try to get our name out there more and more by doing as many interviews as possible.

Ali p o v

Stretching out, I open my eyes and don't see Ashton beside me. He must be with the guys. I throw the blanket off me and walk over to the room. By the time I get the door open I realize they aren't in there because it is quiet. Where did they go? I go down to the lobby and don't see them. Making my way to the pool I see no trace of them being there.

I call Luke but he doesn't pick up. They must be busy but maybe Ashton will pick up. I send him a text and ask him what they are doing. More importantly what Luke is doing. He tells me they are in the car going to the venue and Luke is playing games on his phone.

Tears start to fill my eyes once more and I'm getting sick of it. I think it's time. I go into my room and get my suitcase and start packing my clothes. I call my mum and explain everything that is going on. "H-he isn't pic-picking up his phone and when I called Ash he said he was pl-playing stupid g-g-games on his stupid phone. He is ignoring me and makes me feel like crap. I don't want to be here if he is going to be like this and I just need to come home now. My bags are packed and I'm going to the airport now."

"Alright. We will be waiting for a call. I will pick you up at the airport" she says. I hang up after our goodbyes and go to the bus to collect all my things from there. The taxi pulls up and I get in as he puts my things in the back. I left a note on the pillow for my brother and Luke and I hope they understand. I'm sure alike won't because he is only thinking of himself lately.

The taxi pulls away and I know I won't be seeing the four boys for a few months. We are soon unloading the bags at the airport and I go to get my ticket. Dragging all my things behind me I wait in lines and sit in the airport for an hour and a half.

I read a book and text all my friends informing them I'm on my way home. They are all happy so at least I feel like I have some people that care. I hear them calling numbers and classes to sit in and when I'm called I get up and show the flight attendant my ticket. They allow me to pass through the doors and into the plane. Taking my seat I sit back and wait for take off.

Luke p o v

We finish soundcheck and it's great. I have an amazing feeling for this show. The boys and I go back to the dressing room and they need us to sign a lot of things. We sit at a table and sign posters, CDs, all kind of things management needs. They sell them online and at the concerts, stuff like that.

When we are done we start getting ready for tonight's show. It's nothing much, the guitar techs make sure the strings are decent and the guitars are tuned. The opening act came running off so we head behind the stage and put our instruments over our shoulders or grab the drum sticks in Ashton's case. We run out and the crowd goes nuts. I was right, this is going to be an amazing show!

Ali p o v

I wake up and the plane is getting ready to land. I start putting the tray back and putting my seat up. I text my mum that I'm landing and she says she is soon at the airport anyway. I grab my bag from above and go to get my bigger bags. There are three in all. I find my mum and walk as fast as I can over to her. You shouldn't run if your pregnant unless you did it all the way through and since I don't run I'm not going to start when I'm carrying extra weight.

"I missed you" I hug her. "I missed you to darling" she helps with the bags and we go to the car. I put my stuff in the back and get in the passenger side. We drive home and I tell her all about the pregnancy and the tour since she left. When we get inside the house my family runs out to great me. I hug them all and my sister starts oping my stomach. "Hey Aspen and Brooklyn" she smiles. I giggle at her and head inside.

Mum tells me she will do my laundry as soon as she can. She needs help with dinner in the mean time so I go to the kitchen and help cut potatoes. I have to say. It is good to be home. My own bed, my own doctor now, and my family all the time, my friends.

I set the table with Harry and mum puts the food out. The rest of them come running in and take their seats. "It's so good to have five instead of four. Although six is ideal" mum smiles. We all get our food and dig in. I have missed her cooking so much with being away.

"I missed this meal so much" I laugh. When we are done mum tells Harry she will do the dishes so we can all spend time together even if it was his night to do them. "Thanks for making me not feel like I'm useless" I hug them all. "Because your not. Trust me Luke just needs to get his head straight" my stepdad tells me.

We spend the night around the table playing board games. It is fun, just a night with family being in the house I haven't been in for a little while with the people I love. My parents, and brother and sister. It's all I need for the time being. I can't wait to play board games with the gils when they are born and older.

Luke p o v

The show was great and we run off after the encore, sweating buckets. The boys and I try to cool off and head to the bus. It takes us back to the hotel and Michael sees that blonde girl coming into the lobby when we are. They have been spending loads of time together. Maybe they are making a new relationship. I think he will be sad when we leave. We have spent four days here and tomorrow is our last. He even gave her his number. As a band we never do that incase they post in on twitter or something of that nature.

We all stay in the lobby for a bud and head up to the rooms. I just go to Calum and Michaels' and talk to him about that girl. "I think if you want to ask her out she is cool and won't go do anything. I think you should do it." I pat his back I see an upset Ash walk I to the room with paper. "What's up?" Calum asks nonchalant. "Read this Luke" he hands me a paper.

"Luke I'm sorry but I can't do the tour anymore. It's been hard and you haven't been acknowledging me at all. It's really starting to make me feel bad about myself. I'm going home to be with my family. I'm sorry I couldn't stay long but it's just time to g home. I hope you had a good concert. Aspen, Brooklyn, and I will be waiting for you when you get home. I can't wait to see you during that break at the end of September. I love you. -Alice" I read.

I stand up and walk over to my room. I go to my bed and sit down, pulling my phone out. "I love you and I'm so sorry" I hit send and climb under the blankets wishing I had my girl to cuddle up with again. What do I do now. She is already back home. I pushed her away and I can't do anything about it...

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