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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


20. 20

Gender Reveal

Luke p o v

Today is a photo shoot and then some interviews and I finish the day at a doctors appointment with Ali. She is now four months pregnant and getting bigger. It's cute though. I get dressed into a Nirvana shirt and jeans. The lads and I meet up in the hallway after I leave a note for Ali.

We get in a car that is waiting for us outside and it takes us to some building. "Hey guys! I'm Alexia. Nice to meet you. I will be the photographer today" she shakes all our hands as we come in. "I'm Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton" Michael goes through us. We all wave when he says our names.

"Alright so what I'm thinking for this shoot is we will start with the simple backdrop just shooting you and then we move to the backyard, then we are gonna go down to the beach and shoot some shots. I think we are going to finish with you in the pool." She informs us. We go to our dressing room and get ready for the first few in front of the backdrop.

It starts with Michael and Ashton doing their individual shots first so Calum and I hang out. He follows me around like a lost puppy with a camera, recording my every move. "Cal" I laugh. He shoves it in my face literally. It is on the tip of my nose. "Yes Luke?" He questions innocently. "What the hell are you doing?" I ask, pushing him back a bit.

"Recording. Am I bothering you Luke?" He sounds like a three year old. "Just a bit mate" I text my mum and see how things are back home. She says everything is fine while Calum shoves the camera at my phone. "Who ya texting?" He questions while doing so. "My mum" I reply.

"Awww you heard it here ladies. Lucas Robert Hemmings is a motherfucking mummas boy!" He says, causing me to grin a bit. "Smile Lukey! SMILE!" He yells. I smile from his stupidity and start texting Ali. She tells me she is feeling fine and is loving the silence.

I tell her I love her and hit send while they call Cal and I for the band shots. I put my phone on the table and stand with my mates. I smile, make weird faces, and do random things. When we are done I do my photos and Cal does his while I head back to the dressing room to get changed for the next set.

They dress me into all black and send me out to hang out in the yard until everyone is done. I start to play on a swing set and climb on it. I suddenly hear laughing and see the boys recording me. Of course I can't wait to see it on twitter, Instagram, etcetera.

We do the same set up for all the sets: Michael and Ashton, band, then Calum and me. The day starts feeling long and they show us the final shots of us in the pool. They all turned out great for the most part and we grab towels and get changed back int our original outfits. When we are all done the interview is ready to begin.

"Hey boys I'll be interviewing you today. My name is Adrian" the dark haired man tells us. We shake his hands and stand back, ready to start. "Hello boys. So we are here at your photo shoot. Tells us how I has been?" He asks. Ashton takes over and does a lot of talking as he does in most our interviews.

"It was fun we went to so many places. The beach, backyard, pool, it was fun. We can wait for the fans to see them so they can make weird things of them" he jokes. "They do that a lot as I have been seeing. So what's coming up next for 5sos?"

"Well we're on tour at the moment and we will be for-well it is June now and we finish at the end of the end of October- 5 months left. I was never good at math" I chuckle at my slowness. "And how has that been?" Is the next question. "Great. It's always nice to see the fans and have them singing your words back to you. We even got to fly my family out for a week which was great. They got to see us and how hard we work." Ashton answers.

"Do you want your families to visit as well?" He asks the three of us. "I think we always want our parents and families to be here and never leave but I think it makes their visits or even going home more meaningful. You haven't seen them in person for months so when you get to hug them it feels amazing" Calum goes all deep.

"Now, Luke, you are dating Ashton's little sister, Alice. You announced that you are starting a family. Does that mean you are going to quiet the band when she has her baby? Congratulations by the way" he smiles. "Thank you. Umm I don't have plans to quiet but of course I don't have any kids at the moment. I would love to stay with these boys but my family will need me, but no I don't intend of leaving anytime soon. I don't know what I would do for a living if I did" he let a smile escape.

It is true. "So do you know the sex of you baby yet?" "No actually the appointment is today but I don't know if she wants to announce them yet. I think I'm aiming for two boys though. Ali would be the only girl though so maybe they can be one and one" I say. "Who cares about her opinion. We want boys to wrestle with" Ash argues.

We all chuckle and the interview comes to an end. I pull my phone out and see if I have any new texts or calls and there are none. I call Ali though to tell her I'm on my way back to the hotel so she can start to get ready for the doctor. It's hard being on tour because I can't go to every check up with you and we are always in a different city so the doctor changes which means we don't get comfortable with one.

We arrive at the hotel and meet some girls in the lobby. We sign things and take photos with them and talk a bit. There is a girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes that I catch Michael checking her out. "I have to go see if Al is ready. Nice meeting you girls!" I wave and walk over to the elevator. I emerge into the hallway at level 2. I make my way to room 266.

I walk in and see Ali in the bathroom, curling her hair. "Hey how was everything? Where are the boys?" She kisses me. "They are downstairs and it was fun. Took longer then I thought. Sorry" I say changing my shirt quickly. "Babe it is fine. I understand" she smiles in the doorway.

"Ready?" I ask. I take her hand and intertwine our fingers. We make our way to the car and see the boys still talking to those girls still. I talk all about the shoot while we drive. When we arrive she signs in as I take a seat. She sits next to me and holds my hand, shaking. "What's wrong?" I giggle. "I'm just excited. We are going to find out what we are having. Aren't you?"

"I'm thrilled!" I kiss her cheek. We wait about seven more minutes and get called back. This is it, this is when I find out! "Hello Alice! How are you?" The doctor asks. "Good." He turns to me. "Luke" I say. "Nice to meet you Luke. You're the father?" "Yeah" I smile.

She sits back and we listen to their heartbeats. It is the coolest thing I have ever heard. That's my kids! They put gel on her stomach that is getting bigger every week or so. She is cute with a bump though. She is one of those girls that can pull it off. I hold her hand and the doctor tells us where to look.

"Alright well it looks... Like... You are having.........








"A girl and a girl" he tells us. "Congrats!" I look down at the love of my life who is now crying. The doctor hands her photos and we look at them as the doctor walks out. "Two girls! I guess we are having a little Aspen and Brooklyn!" I kiss her. "I love you so damn much" I smile.

We go back to the hotel and tell the boys. Well Michael was in the lobby with that girl, drinking coffee so we told him first then we went upstairs and told the mates. They are so happy. Ash is happy to have two nieces in a few months. Then we discuss it a bit and decide we want to tell our families but not the fans. This is a family event even if we do call them family it is different.

We Skype my parents first and tell them. They are ecstatic. Mum tells Ali the first thing they do when she gets home to Australia. Dad is so happy too. We then Skype her family and they are so happy about the news. "Do you have names in mind yet?" Her mum questions. "Aspen and Brooklyn" she tells her. Her mum starts to cry making Ali cry and it is a mess. A good mess though.

They continue talking and I get a shower after my tiring day. To be honest it was one of my least tiring days so far. When I come back out they are saying their goodbyes and Calum walks in. Here is sharing a room with us tonight. It should be loud. I cuddle up and wrap my arm around Ali's stomach. Cuddling my three girls!

I am so in love with this chapter! Tell me your thoughts! I'm hoping you like the names and genders! Two little girls for Luke to spoil! Awww so cute!- Sydney

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