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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


2. 2

Ice Cream Love Affair

Alice p o v

Well my ankle has been killing me the past few days but I've spent so much time with Ash that I'm great full for. He has been acting as the doctor. No really I need to call him Dr. Ash until I'm healed. "Hey sis mind if the boys come over?" He asks. "No it's cool" I reply, not taking my eyes off the tv. I'm watching Impractical Jokers. It's this show about four idiot bestfriends that do stupid stuff. You would think it was 5sos from the description.

I hear the door and Ash runs to answer it. "Hey lads" he says plopping down on the couch. They all mimic him and plop down on the couch. "How does your ankle feel?" Luke questions. "Sore but I'm fine" I inform them all. "Ash" I start but get cut off. "AH!" "Sorry alright Dr. Ash can you go get me ice cream" I ask.

He gets up and walks to the freezer. "There is none" he complains as if he was the one wanting it. "Then go to the store" I bark orders around as if I own him. I'm the little sister, of course I own him. That's the number one job. He grabs his car keys and sighs. "Come on boys" he waves to the door. Calum and Michael stand up while Luke hesitantly stands up.

"Shouldn't someone stay with her?" He questions. Cal and Mike just look at each other, holding back their laughter. Ashton's rule comes to their minds obviously. "As long as you don't o anything to each other I'm good... Actually don't even sit on the same couch as him Alice!" He points the index finger at me. Oh I'm so scared.

They leave and Luke sits on the opposite side of the other couch to get as far away from me as possible. Way to may a girl feel good Luke! The door opens and Ash throws his head in, checking on us like babies.

"We aren't doing anything. Just watching tv" I report to him and I pull myself up on the sofa to watch him pull out the driveway. "Thank goodness he's finally gone. He is making me call him Dr. Ash none stop" I tell Luke. "Yeah. It's all because he loves you and doesn't want to see you get hurt that he pops in so much" he assures me.

"Oh I know it just gets to be so annoying. He doesn't own me. I'm 17 and nearly an adult. I can handle myself I think" I roll my eyes. I feel a sudden urge of thrust so I try to stand up. I hope over to my crutches by the other couch and fall. "Oh my are you okay?" He asks, helping me stand up.

The second I'm up on my right foot again he is still holding my shoulders, staring into my eyes. His blue eyes look extra blue today and his lip ring looks extra sexy. Wow I am really starting to fall. Ash can never know.

"You okay now?" He flashes a small smirk, inches away from my face. I return the smirk and say 'yes.' We stand then and just smile. I feel my head move closer slightly and stop. I stop until he moves his head closer and soon our lips meet and move in sync. I smile into the passionate kiss and pull away, biting my lip. He does the same.

"Ash can't know we did that" he panics, letting go of my shoulders. My smile fades. Wow he can't even pretend to be happy for a second. Thanks Luke. You know exactly how to treat a girl. I turn and walk with my crutches to the kitchen to get water.

Luke p o v

That was an amazing kiss but Ashton can't know and she needs to know that. I will get killed by him if he finds out what just happened. I hear the door and sit my ass back down and stop panicking. Calum comes and sits by me playing with my face. "How was little Lukey? Was he good home alone with a girl?" He pinches my cheeks.

"Bro is that lipstick" he puts his finger on my bottom lip. I jump up and rub it off. "Yo, what's wrong with you?" Ash questions. "Really sudden urge to go to the bathroom" I yell. "Alright well the air freshener is under the sink. Don't kill it to hard buddy" he screams back making everyone laugh hysterically. I rub the lip stick off my lip and go back out.

"That was fast" Michael says. "Must have been a no go" Ashton says with no change of emotion, totally straight-faced. I shake my head and fall back onto the couch. "I'm thrust anyone want a drink?" I ask, noticing Ali is still in the kitchen. "Nope we're all good" they reply.

She is sitting at the breakfast bar eating ice cream. I walk over to her, "Ali I'm sorry I reacted the way I did I just don't want to ruin things with Ash due to a stupid kiss-" I whisper. "stupid kiss?" She starts by screaming but lowers her voice quickly. I can tell I just offended her. "I didn't mean that trust me. It's just I like you but Ashton won't let us be together" I try to fix the mess I just started.

"Why are you so scared of my brother?" She starts raising her voice. "Because I'm in a band with him and it means the world to me to make as many people as I do happy. It's my dream and I'm living it. Please believe me when I say I'm sorry" I put my hand on her shoulder. She stares into my eyes and gets up. Moving as fast as she can to the living room so we can't continue our conversation.

Wow that went horribly wrong. I'm such a ladies man... NOT! We watch a movie and just want to not fight with her. She is really funny and sweet and I think I do like her more then a friend but Ash stands between us. He is a wall separating us from being together which is annoying somewhat.

I stare over at her every so often and on occasions I catch her staring back at me. It's full of anger and hatred but she's staring. Doesn't that count as something? What am I saying. I just blew any chance with her. Even if my chance with her was already only at about 10.3279%

This boy is what you call stupid. Ashton gets a call so he goes outside to take it. Michael and Calum stay in the room and I chase Alice into the kitchen. "I have an idea and we might get killed for it" I start with a mischievous smirk. She just stares at me waiting to continue. "Friends with Benefits" I suggest. In my mind I'm already hugging her and having our first kiss as Friends with Benefits.

"So you want me to feel like we are dating but not be good enough to actually date? Nice. Good plan!" She says in a sassy, sarcastic tone. Oh boy! This is worst then I thought...

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