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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


18. 18

Family Time

Ali p o v

My family were the best thing about yesterday because I was missing them so much. Although I still loved everything Luke did for me. Ashton and I have been spending more time together then when it's just the band and I because we have been hanging out with mum and our siblings.

"Everyone ready?" Mum asks. We all respond and get in the car. Instead of site seeing with only the band we are doing it with the family today. We are in Miami, Florida. "So how do you feel?" Mum puts her hand over my shoulder. "Good. I threw up when I first woke up but it's not nearly as bad as it was a month ago. Luke has been getting up with me whenever it happens though" I smile.

"That's good. I can't wait to have little grandbabies!" She cheers. I giggle at her and my sister comes over to talk. "Al, what did Luke do yesterday?" She asks, still unaware. "Well he took me to a fancy lunch and we talked about baby names. Then he took me up in a hot air balloon and we just talked and took in the scene. Finally he took me to a sunset, candlelight dinner on the beach and surprised me with you guys" I squeeze them both really tight.

Yesterday was the best day of my life but I think the day the twins are born will top it. I'm just so excited to see them and hold them and cuddle up with them. Most of all I'm excited to be a family with Luke and see him as a father to my kids.

The first stop is just walking around and we are going to a baseball game tonight. They really went all out. "Look at that" I point over to the left. They all look to find some fans freaking out from a far. We all giggle as the girls run towards us. My family step out of the way to let the girls crowd around the boys.

"Ali can you take my picture with the band?" Someone shoves their phone in my face. I try to smile and I take the picture. Some other people see me so I end up taking so many pictures. It's become my job anymore. They all want to get in pictures with their friends so when they see me they think I have nothing better to do with my life then take their pictures. Until the babies come I'm afraid they are right.

When the band tell them we all have to go some start to cry, knowing they may never meet the band again. I take Luke's hand and we walk along the street, touring the new city we've come to. I'm such a lucky person. I don't do anything but yet I get to tour America and spend time with the people I love most.

The fans are really starting to accept me too. We make our way to a lunch stop and push tables together for our big group. "So boys how has the tour been so far?" Mum asks. "Good" they all say. "Wow that's for all the details I feel like I have been with you the entire time" she rolls her eyes, playfully.

"Harold!" Ashton starts to punch lightly. We all watch him and then our food comes, naturally we all pay attention to that. The waitress asks who ordered what and starts distributing the plates out. I eat some fries and my burger which are delicious.

We eventually finish and make our way back to touring the city. The lot of us end up in something called the Monkey Jungle. It's this place where humans are liked the caged animal and the monkeys are free to do whatever. It is actually pretty cool.

"Hey Michael!" I say walking next to him. "Hey Alice!" He mimics me. "So what did you think of the monkeys?" "Oh my they were so cute. I hope your kids are as cute as that! Just. Not, monkeys." He says awkwardly, making me giggle. "Anyway, lets change the subject" I say. "How are you enjoying Miami?" I continue. "I love it! What about you?"

"I love it so much." I look around. "Not as much as Sydney but I like it" I tell him. "Same" he simply agrees. Our conversation dies down and I go over to Luke. The game starts at 3:05 so we have about an hour and a half. Why 3:05? Why not 3? I don't understand much about Americans and their baseball. It's the Miami Marlins and the Philadelphia Phillies today.

-hour and a half later-

We entire the stadium and find our seats. "Food or drinks anyone?" My stepdad asks. We all give him our orders and my sister, Harry, and I go to help him carry it back. By the time we get back we distribute everything and the national anthem is sung by some girl.

We clap and the starting lineup is announced for the teams. It's really fun to watch, being one of my favorite sports. Tennis and Football(soccer) are my absolute favorites though. My mum takes a picture of everyone and its cute. She took it from a few rows behind us and its all of us looking down at the game. Luke has his arm around me too which is adorable. She sends it to me and I post it on Instagram, receiving tons of comments and likes.

By the forth inning the score is 3-1 Phillies. I'm cheering for them along with, my stepdad, Lauren, Calum, and Ashton. The rest are cheering for the Marlins. Well except mum she is just here to spend time with everyone. I start to feel nauseous so mum takes me for a walk during the sixth inning.

"It's alright baby" she hugs me from the side. "Feel better? How about we get you a warm soda with no ice? It will make you feel better" she guides me over to a drink stand and orders me a coke with no ice. I sip it and it does do a little something. After some more walking around we go back to our seats at the start of the seventh inning.

"Feeling better?" Luke asks. Putting his arm out. I sit down and nuzzle my head into his neck. "Yeah" I say going back to the game. I look at the score board and it is 5-4 Marlins. Darn it! I am still going with the Phillies. By the end of the game-which was 13 innings- the score is 8-5 Phillies. Yay I won! There was no prize but I get bragging rights along with some of the others.

We go back to the hotel after our long amazing day and I fall right asleep. It's going to be so sad when my family goes back home. It will be me and the lads again...


Sorry it's on the shorter side :( what do you think of the story so far? I hope you like it because I'm working really hard on it!

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