I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


17. 17

The Best Thing

Ali p o v

So I am two and three weeks pregnant and I'm done high school and I'm dating a famous rockstar. Wow my life has been so weird the last few months. I thought I was lucky enough to have a rockstar brother but my two favorite guys are now.

"Luke I just want to stay in bed all day!" I complain, throwing my right arm across him. His bare chest is so warm. Not in a burning hot, fever kind of way but just a warm, welcoming chest. "I know. I want that too. Just imagine when there Thats all we want and there are two little ones jumping on us" he puts me in a daze, imagining it all.

"Baby!" Luke laughs as our daughter jumps into his arms. He hugs her tight as our son climbs into my arms. We all cuddle up together and the kids ask to go to the park and play with their toys. I walk downstairs and make everyone eggs and toast, putting on some coffee for mum and dad.

"Breakfast my lovely family" I say, placing all the plates on the table. The kids come running in, screaming, being chased by Luke. I stand at the stove smiling at my beautifully, tiny family. Luke helps the kids up on their chairs and pushes them close so they don't make a bigger mess.

"Daddy chase us again!" Our son giggles. "Finish breakfast first" Luke demands, pulling the mug of coffee to his mouth. I smile at how he is fun but demands them do what they need. He is such a great father! How did I get so luck with him?

"Guys we have to have the most fun ever! With daddy today because he goes on tour tomorrow with uncle Ashton and Calum and Michael." I put my mouth open, as if I'm in shock. "No go dadda!" Our sassy little girl crosses her arms, making a pouty face.

"Now why are you making that face?" He questions. "I sad dadda go" she puts her head down. "Me too" our little blonde haired boy mocks her. "Now now. I'm going to still see you two and mummy everyday. I'm going to call and text and face time and Skype and do my very best to talk to you every day" he smiles, pulling them onto his lap for a big hug.

"ALI! Did you hear me?" Luke knocks me out of my daze and I smile at how our life may be in a few years. "I love you so so so much Luke. I don't see I changing anytime in my life!" I kiss him several times. "I love you too?" He says taken off guard. "Get a room!" Michael slams a pillow over his face to block us off.

Luke and I just laugh at him. "Sorry Mickey" I smile at Luke. He winks at me, "yo lets have sex!" "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" He jumps up and runs out the room. Luke and I double over in laughter. "We don't have anything to do today so I have the most romantic date for the two of us... Sorry the four of us" he puts his hand on my flat stomach.

I get dressed in a dark green dress and some black heals. Luke gets dresses in black jeans, a white button down and a black jacket. If he isn't wearing a band shirt and ripped jeans he is wearing this. I like both but I just think he is so cute this way. It reminds me of our first date where we went behind Ashtons's back because we liked each other that much.

Luke and I start the day, walking around the city. Some fans stop us and ask for pictures which I'm fine with. The lads mean so much to me and they mean so much to everyone else. "Congrats on your baby!!!" They say. "Thanks" I tuck hair behind my left ear.

"Luke we love you so much and you mean so much to us thank you for being so amazing and thank the other boys because AHHHHHH! I love y'all so much!!!" The girl shouts. It is kind of scary. "Thank you. It means a lot" he puts his arm around me and we inch farther away from them. They soon turn and freak out to each other as Luke and I act like nothing happened.

It is normal to us. Well not normal but it happens a lot. I just hope our kids can stay safe around all this. I refuse to bring them to this if they even get hurt once. I know Luke will be upset too. All the boys would. Luke and I make our way to the park. We see some elderly people talking about life and adults with their children. I stare at the children plying together and grin.

He takes me out to lunch and it is so fancy. I order veal with a baked potato and a salad to start. America gives you so much food that it is insane. It fills you up though. "So can we start talking about baby names? I'm really getting excited. I don't know how I'm going to stay like this for how many more months" I smile.

"Of course. Alright how about you start with suggestions" he tells me. "Alright well for a boy I'm thinking Matthew and Ivan" I reply. "I don't mind Matthew as long as we can call him Matt but come on, Ivan?" He furrows his eyebrows. "What? I like it! Alright then you give me some." "Alright well I'm a fan of Lucas haha no seriously though I like Elijah or Tanner" he responds.

"God no. I hate them both. It's almost as bad as Tucker" I argue. "Dylan" I suggest. "To common. Cole" "To feminine. Benjamin?" "I like that but if its two boys only one will have a name... How about Jacob?" He says. "Now that's to common. How about Anthony?" "I'm just not a fan. I got it... Joshua!" "Awww that is so cute. Ben and Josh!" I squeal.

"Calm yourself we might even have a girl. Names?" He hints for me to start. "Gracie?" "No that's my cousins name and she is a bit- loud person with strong feelings. How about Elizabeth?" "Reminds me of the queen of England. How about Stella?" "No I don't like that. Aspen?" He suggests. "I like that. "What about Brooklyn if its two girls?" "It's nice. Our kids will be o nice with some kick ass names" he leans over the table and pecks my lips.

Luke pays for lunch and I look at the time. Wow we spent an hour and a half at lunch just talking about the babies. We end up in a field and I see something that makes me laugh stupidly. More uncontrollably because I'm shocked. I hate heights and he got a hot air balloon? "Surprise!" He says. He jumps into the basket and picks me up bridal style. The fire starts and the balloon goes higher. I turn to Luke and bury my head in his chest as we get higher.

"Luke I'm scared of heights!" I say. He rubs my back and arm. "Your fine. I'm here with you." He pecks the top of my head. I look up at him and give him a weak smile. "Oh so if you die right beside me you would be more upset then if I die by myself?" "No you know I wouldn't" I kiss his lips.

"How long have you had this planned?" I ask. "A week or so. I knew we had a day off and I just wanted to spend it with only you since we are always with my mates. I want a day for Luli!" He says straight faced, making me cackle. "I love when I make you laugh so hard. Anytime I can hear your cackle it makes me happy" he smiles, looking down at me.

I take a picture to remember this and to prove to people I can actually face my fears and not be a scardycat. We spend a lot of time in the air and when we make it back to the ground I am so happy I didn't die. Luke and end up at the beach and a see a candlelight picnic and start to cry.

"Luke you really went all out for this. I love you so freaking much!" I kiss him. He wipes my tears and pushes my chair in, sitting across from me. The sun is starting to go down and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. This is the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. I just know it.

I see people wearing aprons walking out of this little shack with a napkin over their forearms. As I wipe my tears I laugh hysterically at my brother and his two mates come walking out. "Oh my goodness" I try to catch my breathe. "We will have the Chef special" Luke orders for us. "Will do good sir" Ash gives his head a nod and the three of them walk back to the shack.

"You don't have to do this." I tell him. "Yes I do. You are so special and I can't wait to start a family with you. Our kids are so lucky" he grabs my hands. I blush and stare at the horizon where the sun is now below, leaving only a little noticeable light. Although there are little lights above us. I guess they are supposed to be like the stars.

The boys come back out with covered dishes and reveal them, running back to the shack. I dig my fork into it and take a bite. "This tastes just like my mum's pasta ramonda... Lucas Hemmings!" I laugh again and cry. "You didn't?" I sob uncontrollably. "I know you're missing them" he points to the shack and Calum and Michael are waving for people to come out. I see my mum, stepdad, sister, and two brothers. Ash no longer looks like our waiter.

I run over to them and give them the biggest hugs. "I can't believe this!" I cry into my mum's shoulder. Just when I think Luke can't get any better he finds a way t get much better.

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