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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


16. 16

Starting New Chapters

Luke p o v

The news of the twins is overwhelming but I will have to deal with it now. Wow I'm going from no kids to two. What is mum going to say? More importantly, what a man am I? I'm so good I don't just make one kid, but two! Booya! No one can bother Al today either because she is taking her final class of high school. I'm so proud of her.

She came on tour with us while getting used to a big change and still managed to finish school. She is so amazing and devoted. I hope our kids turn out exactly like her. She is such an amazing person and I'm so lucky I get to keep her all to myself. To bad in a few months I will have to share her with my other favorite people. I'm fine with that though.

"Want some tea or anything" I peck her head and put my hand on the table, leaning over her, staring at the computer screen. "No I'm fine. I just want to finish so I don't have to worry about ever doing these stupid classes again" she makes a cute face and I kiss her. "Alright I will leave you alone. At least drink some water. Doctors orders" I hand her a bottle.

She takes a sip and gives me a look, telling me to leave her alone. I apply one last kiss to the cheeks and go and hang with my mates. So Ali has been feeling better although she still experiences morning sickness but she will have that for another few days or so.

"How is my sister?" Ash questions. "Good. I think the test is stressing her out though. I thought it was just best to leave her alone and let her finish it as fast as possible" I flop down on the couch in between him and Michael. I see Cal playing FIFA and pick up a controller, joining in on the fun.

"Alright before someone like Lucas comes in the middle of my game and demands to join... Anyone else. I'm not letting you join unless its the next game!" Calum exclaims. "We're good" Ashton and Michael say, heads buried in their electronics. Calum hits multiplayer and we begin. I get the first goal and he gets the rest after that.

Well that was a huge fail on my part. "So Lucas did you and Ali talk about any baby names. You need to think of them for two kids now. That's double" Michael dumbly states the obvious. "No, and why is everyone calling me all as today?" I ask. "Bro we always do. Get used to it" Calum pats my back. "In need of food!" Ash shouts.

"Then go get it you fatass" Michael screams at him. I laugh them off and check twitter. The fans are warming up to the idea of there being a baby Hemmings, now I guess we need to announce the second baby Hemmings. Wow that is still amazing to me.

Alice p o v

These classes suck but I'm so happy. After this I can focus on my family and friends and starting a family of my own with a Luke. To think with his popularity, he could have chosen any girl in the world but he chose me and when he couldn't have me he still fought for me. That's how I know that what we have is real and nothing can tear us apart.

He is being so sweet today too. Every time the other three get loud he tells them to shut up for me. I don't think he knows I can still hear even with the doors closed. I continue to watch the screen, not really paying attention. My school career isn't going to be any special by the end I'm just waiting for the second I can hit turn in and the fireworks come on the screen followed by a certificate.

Science starts and I nearly fall asleep. Science is my least favorite thing ever, I've hated it since grade one. I'm a Christian and I believe in God not the scientists. People in the science field even say stuff about they don't know if everything is right when it comes to the stupid subject.

I get up and grab a bottle of water, hydrating myself and the babies. Once the stupid science class is over I nearly throw a party because I never have to take another test on that stupid thing. Sadly math starts which is my second least favorite. I do a few problems and submit my answers. The teacher grades them and I get a B. I will take that. I wasn't really trying. After that is my last class, World History.

I hit start and take a deep breathe. Only forty-five minutes and I'm done. "Guys shut up. Seriously. She won't be to much longer. You can all scream then" Luke says. I smile and take my final test in there. I get mostly C. Alright the teacher always gives multiple choice and it is usual C. A is rare and there are a few B and D answers. I do the short answers next and hit submit.

The fireworks start and the certificate appears. I jump up and run to the back. "I GRADUATED!!" I scream, jumping into Luke's arms. He hugs me eagerly as I wrap my legs around his waist. Everyone laughs at me and when Luke and I pull away they all hug me. "We are so proud of you!" Michael kisses my cheek. "We really are" Calum hugs me. Calum gives great hugs, he like rubs your back and it's great. Luke still gives the best though. They are so warm and comforting.

"Go call home. They will want to know" Ash kisses my forehead. "Ash it is like 3 in the morning back home" I try to talk some sense into him. "Alright... I call you talk" he smiles, mischievously, handing me the ringing phone . I hear a groggy mum. I can't help but shout, "I GRADUATED!!!!" I bounce up and down. "Oh Ali we are so proud of you!!! I wish I could just hug you right now. Oh I can't wait to see you. We are going to have a huge dinner when you get home."

"I can't wait. Sorry for waking you. Ash made me call you" I give him the eyes. "I'm glad he did. You have worked so hard!" "Thanks" "You're welcome. Now I have work so I have to go to sleep. Call me in a few hours if you can alright. I love you" "Love you too mum" I hang up and spin around in joy.

"I can finally go to the bathroom" Michael runs out. Calum runs to the fridge and grabs everything. Ash runs to the couch and turns on the tv, watching what he wants to watch. I laugh at all of them. "At least our kids will have one parent with a diploma" Luke pulls me close, by the waist, kissing my lips with a smile. "And a rockstar daddy" I say once we pull away.

We go out to the kitchen/front lounge and laugh at everyone. "You know you could have come out to get door or watch tv or especially go to the bathroom right?" I tell them. "Luke didn't want us distracting you" They all give the death stare to him. "Who listens to Luke?" I pest. "hey!" He says in a high pitched voice, offended.

"I love you" I kiss him to make him happy. "I'm still upset" he tries to fight the smile. I kiss him once more and he lets the smile show. We all go out for lunch at a fancy restaurant. It is so nice that they all care so much about me. They really know how to make a girl feel important.

We get back to the bus and finish our drive to Denver, Colorado. When we check into the hotel it's Luke, Calum and I in a room and Ash and Michael in the room beside us. We unpack and I fall asleep after my long day. After my little cat nap-women up because Luke and Cal were being loud as usual when they are together- I get a shower. The whole bathroom is wet, which tells me Luke just got a shower.

How does one make this kind of mess while showering? I finish up quickly and go back into my bed, under the blankets. "Bro we were watching something before" Luke argues. "I didn't like it so I changed it" Cal argues back.

I roll over and fall asleep. The last thing I see is them being childish, wrestling for the remote. That's the father of my children ladies and gentlemen!

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