I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


15. 15


Luke p o v

So all the fans are flipping out about our relationship and pregnancy. It has been a week and a half and they just don't stop talking about it. Paparazzi Have gotten so bad. I'm starting to think it would be best for Ali to step down and go back home even if I want her here. With all the paparazzi wanting things they grab us and it isn't safe.

I wake up on the tour bus and hear someone in the kitchen. Throwing my curtain open I walk out to see Calum. "Hey mate" I say grabbing the milk for my bowl of cereal. "Hey. How did you sleep?" "Good. You?" I return the question. "Good up until we went over that huge bump" he rolls his eyes and takes a bite of cereal. "How is everyone still asleep after that?" I chuckle taking a bite of my own.

"I don't know. How is Ali?" He asks I start to laugh at him. "You could just ask her yourself ya know. She's doing alright. I think she is soon going to start hoping." I stare off. "When does she go to the doctor?" "In a week. I hope I can go with her. She had to go by herself to the others" I shake my head, disappointed in myself.

"Mate I can tell already you will be a great dad. You are so concerned about her and your baby. Don't worry. If she leaves you she will be losing the best God damn thing to ever happen to her" he slams his fist on the table in rage. "Cal you sound like a girl" I inform him. He is the feminine one of the group. Although he has started to get leg hair...

I clean my bowl and put it in the sink. "I'm gonna go call home." I say dialing the house. I close the door to the back lounge so I don't wake anyone and listen to the ringing. "Hello?" Mum sounds puzzled. "Hey mum. Just calling to see how everything is back home." "Oh my baby boy! It's good. How is tour and Ali? Is she feeling fresh?"

"Yeah she is doing well. Tour is good too. We are in Texas for a week or so. How is work and all?" "Oh it is so good. I'm in love with my class. Out of everyone I would have thought you would have been the next teacher of the family" she states. "Unless it is a music teacher I would be crap" I laugh. "No you would not. You're a smart young man" I can tell she is grinning from ear to ear.

"How is dad?" "Good, he should be home from work any second if you want to wait for him." "Yeah we are on the bus. I got time to kill. What are you doing now?" I start playing with my fingers as I listen to her talk about her day. "I did some shopping, and I took Zoe out to eat. She was so cute. I did some cleaning and I was just making dinner. I still have tests to grade and things but it was a good day" she says.

"That sounds fun. So how is Zo?" "She is so big and adorable. I can't wait to have another baby around when you and Ali get home. I miss you so much." "I miss you too mum." "Your dad just walked through the door. Let me put him on" she says. I talk to my dad for a while and Michael comes in the back, demanding to play his video games.

"Alright tell everyone I love them and miss them and will be home in a few months. I will try to call you soon. Bye!" I hang up. "Aww does little Lukey miss his mummy and daddy?" Michael pests. "Yes I do" I own up to it and go to wake the Irwin's up. Man to they sleep.

"Hey beautiful" I throw the curtain back and kiss Ali awake. She smiles and rolls over to face me. "I love you" she smiles even more. "I love you too" I peck her lips and move to Ashton not being as loving and gentle. I punch his arm and he jumps up, hitting his head off the ceiling. I fall over in laughter.

"Not. Funny." He bitterly states. "Little bit" I hold up my hand and gesture. I help Ali down and she goes to brush her teeth. I hear her vomit and run to the bathroom. "Feel better?" "Yeah" she sighs. "Just three or so more weeks of this and it will all be over" she sits on the closed toilet and wipes her face.

"I can't wait until you aren't always sick. Maybe I will be able to enjoy your company more" I roll my eyes, playfully. She hits me in the stomach in return. "Had that one coming" I joke. She shakes her head and places it in her hands. "You alright?" I become serious.

"I just got dizzy. I think I'm getting a headache. I'm gonna go back to my bunk" she walks past me, pale. I watch her climb into her sleeping quarters and think. She is probably still upset about the fans. I think we just need a day alone or something. We always have my mates around. To bad she doesn't feel right and I have studio duty tomorrow. I guess it will have to wait for now.

I go back to the back lounge to check on Michael staring desperately at the screen, trying to shoot people. I shake my head and cuddle with my penguin. I'm going to be a father in a few months and I'm still cuddling with stuffed animals. Maybe I should get baby Hemmings one so we can play with our penguins together! Now that's good parenting!

The lads and I walk into the venue of tonight's show after writing a note to Ali so when she wakes up she doesn't think we left her. "Holy shit! This dressing room is fucking huge" Michael shouts, trying to get an echo. We all look at him, smiling.

I put my bag down and take a seat on the couch. "What do you boys want to do until show time?" Ashton asks. Calum sits down and starts constructing things. I stare at him, anticipating the final result. I see the door open and in comes a not so great Ali.

Sweat pouring out of her pours and her eyes red. I run over to her and put my hand on her cheek. "Wh- Ali your burning up?" I say, concerned. "I don't feel good" she cries into my chest. "Shhh" I try to sooth her. "Come sit on the couch. Now what's going on?" I walk her over and sit her down.

Alice p o v

I wake up alone, feeling awful and sweaty. I run into the bathroom and vomit. I start to cry uncontrollably. My eyes are itchy, my throat hurts, and I keep throwing up from this stupid morning sickness. I wash my burning face and decide I need somewhere better then the bus to stay because everyone lives here and I don't want to get them as sick.

I walk around the abandoned hallways, encountering nobody. I just need directions for the dressing room, that's all, how hard can it be to find someone? I end up in catering and find some of the crew. "Do any of you know how I can get to the 5Sos dressing room?" A small, plump man, bright green eyes, and balding head comes over to me. "You go down this hall take the first two rights and their room is the second door on the left." He smiles, holding a plate of food.

"Thank you so much" I say walking down the hall and taking the first right. I start to feel dizzy and sick once more. I stop in my tracks to catch my thoughts and to just sit on the floor, so if I do pass out it isn't as bad. After a minute or two I decide this daze isn't going to go away anytime soon so I'd rather be in the room with everyone when I pass out. Now what did that man say? The first two rights and the... Second door on the right. No left.

I follow my own directions that I hope are correct. I open the door that says 5 Seconds Of Summer. Luke comes running over to me and the other stare at us. Ash jumps up, but stays where he is when he sees Luke taking care of me.

He takes me over to the couch and asks what's wrong. I inform him of my dizziness, vomiting-which is typical lately- and my throat being sore. "Here. Try to sleep. I will tell Michael to turn the tv down. "Do you think the baby is still alright?" "I don't know" I become jumpy and panicky.

What if the baby isn't okay? What do I do then? I pick up my phone and call my doctor back home in Australia. "Hello?" He asks. "Hi this is Alice Irwin and I was calling to question something regarding my pregnancy. I have a fever of 102 and my throat is sore. Could this affect my baby?" "It could very much so. I would suggest coming into the doctor so we can take a look at it." He demands.

I had the phone on speaker so Luke is already helping me up so we can go check on the baby. "Later mates" he says. "Good luck" Ash screams after us. We hail a taxi and are soon off to the closest doctor. When we arrive Luke signs me in as I have a panic attack. My baby might not make this and I could never live with myself if that was the case.

I hear my name being called and I walk back, fingers intertwined with Luke's. I'm so nervous. I sit on the bad and he asks me what's going on. I describe my sickness and he asks some questions. "What have you been eating?" "Umm. He's on tour so we have had some fast food but I usually eat healthier. Fruits, veggies, stuff like that."

"Alright and you said your on tour, how long?" "A few weeks now" "how much water have you been drinking?" "Umm. A few bottles. About six or so" "alright well that is a problem. Babies are like plants, you need to keep watering if you want them to grow. That's why pregnant women always complain about the bathroom and how much time they spend there." He says.

"Can I have you sit back so I can look at your baby?" I do as told and he applies the gel. Turning my head to the screen I can see the baby. "Alright here is your baby and what looks to be a second, popping out from behind" he smiles at us. "T-twins?" Luke asks, shocked. "Yes indeed" he smiles even more.

I-Im going to have two kids by the end of this. I'm going from being an ordinary teen to having to kids. No kids to two kids is a big jump. What if Luke and I can't handle twins? Two babies for two people which one of those people leave so much of the year. It's going to be like a single mum with two babies... Life is about to get intense.

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