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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


14. 14

So Much Hate

Alice p o v

Today I have yet to get sick which is good! Maybe it's finally ending haha right. This is only a month and a half I have that much more to go yet. I made sure Luke knows that we won't announce it until I'm at least eight weeks. We told his family and they were shocked at first. They are coming around though. That was already a week ago.

I can't believe how fast time is going. Days become weeks when on a tour bus. You lose track of those days and it could be three weeks down the road from the date you actually think it is. Instead of listening to my rant about life on tour buses...

The lads all have interviews today and then do a show. I will just go sit behind the cameras. We arrive at the venue where the interview and concert will take place. Some blonde girl who is down right gorgeous comes over and shakes their hands. I feel jealousy rushing through my body when she gets to Luke. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it.

"I'm Amanda! I will be interviewing you today" she smiles at them all. Everyone takes their seats as the camera is being set up. The boys just mess about for time being. "Hello I'm Amanda Kelsey and we're here with four drop dead gorgeous boys from Sydney Australia. Please welcome 5 Seconds Of Summer" she introduces and everyone claps.

"So how has touring been boys?" She asks all peppy. "Great. It's always fun hitting the road with your best mates" Ash puts his arms around Calum who is sitting next to him. It goes Ash, Cal, Luke, and Michael. Amanda is off to the side. "It is also a time to meet the fans that got us to where we are now. To the people we are most thankful for" Luke scratches his face. He does this a lot during interviews, I've realized.

"Now are there any deats for new music?" She pushes them for answers. "Nothing yet but we have been spending time in the studio whenever we can get in." Michael explains. "Alright so you have to kiss, date, and marry the other members, who do you pick?"

Can't wait for this answer. "I'm dating Ash, marrying Luke, and killing Michael. Sorry did I say killing? I meant kissing" Calum slaps his head playfully. Everyone else laughs. I make eye contact with Luke and we both smile. "What are you smiling at?" Michael scream, whispers to him. "Nothing" he shakes it off. I laugh even more, silently.

He is so cute! "Alright now Luke I have a question for you that I need you to set straight... Recently you have been seen mingling" she dances at the word 'mingling' "with Ashton's sister. Are you and Ali dating?" She looks at the camera in shock, anticipating the answer.

Luke and I agreed that we will announce us when we are ready and at the moment I'm ready. It's up to him. I shrug my shoulders like I don't care if he tells or not. "Yes we are together" he says. "Ooooooo" Amanda covers her mouth. I smile at him and he smiles at me.

"I love you" I mouth to him. He just smiles and goes back to the interview. "Well everyone, what better note to finish then on getting the Breaking news that Luke and Ali, Ashton's sister are dating. This is Amanda. See y'all next time" she waves. When the camera goes off Luke comes over and puts his arm around my waist, kissing my temple.

"I would kiss, marry, and date you. I've already got two of them checked off" he smiles as I rest my head on his shoulder. We are the perfect height difference that my head fits perfectly on his shoulder when we stand up. I think it is cute but it's just me.

"How do you feel?" He questions. "Good. It comes and goes. It's very sudden when I feel sick so ask me in about 10 minutes and I will feel awful" I laugh it off. "Do you want to go back to the bus and sleep?" He becomes concerned. "No I feel fine at the moment" I continue.

"I can't believe you announced it. I'm so excited to hear everyone's thoughts." I smile. "Next, to announce baby Hemmings!" He whispers so no one overhears. I sit around and watch them do soundcheck. The interview airs tonight so I'm excited to get everyone's thoughts about us.

-The next morning-

@5Soser4lyfe: I can't believe veronica and @AliIrwin are dating!!!! So happy #Luli

I read some more tweets and they started to get more negative, getting me more and more upset. I will regret scrolling I just know it but curiosity gets the best of me.

@BekkieJ5729: why must my favorite people date annoying people. veronica was meant for me and now Ash's sister has him.

@Calum_Hemmings_luv: @AliIrwin already gets to be a sister to Ashton Irwin and now she is taking veronica away from us too. She's not worthy!

@Michael_lover_Clifford: @AliIrwin needs to go kill herself if she thinks she will get Ashton Irwin AND veronica #killAli

I click on the hashtag killAli and see that it is trending. I keep scrolling and read all the hurtful tweets everyone is saying about me. Why do they all have to be so rude and jealous. Why can't they just be happy? I'm not taking Ash away from them. I don't tell him he can't date any of them.

What are the fans going to say when we announce that we are expecting little Baby Hemmings? I question everything as I rub my flat stomach. Luke comes out of the bathroom with nothing on. "Oh sorry. Didn't know you were awake" he says going to get some clothes. "What's wrong?" He asks, taking notice to the tears running down my face.

"They all hate me and want me dead. They say its not fare that we are dating and I'm Ashton's sister. They are treading #killali. The fans hate me now" I cry into his bare chest. "Oh Al I'm so sorry." He hugs me. The door opens and an angry Ashton comes in. "I swear I'm going to hurt someone" he says. "Don't check twitter whatever you do Ali" he scolds me. "To late" Luke tells him.

"Oh Ali I'm sorry. They are being so rude about it all. Don't listen to any of them. You and Luke are great together and I just want to tell them that you are pregnant and I want to rub if in their faces so they get even more mad. Although they would hate on you. That's their problem. They think the band does nothing wrong and that it is everyone else's fault when something happens and if gets me so fucking pissed off" Ashton goes insane, passing back and forth in our hotel room.

My phone soon goes off with so many more notifications. Some special ones catch my eye though.

Ashton Irwin: I swear if I see one more hate on my little sister I'm going to hurt everyone doing it. I can say you are all harassing her and sue for it. STOP BEING ASSHOLES!

banana: I love you all but this is so low! Ashton is still up for grabs so stop saying Ali has both him and Luke. Give her respect #luli

emily: shut the fuck up if you are giving @AliIrwin hate. You are being a pile of shitheads!

"Can we just announce it to everyone? Please. Ashton has a point. I want to take the hate away from you and get it placed on me. Can we announce baby Hemmings to the world already?" Luke questions. "I don't care" I cry as I turn away, hoping the wall will heal my hurt.

Luke: you may hate her but I'm in love! Stop being rude and give it all to me... I'm the one who got her pregnant

What is going to happen to us now?...

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