I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


13. 13

Bad Luck

Alice p o v

I wake up and start feeling sick. I try to make it to the bathroom fast enough but I don't run. I don't want to wake Luke. Closing the door I run to the toilet and throw up. I search around for a towel and wipe my ugly face. Most people get bad morning breathe, Calum! I get vomiting.

I brush my teeth. Walking back out, I see Michael in the room, walking toward Luke and puts his finger to his mouth so I don't be laugh. He gets syrup and starts pouring it in Luke's hair. "Michael I like to play with that hair when I get bored" I complain, jokingly. "Sorry" he whispers back.

I check the time 7:29. We go out in the hall and I go I to his and Ash's room. Calum is already in there. "You do it?" They ask Michael."Half the bottle" he holds it up, laughing. I shake my head with a smile and sit on their beds. "How did you sleep?" Ash asks me, putting his arms around my shoulder. "Good. I just got sick and saw Michael taunting Luke" I explain.

"You get sick a lot" Ash points out the obvious. "Really? When did you notice that?" "I don't know. It was a smart discovery though" he praises himself. We start watching tv but kept it low incase Luke gets up. Eventually we hear screaming that could wake the entire hotel up. The door is thrown open and a pissed off Luke comes in.

"Who the fuck did it you fucking assholes!" He walks closer to us all. Michael, Ashton, and Calum all point at me trying to see if he takes it easy on a girl. "Who was it really?" He goes off after looking at the scare in my eyes. "How do you know it wasn't her?" Ash questions.

"Who the hell was it and answer with the right person!" He demands. I start to feel sick and close my eyes. I guess I start to sway or something because I feel everyone's hands holding me still. I run into the bathroom and throw up yet again. Luke rubs my back as he always does.

"Alright well now I'm calm who was it?" Luke continues. "Michael it was Michael who did it but the other two had something to do with it too" I say, annoyed. He turns to all of them and shakes his head in anger. Walking back over to our room he slams the door.

I have to brush my teeth so I go over as well. I try to get into the bathroom but its locked. "Luke can I brush my teeth I have a gross feeling not brushing?" The door soon opens with a naked Luke. He gets back into the how're as I feel more sickness. I throw up for a third time and wipe my face, going to brush.

At least I threw up again before brushing. "Are you sure you're feeling alright? How many times is that?" "Three today" I respond. "Go sit down and watch tv or something. I hate seeing you sick. Don't sleep by the fucking syrup though" he says in the shower. "Babe it's not the kind of sick that you can sleep out. I have to deal with it. It is gonna happen often"

He comes over to me when he is out the shower and kisses me. "Sorry. I never really had to deal with pregnant people before. My brothers girlfriend when my niece was born but that was all him" he tells me. I smile and tell him it's alright.

"How is your family?" I question, not hearing them for a while. "Good. How's yours?" He cuddles up with me on the bed. "Good. Lauren isn't feeling the best." I shrug off. "Aww the Irwin Sisters could be doing a lot better" he cuddles up even more. "Yeah but we could also be doing a lot worse" I try to stay positive.

"I love that you are always looking up." He kisses me. "Time for a new city!" Ash yells through the door. Luke and I laugh and he helps me up. "Vomit now or forever hold your peace!" He shouts. I punch him in the chest lightly and we grab our bags.

He intertwined our fingers as we walk to the elevator, going to the bus. I put my bag in my bunk for the time being and go to the cooler to get a bottle of water. I just want to cuddle up with Luke all day, even if he can't. We sit on the couch together and I get my wish for at least some time today. "Luke when did you know you loved me? If you even love me?" I ask him. "The day I came home and we were playing lazertag. I carried you out and it felt so right, just the two of us" he smiles down at me.

"When did you know you loved me?" He reverses the question. "That same day." I laugh. "My mum made everyone breakfast and I looked around the table not believing my brother and his mates were finally home. I stopped looking around when you came into focus. Biting your lip as you cut your pancakes" I am welcomed into a daze, remembering that day a few months ago now. I'm also a month pregnant now.

"And now we just have to wait for little Hemmings!" He puts his lips on my stomach and kisses it right as Michael walks out. "Awww that's so cute!" He claps and jumps up and down. Luke and I turn to him and giggle. I'm so happy all four boys are happy with the baby.

Luke and I go back to cuddling while everyone else hangs out in the back lounge playing FIFA. I'm sure Calum is killing them all at the moment. "Do you want a son or daughter?" I ask Luke. "I don't care. A son so I can teach him the ways of love" he laughs at himself. "What about you?" "A girl so I'm not the only girl when all of us hang out."

We turn the tv on but don't really pay attention as we drive to Cleveland, Ohio. By the end I'm asleep on Luke and he rests is head on me, falling asleep.

Ashton p o v

I walk out to the kitchen to see my sis and Luke sleeping. They are cute together, I can't argue it. I grab a box of crackers and take them back to my bunk as I play on the computer. I really hope that Luke doesn't do anything stupid while my sister is pregnant because she will need him now more then ever.

I have dibs on killing him if he hurts her. Maybe I am being overprotective but she is my 17 year old pregnant sister. Obviously I wasn't protective enough with her. I just hope I don't fail Lauren too. Luke is a great guy and my best mate but I just feel like I'm the one to protect my sister.

With my dad leaving the family when I was younger I was the man of the house until mum married again and had Harry. Up until that time I felt like I had to take care of my sisters while mum went to work. I haven't seen my dad in so many years and I just hope that Luke doesn't ditch my sister and their baby.

Pulling the curtain so I'm hidden in my own little world, I play hearts and listen to The Grateful Dead. Such a great band from back in the day. I can hear Calum scream though meaning he just won FIFA. I also hear Michael singing Green Day. I scream the next part back and turn my music up. Clearly it isn't loud enough if I hear them.

We arrive in Cleveland shortly after and I wake Ali and Luke up. We all go inside the venue and do a soundcheck that goes horribly wrong. Michael broke his strings. My mic stops working, and Calum sprains his ankle jumping up onto the box by the three front men. Luke is the only one unaffected which means he will probably have bad luck for the show tonight.

We all sit in the dressing room and help Calum get around. "You alright?" We all question. "I'm good" he grabs his ankle and adjusts his leg better onto the couch. The time to shine comes and we are all nervous for this show. Luke and Michael help Calum on the stage, in a stole.

"CLEVELAND WHAT'S GOING ON?" Luke shouts. "Well soundcheck sucked so hopefully this goes better for us! Calum sprained his ankle and strings broke and so did mics. This will be so much better though because all your beautiful faces are here" he smiles. The crowd loves it so I think it will be a good show!

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