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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


12. 12

New York State Of Mind

Luke p o v

I am still surprised about Ali's news. I'm going to be a father soon. I'm sure knowing this will make the tour go even faster. Yesterday was pretty rough as a band though. Two of us nearly left the band about six hours before playing a gig. Lets be real... Not one of those days you will look back on and smile.

I wake up, holding Al. She is so damn perfect. How did I ever get lucky enough to get her? Especially now that she is carrying my child. I hope we have a daughter that turns out just like her. If it is even half the person she is I will be so happy in life, boy or girl.

I start kissing her soft, warm cheeks. She soon wakes with a smile and I return one to her. "How did you sleep?" I ask. "Great. I didn't get sick at all" she brags. "Neither did I" I joke. "I can't believe we are going to be parents in a few months." I say.

"I don't want to go home. I want to stay like this, in your arms" she curls up into my chest. "I know" I agree. "Maybe you don't have to?" I state. "You could stay on tour until you have enough because I don't mean to offend you but you won't be getting much smaller" I say to make her hit me. I just smile in return. "If it gets to much, because it is tiring, you can go home and when you have the baby you can call. I want to be there for you and our baby and this is the best way" I tell her.

"I know but I still have a month of school and everything" she argues. "We can get you a computer. You can do it at anytime. If you get lonely while we are doing the show or something just pull your computer out and get educated" I laugh at how stupid it sounds. I made it sound stupid intentionally.

"I would just be a waste of space and as you said I'm not going to get smaller. I will take up space that everyone will get mad for" I still hear arguing. "You're not a waste and we all love you. You know that. Hell your my girlfriend, you Ashton's sister and you're really good friends with Calum and Michael. It would be great to have a girl on tour. You would also know that I'm not cheating" I grin.

"You better not be cheating. Since we are having a baby I think I should be able to trust you and know you're not cheating" she scolds me. "I would never do that. Especially since we are starting a family. "What about clothes. I don't have many. Only four days worth" "I will buy you all the clothes in the world. Can't you see how much I want you here"

"...alright. I guess I will try it. Only if everyone is happy with it" she says as I roll over on top of her.kissing her lips, we both smile. "I love you" I say in between kisses. "I love you too" she replies. "So I guess we can have sex and there will be no harm done anymore?" I suggest. "Yes I guess your right" she gives me that look as if we should start. She is in one of my shirts that is soon off.

Taking my pants off followed by my underwear, I help her with her bra. "That's a new record" she says kissing me, referring to how fast I took it off. I kiss her again and move my body closer to hers. Making my way in I deepen the kiss. Kissing her jawline I move down to her collarbone and kiss it. As I start to suck the spot I get a moan out of her. "L-Luke" she calls.

I chuckle and go back to kissing her body. "I love you" she tells me. I sure hope she does or I'm wasting my time right now. "I know" I say rocking us. She puts her hands on my back and dig into my skin as I kiss her neck. I bite down a bite and suck the spot. She better go buy a scarf for this one. This love mark may be there when she gives birth.

I kiss her one last time and start begging to catch my breathe. Getting off of her I sit beside her and stare at the ceiling. That's way better when you don't have to worry about getting her knocked up. "I'm gonna go get a shower. Wanna join. We can continue?" I ask her.

She chases after me and I run the water. We get in the hot steamy water. It's not the only steamy thing happening right now.








Alice p o v

I dry my hair and curl it. I try to do it nicely so it takes away from the love marks on my body and neck. I love him so much! The fact that I will be staying on tour with him amazes me! I should probably call home and inform them I'm not coming home right away.

Picking up my phone I dial the number of our house and listen to the ringing as I walk out the bathroom. Luke is sitting there and I sit in front of him. He pulls me back and wraps his arms around me. "Hey Harry! Mum there?" "Yeah let me get her" he says running around the house to get her. "Mum, Ali" I hear faintly.

"Hello honey! Did you do it?" She sparks, secretive and I tell her he is happy to become a father. "I knew he would. Congratulations!" She screams to Luke through the phone. "Thanks" he laughs at her. So do I. "So mum Luke asked me something today" I pause. "Are you two getting married? You only dated for two months" "God no mum. He asked me to stay on the tour with them so he can be with me while I'm pregnant!" I squeal.

"Oh honey you won't won't to the farther you get. You're going to be so tired and touring is hard. Ask Luke." "That's why he said whenever it gets to hard and I can't handle it he will fly me home so I can just not have to do anything but sleep" I explain. "What about the doctor appointments?" Oh I didn't think of that. I need to go to those and check on the baby from time to time.

"Got it covered!" I fib. "Alright then. I will miss you so much. All my babies are leaving me" I can tell she is crying. Oh no. I feel bad for abandoning her on such short notice. She expected me to leave for three days not weeks or even months.

I tell her how much I love and hang up. "I am so hungry" I tell Luke, staring at my stomach. "Let's go get you and Baby Hemmings fed" he pokes my nose. I giggle and get up. We go get the hotel breakfast and meet the boys and Mali. "Hey sleepyheads." Mali greets.

"It's already 11:30 why don't we just get you two lunch?" Michael pests. "What were you two doing until 11:30 anyway?" Calum judges. Luke and I shrug it off, hiding our smile. "We were talking... Ali is going to stay on tour until she gets to tired to continue then I will fly her home" Luke holds my hand. "That's so great" my brother hugs me.

"Sorry I won't be flying home with you Mali" I sigh. "It's fine. Trust me, I know you have better things then me. You and Luke need to be there for little baby Hemmings" she smiles. They all laugh. Ash hesitated but he laughed in the end. I start to feel like I'm going to be sick so I close my head and put my hands over my face while everyone talks. Luke, Michael, and Ashton go to the rooms.

"You okay?" Calum questions. "Morning sickness" I take deep breathes. He starts to rub my back as I feel the urge increase. I throw my head back on the chair and pinch my eyes shut. The feeling of always wanting to puke is the worst. It is just a never ending shitty feeling.

"Let's take you upstairs frankly because I don't know what to do" Calum giggles at himself but Mali slaps his chest. Calum helps me up as I feel sick and takes me to the elevator. Pressing level 5 we wait for the doors to open and go to the room. I feel shit awful when I get to the door. Slamming it open I run to the bathroom and throw up. Everyone runs in to see if I'm okay.

Luke holds my hair back to reveal our secrets from earlier and rubs my back. "Shhhh. It will be alright" he says. Mali hands me a towel and I wipe my face. "Luke. I'm sorry. I was wrong to get so mad. You really do go above and beyond with my sister. Thank you" Ashton grins from ear to ear. "Thank you" Luke smiles back, finally getting my brothers approval.

Everyone else claps at this moment. "Good thing he didn't see my neck or there would be no complement" I whisper into Luke's ear making him laugh, as we hug. I brush my teeth and we all decide its time to stop hanging out in the bathroom. I sit on the bed and get under the blankets. Luke cuddles up with me and we all talk the day away and stay in the room, watching movies together.

I have a feeling once the sickness goes away, I will really enjoy being on tour with my four bestfriends!

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