I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


11. 11

My Confession

Alice p o v

I wake up with a smile, in Luke's tight grip. I turn to see he is still sleeping, mouth open, snoring slightly. I giggle and sit there knowing I won't wake up in his arms that much. The lads agreed that tonight was going to be my alone night with Luke which means he is going to find out about baby Hemmings.

I get the sudden urge of sickness and throw his arms off me, running to the bathroom. I hear him groan, indicating he is now awake. My guess is he can hear me because he is soon in the bathroom with me rubbing my back. "What happened?" He questions, handing me a towel.

"Must have been that pizza we ate last night" I lie. Brushing my teeth he still rubs my back. "Do you feel sick though? We don't have to do anything today; you can stay here and hopefully feel better for tomorrow" he looks concerned. "No I'm really fine"

If I have to stay in bed for this sickness it will take about two more months. Wow this is going to suck! We leave the bathroom and get dressed for the day. It's just some skinny jeans, a Pink Floyd shirt, and some red converse.

Seeing everyone hanging out in Michael and Ash's room we go over. "Hey guys!" I say sitting on the bed next to Mali. "No it's not cool man" Ash starts up his argument with Calum. "How would you know?" "Because I'm cooler then you" he laughs. "Your argument is irrelevant" "Why" Ash demands an answer. "Pink ponies in tutus are amazing because Calum T Hood says they are!" He stands up in fake rage.

We all start laughing at the subject of this argument. "Mali I'm sorry we are related to them" I chuckle. I'm sitting on Luke and he starts playing with my hair. I smile up at him. "I love you" he mouths. "I love you too" I do the same. We both crack mouth smiles and admire the others beauty.

Checking the time we realize we need to get to the venue. It's 10:05. Walking to the to the lobby we see so many fans outside. The police are keeping them from bombarding. It does scare me when there are all these fans. "Do you want to go to lunch or a late dinner?" Luke randomly asks. "Lunch" I say wanting to get it over with.

We never announced our relationship yet, but we will have to announce the pregnancy in a few weeks. That should be a shock. We get in the car outside after battling the mob and drive off slowly so no one gets injured.

Going inside we hang out in the dressing room and it is only 10:25. Luke and I are going to some New York restaurant at 12. I sit on the couch with Michael and we talk. It's fun talking to Michael because he is so weird. "So how do you like New York?" He asks. "Great. That smell is something to get used to" I make a face as if I smelled something gross.

"Yeah I don't think anyone could get used to it" he chuckles. "Anyway. How has the tour been going. All the other shows?" I continue. "Good. The crowds are wicked. We went to Boston, Philly, Pittsburg, Washington DC, and I think that was it." He thinks out loud.

"Which was your favorite?" I question. "Philly. The cheesesteaks are to die for. You need to go to Jim's and get one. It's better then even Pat's. we go into a deeper conversation and Luke soon comes over, asking if I'm ready for our lunch date.

We walk hand in hand, fingers intertwined. I see paparazzi everywhere so our dating will get out shortly after this. I don't care. Paparazzi are the least of my concerns in life at the moment. We go into a pizza place and get a table in the back.

"What can I get cha for drinks?" A thick New York accent asks. "Can I have a coke?" Luke asks. "Umm, water with no lemon" I say. We talk about what we want to eat and she comes back with drinks, taking our order. I get a salad and a piece of pizza, Luke gets Stromboli.

"I'm so happy that you came." He smiles, looking me in the eyes. "We should go back to the hotel then" he furrows his eyebrows indicating he wants sex. After the news I'm about to drop on him that will change. "If only" I pest. He just smiles. Our food comes out and we start to dig in.

"Luke..." I pause thinking about only one thing. I think this is the moment I need to tell him in. "What's up babe?" "I came to New York for a reason. I love seeing everyone but I came for you. I need to tell you something" I pause again. "You don't want to break up right? You could have done it through text instead of flying half way across the world" he suggests.

"No" I panic. I don't want to break up at all, even though he might after this. "Luke I'm really having a hard time telling you." I start to cry. "Babe? You're starting to scare me, what's going on?" He gets out of his chair and sits beside me. I have to tell him.

"I-I'm I am, well... Umm" he looks terrified. "I'm about a month... Pregnant" I sob. His mouth drops and he stares off, hands in his hair. "You're pregnant?" He states in a high, surprised tone. "Luke I'm so sorry. I know you want to dump me now and I'm so sorry. I'm the worst girlfriend" I bawl.

"You're the best girlfriend ever. So you came all the way to New York from Sydney Australia just to tell me this? You could have sent me a FaceTime or something but you thought you had to come?" He hugs me. "I'm shit out of brains right now and I don't know what we will do but I'm so happy you came to tell me. Wow!" He sighs.

"Hey baby Hem" he puts a hand on my flat stomach. I smile and nuzzle my head into his neck, perfectly. "S you don't want to break up?" I reassure myself. "Hell no. I want to be a father and in my child's life. Sure I will be touring for a long time but you will only be eight months right? You said you were a month already? I will have a month back home before the baby gets here" he kisses my head.

I smile at his excitement. He pays for our food and we go back to the venue. As long as the father is happy I don't care about my brother. He will be mad for sure but I'm happy with my life. He can suck it!

Going to the dressing room, Luke and I sit and are more lovable then ever. He must be so excited. "When do we tell everyone?" He whispers in my ear? "Now?" I ask. We both smile at each other and stand up. "Everyone I have something to say" I smile. I have my mum and boyfriends approval why would I need my brothers friends approval?

"I'm pregnant" I say looking right at my older brother. "Hahahaha your really funny. Trying to scare me half to death" he can't stop laughing at my 'prank.' "It's not a joke. I brought the ultrasound photos. Wanna see them? You will be an uncle in eight months!" I smile.

"Just stop with the joke already!" He shouts. Why is he so freaking bitter when it comes to me being pregnant? I'm nearly an adult. He needs to stop trying to control my life! I grab the pictures out of the bag I carry around. "It says my name and that blob is the baby" I explain. Luke is excited to see because he never saw them obviously.

"I CAN'T BELIVE YOU! I WAS READY TO KILL YOU WHEN I THOUGHT YOU GOT MY SISTER PREGNANT. NOW YOU ACTUALLY GOT MY SISTER PREGNANT" Ash screams. I have never seen him so angry. I start to cry and Calum, Mali, and Michael stand there awkwardly.

Luke always takes crap from my stupid brother. I can't say anything because I never stand up to him either. Ash goes over to his bag and throws his shoes and a shirt in there. He is packing. Oh no. I hope I didn't just ruin 5 Seconds Of Summer. I start to cry even more and everyone is staring at me.

Ashton walks over to me and grabs my wrists. He starts walking away while still maintaining a tight grip. "Let go" I plead. He turns around as I try to break free. He doesn't let go of my wrist at all, if anything he tightens his grip. I find an ounce of courage as I stare him deep in the eyes and slap him as hard as possible. He lets go of me causing me to fly back to the ground.

"YOU JUST HURT ME MORE THEN LUKE EVER HAS!" I scream and cry. He stares around the room in shame. "I-I'm going home." He turns and walks out the door. Luke runs out the door. "ASH!" He calls. "Don't want to hear it" "Ash please. I'm quitting the band you can stay. I got her pregnant, I should give up more then you. Just come back and let me go" Luke says standing in the doorway, yelling down the hallway.

I turn to the other three. They are standing there in shock. Knowing they will be losing a band member and its all due to me being stupid. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for any of this" I sob to them. They come over and help me stand up, hugging me. "It's fine" they assure me.

Ash comes back in and I see Luke turn back into the dressing room, crying. I feel so bad. This band was his life and I took it away from him. "No one is leaving but me!" I raise my voice. "If anyone quits or is thrown out... I will drink furniture polish!" "No you won't" they all say. "Test me" I cry again.

"Ali he hurt you and you know that. You won't be a normal kid anymore. You will be having a kid and won't do anything but raising that kid on your own. Luke tours the world do you really want that?" "Ash why don't you understand? I told him about it today and he was excited. Scared but excited! He wants to be in the baby's life." I explain.

Ash looks at both of us. Luke walks over and puts his hand on my shoulder. "Ash I promise more then ever that I will take good care of your sister. Please just give me one more chance to prove that. It's not like I can get her pregnant or anything" Luke tries to bring humor into this. I can hear Michael laugh.

"Fine. You do one more thing to my sister though I will have to hurt you Hemmings" Ash sticks his hand out. Luke high fives him and they hug. I'm so happy to have my boys back on the same terms. Baby Hemmings will be loved!

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