I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


10. 10

Hide and Seek

Alice p o v

Today I'm flying to New York to go see the lads. I have missed them in this week and a half. Anyway we told my stepdad all about the pregnancy and he got so mad at me. So mad that he ran out the house to the bar. He returned later that night and it got mum mad that he wasn't more supportive.

I can't blame him though. If my teen got pregnant I would flip too. I talked to Mali and she said she wants to see Calum so she bought a ticket as well. They know I'm coming but not her. Calum will be so surprised and I know they will both be so happy.

"How do you feel?" Mali questions. She knows I'm pregnant which means just about everyone knows. I also saw those girls taking pictures after I left the doctor, the three whispering when I was called for the ultrasound. Yes I have seen them on twitter but I'm hoping Luke didn't. It's my job to tell him.

"I'm feeling great. I just want to see Luke and Ash. Although I'm scared to tell them about the baby" I fight the tears as I machine how the situation can play out. "You will have their full support." She smiles. The plane doors shut and the video of all the exits and everything starts.

Before you know it I'm in the air, looking down at the city lights. Mali and I decided to spend three days over here in America. They have two shows at the Beacon and then an off day. I sit back, listening to music and drift off into a peaceful slumber.

I wake up as we fly over the Statue of Liberty. It's so cool, I always wanted to see it! To think I'm really in New York. I unbuckle my seatbelt and grab my bag from above. Getting off the plane we are in JFK airport. "We are really here!!" I squeal. I am like a little kid.

"Just landed" I text Ash. "Cool. We sent a car to pick you up" he replies back. I smile at the text and everything that is awaiting us. I have three days to find the courage to tell everyone about the baby. I can do this! It can't be that hard.

I see a sign that says 'Irwin' and go to greet the man. "I'm Alice Irwin" he smiles and takes our bags. Guiding us to the taxi we smile and get in. He closes the door and drives us around the city. Oh. My. Gosh. It is so huge and beautiful and colorful, and smelly.

You can just smell the pollution. I see a small building, big but compared to the skyscrapers it's small. The sign on the front reads, "The Beacon" underneath reads "5 Seconds Of Summer April 20 & 21." I get my tickets and backstage pass they sent me. I called their manager and asked for a second for Mali. We go to the doors with our bags and show the passes.

"Right this way" they wave, indicating to follow. I see a door with a sign reading their name and smile. "Mali I'm really scared to tell everyone" I start to panic. "It will be fine" she hugs me. I open the door and walk in. The four of them turn around and smile. Mali walks in next and Calum screams. We all laugh at his excitement.

"I've missed you Mal" he hugs her. "I've missed you Ali" Ash hugs me. "I've missed you too Al" Luke comes up next, opening his arms. I've missed everything about him but mostly his sent. I burry my nose into his chest to get a better idea of it. I hug Michael next and then Calum. "Who's idea was it to bring Mali?" He asks. "I didn't want to be lonely on the flight and I figured you would enjoy seeing your sister" I explain.

"Well welcome to New York" Luke leans in and kisses me. I have spent a week without kissing him and I have missed it so damn much. "So we are doing whatever you want these three days. You call the shots and we get the job done." Michael says. Mali and I smile at that.

"Alright but I want one night with Luke. Dinner, movie, something" I demand. "I'm in favor of that" he grabs my waist and pulls me close, biting his bottom lip. God he is fine! Ash pulls us away. "I have a surprise for you this week" I whisper in my man's ear. He makes a weird face, causing me to laugh. More like cackle.

Everyone starts laughing. "You have the best laugh ever. It's so contagious" Michael tells me. I just push him. We all sit around and talk. I sit with Ash and talk about our family. He wants to know how everyone is doing. Mum, Lauren, Harry, and everyone else.

"Let's go play hide and seek in the seats!" Ashton suggests. "Alright but your it" I scream, running away from him. Everyone joins and he counts away. I stay in the lower level of the venue and lie down on the floor behind the seats in section 27. I just laugh a lot as I hear Ashton's reaction.

"This will be harder then I thought" he sighs. I contain my laughter when he starts walking away. I hear Michael scream from the top of the venue. It's a small place but super nice. The chandler is HUGE! "FOUND YOU DICK!" Ash screams. I laugh even more. "You too you turd!" "Aw fuck!" Calum shouts. So it sounds like he found Calum and someone else. I see hear someone in the lobby and I look down the aisle through the open door to see Michael running in only his underwear.

This band is so freaking weird. I don't have words anymore. "AHHHH!" I hear Mali get caught then footsteps about four rows back from my hideout. "Found you" Ash kneels down and screams in my face. I laugh as he helps me up. We hear Michael yell in the lobby again and Ash throws me back down. A stare in his eyes, bending low, sneaking over to the lobby trying to be a ninja turtle.

I get up after hitting the floor and watch it all play out. Michael runs away when Ashton gets to him and Ash is soon on his back bringing him down to the ground. I hunch over in laughter. It was so perfect. Mali and I fall to the floor just watching.

We decide after their sound check to go get dinner quickly and go back to the dressing room so they can get ready. Mali and I sit at the side of the stage and talk. "So when do you think you will tell him?" "I don't know. I'm looking for the right time but I don't know if there will be in the next two days. It has to be face to face that much I know" I reply.

She nods and Luke sneaks up and kisses my cheek. "Good luck. Rock that stage" I smile back. "Good Luck Ash" I call to my brother. He goes out on stage and gets the crowd excited. "Good luck Michael and Calum!!" I shout as they run onto stage.

Mali and I clap and sing every word. It is so cool watching our brothers and boyfriend doing what they love the most with their favorite people in the world. It makes me feel like if they could do what they love I can d what I love. Even if I'm going to be a teen mum back in Australia...


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