Only with You

Riley and Harry now has to face the world with their secret out about them! How will the fan take their fake wedding, the lies and the fact that now they are really falling for.
Book 2 to Stuck With You


7. Chapter Seven - Truth Is Out

Harry grabbed the phone and ducked down in his set, I coped him.

“Is there any more…What are you doing?” The girl who brought us our drinks.

“We need to get out of here.” She looks out the window then back at us.

“Follow me.” She turned.

Get out of the set without standing up, Harry follows me as I follow the girl who’s leading us to the back. Once behind the kitchen doors we stood up.

“The back door is there, take a left.”

“Thank you.” I said.

“Yea’, thanks.” Harry said and he held out some money for her.

We took each other’s hands and headed out the door.

Once outside we could here Jake. I lifted my free hand point up to a set of stairs running up to the roof of the building next to the restaurant. He smiles, pulling me over. We climb quietly as we hear Jake talking still. Shadows start to grow on the wall, we're only half up, halfway through our story. I push myself against the wall, trying to hide. Watching a guy dressed in black look around the back alley. The door to the kitchen opened, the girl who served us our drinks popped her head out.

"What are you doing back here?"

"Looking for..."

"I don't care if you looking for Johnny Depp, only workers back here."

He left without saying anything.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Come on" he gave my hand a squeeze.

Harry held out his hand helping me on top the roof.

Looking around it was beautiful, the sun was starting to set, causing the city to glow. Sitting the the sunset behind us we finally looked back into the camera.

"That was close." I said.

"Yea'" he ran his hand through his hair.

"Sorry about that. The end of the story almost came sooner."

He said into his phone.

"We danced for hours. When Harry said he could marry anyone who could keep up with his all night dance. And I said, I could marry anyone who would fix my broken heart."

"I said I would." My eyes danced with tears, remembering these things. Harry just looked at me.

I lifted my hands whipping the tears from my eyes.

"So, Harry took my hand, bought me a ring." I lifted my hand, the ring on my finger now wasn't the same one I woke up with. It was the fake 'wedding' right. I pulled out a necklace that had our real wedding right on it. Harry reached for it; running his fingers over it.

"I didn't know you still have it."

"This..." I unhooked the necklace. "Is the Harry I married." I help up the ring to the camera. I took off the 'fake' one.

"Not this Harry." I handed him the ring.

I slipped on the simple ring, the real ring. Smiling I looked up at Harry, he was smiling at me. Taking off the ring lifted a weight I didn't know I was caring.

He looked away smiling.

"Next question, 'Do you have wedding pics from the first one?'" He read.

"Yes." We said at the same time.


"Yea', Riley, on my cell."

"I just didn't know."

I pulled out my phone flipping to the photos.

"That one, it's my favorite." My head was back, full on laughing at something Harry had just said. I held it up.

"I hope you can see it."

I pulled it back.

"This one is my favorite."

We just looked into each other's eyes, Harry had his sideways smile on, holding onto my hand.

"To fast forward, the next day, the judge would grant up a divorce."

"That lead to the fake wedding." I said.

"The label thought that would be best."

"The party we're to announce we were getting a divorce..."

"But I realized, I didn't want to lose you." At the word you, I looked over at him; he was already looking at me.

I smiled, then looked at the camera.

"We messed up but it's not what matter. We care about each other. He's still loves the band and his fans. In the end that's what matters."

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