Only with You

Riley and Harry now has to face the world with their secret out about them! How will the fan take their fake wedding, the lies and the fact that now they are really falling for.
Book 2 to Stuck With You


1. Chapter One: But I meant it


Every single person in the room was looking at me and Harry; and not because of the dress I had on or because of something that I've won or done but because of a question. A question Harry Styles a member of the super famous one and only music group One Direction.

But before Harry or I could say anything Jack grabs us by the arms a pulled us out. Really, grab us and pulled out arms until we followed him out.

"What..." Harry started to say.

"Don't say anything!" He snapped.

What was wrong with him? Why is he so upset with this? Would it be so wrong if the truth came out?

I could just we the social websites right now. The questions that wants answers. How could he or I, we get out of this?

He shoved us into a room and slammed the door. Whipping around he started yelling.

"What was that?"

I was just looked at the floor. I didn't dare look up right now. I felt Harry take a step closer to me.

"What do you think?" Harry tossed at him.

"That you're crazy, that you want even more fame."

"No, that's not what I want."

"Then what..."

"I..." he was cut off.

"There are millions of other things you could do..."

"It just came out!" Harry said.

My head snapped up looking at him, did he not mean any of it. Does he think it was a mistake? Was this just an act to him. He turned to me. Looking at me; straight in to my eyes. He said "But I meant it. I just didn't know it until the truth that I could lose you. That this could be over, I wasn’t willing to face my feeling."

This was the most I've seen him show his feeling.

Before I could say anything Jack just back in.

“I don't care if you guys are madly in love.” This comment made me blush. I hope Harry couldn't see it.

“But this isn’t how to go about it. This wasn’t the time or place.”

“Then what should I of said?”

“Anything! A stupid move, you know how much work it will take to clean this up. I mean the mess already wasn’t an easy fix but this…” Jack went on and on until I couldn’t take. He sounded like he was blaming me.

I ran for the door, down the hallway. I could hear Harry calling me, and Jack calling him. I didn’t stop I kept going. Not wanting to hear what Jack has to say.

He blames me. He thinks it’s all because of me, in a way it is. This is what life about right? Missing up, learning, heartbreak and falling in love. The problems that comes up at the most wrong times. I kept thinking all random thought trying to take my mind off of Jack. But nothing works, that is until I think of Harry and what he said ‘But I meant it.’

Just thinking of that. I slowed to a walk as I let the door slam shut behind me.


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