Only with You

Riley and Harry now has to face the world with their secret out about them! How will the fan take their fake wedding, the lies and the fact that now they are really falling for.
Book 2 to Stuck With You


9. Chapter Nine: Not Again

“You two!” He was past mad and checked it angry-village.

“I’ve spent all day look for you two. What were you thinking? Everyone is freaking out. There's no way of covering this up.” Both Harry and my parents showed up, followed by Shannon. Everyone who we left this morning now was blocking our only way out.

“Harry.” Jack started talking again. “This story is everywhere. We’ll have to do interviews…”

“Jack,” Harry said. “We will talk about this later.”

“We need to think of a…”

“Tomorrow.” Harry's voice raised.

“Fine. Both of you ten, my room.”

Harry or I didn't say anything.

“And don't be late.” Jack said, walking past our parents.

Liam, Niall, and Zayn left ; leaving our parents, Louis, and Shannon.

“We’ll take about this later.” My mom said.

“You to Harry.” His mother said.

“Have dinner with us, tomorrow night. We’ll answer you questions.” I said. Harry nodded. They agreed and left.

“Didn't want to face them alone.” I said.

Harry smiled, “Me neither.”

That left us, Louis and my best friend.

“Well, seeing as this my room, I'm not leaving.” Louis plops on the bed.

Harry and I said our good nights. He walked me to my room. I was standing inside my room, the door an invisible wall between Harry and I.

“I guess this is goodnight.” He said.

I nodded my head. He turned.

“Harry.” He turned to look back at me.

I bit my lip before saying.

“You can stay… If you want.” He smiles.

Walking in I shut the door. Spinning around, he was right there.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

My heart pounded, heat travels throughout me.

“Ya’.” I hardly get out.

He wraps his arms around me, pulling me in for a hug.

He whispered, “I should've told you soon.” I could feel his lips brush the side of my head while he talked.

No words would leave my lips. I replied by squeezing his tight.


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