Only with You

Riley and Harry now has to face the world with their secret out about them! How will the fan take their fake wedding, the lies and the fact that now they are really falling for.
Book 2 to Stuck With You


4. Chapter Four: We Tell Our Story

Chapter 4

"Harry... Where are we going?"

"I need somewhere to think."

I kinda wished I could get out of these clothes. Get something to eat and I don't know just take a breather.

We heard voice coming up the hall behind us. Looking at Harry, he looked at me then around. Him eyes widen then he pulled me over to a door he turned the knob he let out a breath I didn't even know he was holding. Shutting the door behind us; hiding us in the dark.

I could hear Harry moving then a light pops out of the dark as Harry hold his phone up for a light. He was looking around, but I just look at him. He then look at me. We just look into each other’s eyes. Words could not tell how my stomach swisher and twist. Voices outside the door grew louder. Lifting my eyebrows, he lifted a finger signing to be quite. Soon the voice fade.

Our fingers found themselves, holding on like we would disappear.

One hand he held up his phone, the other held my hand. But somehow I felt lost but in a way that was good. Like I was meet to be here right in the moment with Harry. No matter how much of a mess this was, trouble we were in. I smiled at him.

"What?" He asked.

"We're in so much trouble!" I giggled

Harry smiled at me.

"I know." He then kissed me.  

Five minutes later, sneaking down the hall, we headed for Louis room. Hoping he wouldn't want to kill us for all of this. Knocking noise can from the other side of the door.

A dark brown haired guy opened the door.

"Come in." He said, stepping aside.

"Don' tell..." Harry started to say.

"I'm going to be in here." He point to a door and disappeared leaving us alone.

Harry pulled me move to a couch; I sat. He sat next to me. Bent over with his hands in his face. Placing my hand on his back I pulled in towards me. He turned laying down in my lap, closing his eyes. Without realizing it, my fingers were playing with his hair. A dark brown that had a wave to it. He seemed like he was thinking. I wish he would talk. I'd like to know what he was thinking, really thinking. Was he wanting to take it back? An undo.

He opened his eyes catching me watching his. A smile played on his lips.

I let my eyes hang for a moment longer before looking away hiding my blush.

"Were you...." he stared.

"Oh zip it."

A full smile now danced on his face. Reaching for my free hand he took it. This made me look bad down. He held onto it like it, me may leave.

"Harry... I'm not going anywhere."

He didn't say anything.

My fingers still played in his hair as we just took in the quite.

The question burned, about to explode.

"What are we going to do?"

Liking across the room I felt him watch me. Letting me eyes drift down they look on to his.

"We tell our story."


"The only way to take care of a lie is to tell the truth."

My hand had stopped moving but it was still in his hair.

"You think this will work?"

"It's the only thing I can think of doing."

We've been sitting here for about an hour. And this is what he want. Not to toss the towel in on us but tell our story. The corner of my mouth tugged; a smile daring to come out.



He gives me a look; telling me to tell him.

"I thought...."

There was a bang from the room that Louis went into. We sat up, looking at the door. Soft voices could be heard from the room.

The door flew opened. My eyes widen. Shannon! The last person I would ever expect to see, yet the person I want to see most. Mixed feelings played.

"See I told you they were still here." Louis said stepping out from behind her. Looking between them. My mouth filled open a bit.


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