me and you forever

raven shes in grade 10 and has moved schools than one day some girls change her and will that change make her beautiful and will the guy of her dreams ask her out


3. packing with mason

after school me and mason walked home together like always "hey you want me to help getting your stuff for tonight" mason asked "sure if you wanna" i said walking up the stairs mason ran up the stairs and when we interned my 2 brothers we sitting there in their undies "ewww get some cloths on" i said walking past we went straight to my room "raven has a boy in her room mum" i heard lee saying (16 year old brother) i was grabbing stuff like my green iphone "you have a green iphone" mason stated "yer my dad got it for me for my bday when i was 14" i said putting it in my pocket "no you have to change here ill pick your outfit out" he said walking to my draws "great im probly gonna look like a rainbow or something" i said with a smirk he looked at  me like weirdo than he stared going threw my shirt draw "whats this" he asked pullying out an old crop top "nothing just i have changed  my style heaps over the years so i have heaps of shirts" i said smiling at him he looked at me "what" i asked "i have an idea" he stated "this can be dangerous"i said with a small giggle "a fashion show with all your different style ive seen your nerd side but not any of these sides" he said pulling my shirts out and my shorts so we had a fashion show first it was the emo style than the swag than the slutish side and etc we did that for 2 hours when we were done i sat next to him we were on my bed and than i lyed down and put my hands over my head to stretch he lyed down next to me and we were just looking into each others eyes and than we went to kiss when my phone went off we had cloths everywhere and i couldnt see my phone so we got up and started searching everywhere and i found it in time "hello its raven" i said "hey its emil can we change the sleep over till the week end cuz i have an idea for the week end" emily said "sure" i said and hung up "well tonights off" i said with a smile than i just lyed back done when i got a text from omegle "whos omegle" mason asked "its this guy i meat but that isnt hes real name we have never mat" i said i was lying there and than i fell asleep i was so tired. 

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