me and you forever

raven shes in grade 10 and has moved schools than one day some girls change her and will that change make her beautiful and will the guy of her dreams ask her out


7. omg

as i turned around i saw 2 boys with the teacher one has long blonde hair and the other one had black hair that was sorter long "can you please show the 2 new boys around this is Zane" he said pointing to the long blond head boy "and this is adem" i was freaking out they were like the hottest guys in school "hi im raven" i said "so are we gonna show them around" mason said "yeah sure" i said smiling  "this is mason my friend" i said to  the new boys then we went to our class me and adem had 3 classes together and me and zane had 5 classes together at lunch i was hanging around the new guys when  notice mason was looking down "excuse me for a sec" i said walking over to mason "whats up you can come and hang out with me and the new guys" i said punching him in the arm "nah its fine" he said getting up and walking off the bell rang than it was home time when i got out the front i saw mason already half way down the block so i ran after him "hey wait up" i said "WHAT" mason said turning around "whats wrong with you" i said storming off "wait im sorry" mason said " i ran home crying when i got home my mum was sitting out the front "hey i got a surprise for you" mum said "move" i said running past her into my room "raven are you ok" mum said standing at my door than i heard my brothers coming to my door "why you up set" my brothers asking "just go away"i yelled than my phone went off it was omegle 

omegle: hey :P

Me: hi :(


omegle: whats up?????


ME: well this guy i like is being a jerk!!!!!:(


omegle: you need some space???


Me:yer if u dont mind


omegle: bye:P




i was sitting on my laptop for hours getting stuff on ebay then i relised the dance was on to night



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