me and you forever

raven shes in grade 10 and has moved schools than one day some girls change her and will that change make her beautiful and will the guy of her dreams ask her out


10. no again

its been a few weeks and i havent seen Lloyd or havent spoken to mason i woke up to the sound of my phone going off it was omegle 



omegle:wats up can i help

me:we have been talking for agers and we havent even seen each other i really want to meet u

omegle:same we should make a time and date


we made plans we were gonna meet this weekend i am so nurves i got up and got ready so fast that i didnt see the car in the drive way 

"wait" i said going back into the house

"whos car is that" i asked 

mum walked out 

"since your on your learners i brought you a car" mum said

"thats a american musical" i said

"yer you like" mum said doing this weird movement

"of course i do" i said excitedly

"you can drive it this afternoon your brother coming over to go for a drive with you" mum said 

i ran up to her and huged her "thanks got to go bye" i said running out the door it was black like i always wanted than i saw mason coming up great i thought 

"nice ride" he said sadly 

"thanks" i said looking at the ground then Lloyd arrived in his car and he dropped me at school (my brothers go to different school) 

it was the afternoon i walked home and i was in my room gettingchanged when Lloyd came in i had pants on but than a bra once again he has saw me with only a bra "oh my god out" i yelled "sorry" he said walking out i put on my shirt and came out "cant believe it again wow" i said smiling he smirked "where is your brother lee" Lloyd asked "he is i have no idea wel ive got to go i got a new car and im going for a drive in it in like 2 mins so bye" i said grabbing my stuff and running out side i saw my brother leaning on the car i ran and jumped in the car as fast as possible 


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