me and you forever

raven shes in grade 10 and has moved schools than one day some girls change her and will that change make her beautiful and will the guy of her dreams ask her out


1. new school

i was lying there thinking of how horrible school was gonna be today than my alarm went off 'great' i thought i slowly got out of bed when i was sitting on the bench eating an apple mum came out "good morning" mum said happily i rolled my eyes and went to my room to get dressed i just put on my nirvana shirt,black jeans and my boots i put my black hair up and my hair was curled plus i had my nerdy classes when i walked out and austin was there (hes my brother) "hey go grab your stuff im taking you to school ok" austin said with a smile "ok"i said grabbing my bag and my phone buzzed it was omegle (thats not the guys name hes my mystery guy but i can him omegle because that where we meat never seen each other my we are good friends) when i came out i was just starring at my phone texting "come on"i said pulling austins arm "arent you gonna say bye to your mother"austin said looking at mum "arrr bye" i said rolling my eyes (me and mum arent really best buddies we had a huge fight but you dont need to hear about  that)on the way to school austin kept on looking at me and texting "so who are you texting huh" austin said with a smirk "its just a friends" i said hidding my phone we finally got to school when i arrived everyone was starring at me it was weird so i just went  straight to the office to get my time table when i got there their was this guy sitting there he was sooo hot i sat next to him by that time me and omegle stopped texting i was sitting there awkwardly when this random teacher said "aiden you can see mr collins know" they guy next to me got up from that moment on i fell in love with the name aiden "raven  please come threw" some teacher said i got my time table and everything when i got to my class everyone was starring "everyone this is raven our new student" miss Stephens said i went and sat right out the back of the class i sat there all class looking out the window thinking of my friends in alice springs  the bell went and everyone went racing but this girl came up and she had blonde hair and glasses "do you wanna hang out with me at lunch" the girl said "sure im raven whats yours" i asked "its emily" emily said we walked out to the table where all her friends sat when i sat down she introduce me to all her friends she had boys and girls there "this is abbie,lili,haylee and Rebecca guys ths is raven and this is mason,cody and connor guys raven"emily said "nice meeting you guys" i said i looked at mason and he smiled and than i smiled back me and her friends spent all lunch laughing and make jokes it was fun at the end of the day i got a text saying i have to walk home "great" i said "whats up" mason said walking up behind me "i have to walk home its not far but i hate walking" i said "how bout we walk together" he said smiling "sure" i said looking at the ground smiling when we were walking aiden was behind us "oh look its the 2 dorks together best couple ever awww" aiden said i looked at mason and he turned around "how bout you go get your slut awww the ass hole and the slut best couple ever huh" mason said with a smile than mason grabbed my hand and started running than i notcie aiden and his back up boys were casing us until we ran into this valley "oh my god" i said looking at mason "yer so where you live" mason said "just around the block" i said we continued walking home "wait were do you live" i asked "i live at the end of the street" he said "ok" i said smiling when we got to my house my mum was looking threw the window "well see you tomorrow" i said looking into his eyes "bye" he said  he just wondered off when i got in side mum was there "what do you want" i said walking straight into my room i started texting omegle again


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