me and you forever

raven shes in grade 10 and has moved schools than one day some girls change her and will that change make her beautiful and will the guy of her dreams ask her out


5. make over

after a while we just sat down and we watched a movie for a bit lili and my brother lee were getting along and they werre sitting next to each other and they were giving each other their numbers than me and emily went into my room and i showed her my note from mason "oh my god thats so cute and sweet" emily said "i know" iaid putting the note on my mirror "whats this" emily said picking up a crop top "umm i changed my look a few times" i said looking embarrassed "put this on and this and these" she said giving me the shirt with lips on it it was a half top but tight and she gave me these really short shorts and knee high boots  and they were all black i got dressed and when i came out emily looked at my like wow "what" i said twisting my foot and looking at the ground emily got her phone out and took a photo and than lili and lee came in "wow" lili and lee said "what" and than dylan came in "wow wait one last thing" dylan said walking over to my hair and and pulled my hair out and put it around my shoulders "done" he said stepping back emily took another photo "who you gonna send that to" i asked "mason" emily said smiling at me i smiled back "wheres colin" i asked "hes in his room" dylan replyed "whos colin" emily asked "its my 17 year old brother" i replied we went into my brothers room he was lying down with no shirt on "can you please put a shirt on" i asked "what the......................h.....ell" he replyed looking at emily "great so know my 2 bffs like my brothers" i said with a smile the girls left and the boys were all loved and happy but not dylan 

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