me and you forever

raven shes in grade 10 and has moved schools than one day some girls change her and will that change make her beautiful and will the guy of her dreams ask her out


9. great

we were having fun and and watching the scary movie and than there was a knock at the door lee looked at me "who could that be" lee asked we paused the movie "i told the girls i werent going and its like 11:30" i replyed we walked to the door i opened it "great what do you want" i said it was mason "im sorry can i come in and explain" mason asked than i saw lee coming over "what the hell you doing here" lee yelled "im not scared of you" mason said i rollled my eyes and than Lloyed came up and grabbed my heaps "do we have a problem here or can me and my bae get back to our movie" Lloyd said i looked up and smiled at him "oh ok bye" mason said sadly walking back home we closed the door "thanks heaps for that" i said smiling lee looked and Lloyd still had my heaps "you can let go of her heaps know" lee said sitting back down than Lloyd followed i smiled to my self than i went and sat next to Lloyd than he put his arm around me....

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