me and you forever

raven shes in grade 10 and has moved schools than one day some girls change her and will that change make her beautiful and will the guy of her dreams ask her out


2. few months later

i got use to my bother dropping me off and than me and mason walking home in the afternoon and i am getting good marks at school as well and me and mum still dont talk much and im still talking to omegle (the mystery boy) well i was lying in bed when my alarm went off i was already awake thinking about some of my projects i had to finish than i got a text from mason "can we walk to school together this morning plzzz" i read "fine but ur carrying me" i said with a smiley face "my pleasure" he replied  i was sitting on my bed giggling to my self when i heard "raven get ready" mum yelled "i am jeez" i yelled back than my 3 brothers came in and started being annoying (a 15 a 16 and a 17 year old) "i swear i am going to kill you guys" i screamed and pushed them out of my room i got dressed in to a different nirvana shirt with my black shorts and my converse but this time i had my hair flowing down with my nerdy glasses of course i ran out grabbed my  bag and an apple and ran out side to see mason standing there "jeez you took forever its been like 3 years since you text me saying you where almost ready" mason said  sarcastically i smile "come on greek" i said walking off he ran up to catch up to me but i started running and it turned out to be a race to school when we got there we went straight to our lockers and than  anna (the mean/slut) came up i rolled my eyes and said "what do you want" "well well the nerd and than geek awwww so cute" anna said with a smirk "aww how bout you go back to slut land where you belong huhuh whoops" i said with a smirk anna roller her eyes and walked off mason looked at me surprised "i tort you well" mason said punching my arm when we got to lunch the girls were excited "what happened" i asked "you have to come over tonight please itll b fun we all are gonna be there"emily said with a big smile "what about me" mason asked "girls only"lili replyied "ok fine ill go home an get my stuff and than ill go o your house this is gonna be so much fun"i said me and all the girls were so excited 

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