Snapchat <3

Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


3. what a pervert!

School time!, I was walking towards my locker when a bunch of my crazy friends tackled me from behind.


"Get off me" I said laughing until they finally did.


"Your more and more beautiful everyday"I heard a voice behind me say.I knew who it was.It was no one else than Jason.


"No need to lie handsome" I laughed and he pulled me into a hug.


"Let's get to class" He said as we pulled away.


We had science first.I sit next to Ashton, he isn't that bad to be honest.We came in and took our seats.


"Hey" said Ashton


"Hey" I smiled


We started having random conversations and then the teacher came in.


"Good morning class, today we're doing something different. Your going to be put into groups of 3 and you'll have to research one of the topics we haven't learnt about, then make a presentation about it. The presentation will have an impact on your grade" He explained an then started putting us into groups.


" Ashton,Jen and Michael.Your going to work together" He said and then started putting other into groups.


Not as bad as I thought.Ashton is pretty cool, but I haven't really spoken to Michael before.


The day went past quickly. I got home and was about to call Jason when an snapchat icon appeared.Ugh what does he want.


Hemmo.penguin- hey babe :)


Jenxpmsl- what do u want dude ?


Hemmo.penguin- You ;)


Jenxpmsl- so cheesy xd


Hemmo.penguin- wanna send nudes...I'm horny ;)


Jenxpmsl- Never and if your horny go and find some slut that u can fuck around with. With a face like yours I'm sure she will let you.


Hemmo.penguin- You think I'm handsome?


Jenxpmsl- Ugh, I'm gonna go now.


Hemmo.penguin- pleaseeee don't leave. (Read)


Hemmo.penguin- pleaseeee (read)


Hemmo.penguin- * sends a picture with a sad face* (read )


Hemmo.penguin- why are you ignoring meeee


Jenxpmsl- Will you stop annoying me if I promise to talk to you later? -_-


Hemmo.penguin- Yes :)


Jenxpmsl- Okay..I promise I'll talk to you later.Bye


Hemmo.penguin- bye babe ;)








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