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Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


10. Truth or Dare

*Luke's POV*


I leaned in and whispered in Lia's ear.


"Help me make ur sister jealous?" She just giggled and nodded


Jen looked pissed as Lia kissed the corner of my mouth.She turned around so she wasn't facing us.


"U guys wanna come and hang out with us?. Our parents aren't home...and they won't be until tomorrow morning" Lia suggested smirking 


Jen suddenly turned around and sent her a glare.


" Sure, up for it Ashton?" I asked turning to face Ashton


"Why not" He replied smirking


*At Jen's and Lia's house*


"You have a nice house" I said looking around.


The house was very modern and big. They had massive white leather sofa's in the living room and a huge plasma on the grey wall.


"Thanks" Lia grinned 


She grabbed my hand and dragged me into her room where Jen and Ashton were currently sitting.We both sat on the bed. I placed my hand on Lia's thigh knowing Jen is watching.


She looked pissed. She stood up and made her way over to Ashton and sat on his lap, which made him smirk at me. What is she doing?!


"We can call the others to come and we could have a game of truth or dare" Lia said breaking the awkward silence.


"Sounds fun" I replied


*An hour later*


Some of Lia's friends came over.We were currently sat in a circle.


"Okay I'll start.....Luke, truth or dare?" One of Lia's friends, Hannah asked.


"Truth" I answered 


"Are you a virgin?" She smirked 


"No" They didn't look suprised


"My turn...Jen, truth or dare?" I asked looking up and down her body.She's so beautiful.



A/N- Sowwy for the shitty update. School started and I have less time to do anything, but I will try my best to update more often. Byee guys :)x













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