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Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


13. The fight

*Jen's POV*


I pulled away and looked at Luke who looks amused and confused.


"Don't go" I whispered hugging him.


"Okay..." He hugged me tighter.


To be honest I dont know why I just couldnt let him go. It's something about him...whenever I'm with him or kiss him I feel butterflies. I've never been in love, mainly because I'm afraid of it. What if it won't end well?..I don't want to end up getting hurt.


We came back inside, everyone staring at us weirdly. Before I could sit down next to Jason, Luke pulled me onto him.


"Okay...what do you guys wanna do now?" Lia asked breaking the awkward silence.


"We could watch a movie?" Jason suggested


"Yeah okay, you guys pick the movie while me and Jen get the snacks" She said and waiting for me to follow her.


*Luke's POV*


When the girls left the room Jason sent me a glare. What's his problem?


He started walking towards me and then sat on the seat next to me.


"Stay away from Jen" He said so only I could hear.


"Or what?" I started getting mad.


"Or I will kick ur ass" I laughed.


I suddenly felt something hit my jaw. I was on the floor and Jason was throwing punches at my face. I kicked him making him stumble back. I pinned him against the wall punching him.He was strong enough to push me off him and making me fall the floor. Now he was kicking me all over.


"Jason!" I heard a voice yell, but he didn't stop until he was pushed away from me.


"Luke, are you alright?" Jen ran up to me.


"Im fine" I said trying to calm her down.


"Get him out" She said to the guy holding Jason.


"Jen don't do this" Jason warned.


"Just go!" And with that he stormed out of the house.


Jen helped me up. I felt pain all over my body, mianly on my stomach. 


"Let me take you to the bathroom, your bleeding. You guys should go now" She looked at me and then at the others.


She helped me to the bathroom.


"Jen, Im alright...there's no need." I said not wanting her to worry.


"Yes there is, I can see that your in pain." She said while getting the first aid box from the shelf.


Ugh, she's so perfect.














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