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Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


15. Pain

*Jen's POV*


I took him to the bathroom and looked for the first aid box. Why would Jason do that?


"Im fine...there's no need" Luke said, but I know he's in pain.


After taking the first aid box from the shelf, I guided him to my room so I could clean the small open cuts on his face. I sat him on the bed and got to work. He winced.


"Alright?" He nodded slightly.


"What happened between you and Jason?" I asked.


"He told me to stay away from you" He looked up at me.


I didn't know what do say. Jason said that?....Neither of us said anything else until i was done with his cuts.


"Thanks, I better go now" He gave me a small smile.


He tried to stand up but winced in pain and placed his hand on his stomach.


"Your not going anywhere, your hurt.Take your shirt off" He looked at me confused as I said the last bit.


"Just do it" He did as I asked.


Oh my god....his body is so hot!. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. As I scanned his body I noticed big purple bruises.


"Im going to get you some ice" I practically ran to the kitchen.


*Luke's POV*


She came back in less than 3 minutes with a handful of ice packs. 


" You can stay the night here since I dont think you will be able to go home " She said coming closer and handing me the ice packs.


" I dont want to be a bother, you helped me enough already. I better go" I said wincing as I placed the ice pack on one of the bruises on my stomach.


" I won't let you go in this condition Luke" She sat next to me 


I turned to face her and realised she was already staring at me. I shuffled closer to her. She looked in my eyes and I leaned in. I could feel her breath on my skin. I softly kissed her cheek and pulled back, to see her biting her lip.


"Fuck it" In one swift move, I push her lightly onto the bed and hover over her. I attack her lips with mine and she wraps her arms around my neck. My hands exploring her beautiful body as she tugs on my hair.







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