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Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


19. Oh daddy and Ashton's girl problems..

*Jen's POV*


"Did you just call yourself daddy?" I giggled


He looked at me and blushed in embarrasment.


"Pfft no...maybe" He said looking everywhere but me.


"Its turns me on actually" I pulled him close again.


" oh, yeah?.." He smirked


He started rubbing be harder making me moan loudly. His other hand running up and down my thigh squeezing it ocassionaly.


"Lets get these off, shall we?" He said and pulled my panties off.


He moved his hands away from me making me whine at the loss of contact.


" Be patient baby" He winked ripping his skinny jeans off and then hovering over me again.


He started sucking on my neck again, probably leaving hickeys all over. I gasped as I felt his finger enter me pumping in and out.


" Lukeee" I moaned


"Call me daddy" He growled.


"Oh daddy" I panted


"More pleasee daddy"


I felt him enter 2 more fingers thrusting them in and out of me fast, making me a moaning mess. I felt something in my stomach begining to rise.


"Daddy i think im gonna co-" I felt myself release.


He took his fingers out of me and sucked on them tasting me.


"You taste so good babygirl" He moaned.


*3 hours later*


Me, luke and Ashton are currently sitting in my living room watching some penguin movie...Luke is seriously obssesed with them.


When the movie finished we started talking about some random things, and the school project me and Ashton have to do together.


"So Ashton, why dont you have a girlfriend?" I asked suddenly curious.


"I dont know..."He shrugged and shook his head


" I mean...look at you, you probably have girls flirting with you all the time"I chuckled.


I looked at Luke next to me and he looked jealous that i just said that his friend is good looking.


"Dont give me that look lukeyyy" He was trying to keep a straight face but ended up giggling and wrapping his arm around me.


"I guess, im just too shy to talk to them" Ashton looked down.


A/N- Im sorry, this chapter probably sucked because im not really used to writing things like that. Sooo... Ashton needs a girlfriend...anyone? ;)x




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