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Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


12. Mixed feelings.

*Jen's POV*


He started trailing kisses down my neck, sucking slightly. I let out a small moan and he slipped his hands up my shirt.


"Jen!" I heard someone shout from the other room, which made us pull away.


"Coming!" I yelled back and practically ran to the other room before Luke could say anything.


What just happened?...It was wrong, but it felt so right. What  if he's just messing with me, I mean he was flirting with my sister just 10 minutes ago.


I sat down on the floor where I previously sat before that douche dragged me out of the room. Not long after, Luke entered the room. He sat down and avioded eye contact with me.


"Luke, truth or dare?" Chelsea, one of our friends asked Luke smirking.


"Dare" He answered.


" I dare you to make out with the person you like the most in this room"


This time he looked at me with sad expression. 


"Im not sure that person will be willing to kiss me" He looked down and shrugged.


Thats when the door bell rang and I ran to the door.


"Heyy" He smiled


"Hey Jason, what are u doing here?" I returned the smile


"I was bored so decided to come and hang out with the most beautiful girl in the world" He winked and I blushed.


"Come in, we're playing truth or dare with the others" I said while taking his hand and dragging him into the living room where everyone was sitting.


"Hey guys" He said to the others.


"Hey Jase" They chorused 


Jason took a seat and pulled me into his lap. I looked over at Luke. His face was red and it looked like he was about to burst out any moment.


"I better go" He stormed out of the room and we heard the front door slam closed.


I found myself running after him. I dont know why, but I just couldnt let him go.


"Luke, wait!" I yelled. He stopped and turned to face me.


"What do you want?" He said harshly


I just ran up to him and kissed him.

A/N- Hey guys! Im sorry for not updating for so long. I'm not sure if to continue this story...What do u guys think? :)x



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