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Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


1. Me

I don't wanna go to school!...oh sorry, my name is Jen Jackson, I'm 16. I'm into sports, let's just say I'm a little popular but I don't really pay attention to it.I don't really care about popularity, it makes other people feel different...unwanted even.One more thing....can someone explain why we need school!...I mean the only ones that seem to enjoy it so much are fucking sluts, maybe because they always found some pervert to fuck around with.Ugh...


My bestfriend is called Jason.He's a member of our football team, girls at school give me glares (mainly because he's hot) whenever they see me with him, which is a lot.We were friends since we were 3, we did nearly everything together and still do, I never thought we would become that close and be friends for that long.

Most of the time I sing, but no one actually knows about it, not even Jason.I like keeping things to myself..anyway I have a sister called Lia ,she's only a year younger than me and a brother called Zack, he's me living in the same house as him is a nightmare.

There's not much else to say to be honest, Im a pretty boring person as you have probably figured.



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