Snapchat <3

Jen is 16 and never does anything fun.What will happen when she starts talking to a guy she doesn't even know ?


6. Jealousy ?

*Jens POV*


That Luke guy hasn't talked to me today..weird.To be honest I actually started to like talking to him. He was funny,sweet but perverted and annoying at the same time.

I got bored so i decided to text him.


Jenxpmsl- Heyy (read)


I know hes seen my message but didn't reply.


Jenxpmsl- why are u ignoring meee ? (Read)


Jenxpmsl- ugh fine ignore me then.


Hemmo.penguin- I decided to leave you alone and stop annoying just like u wanted :)


Jenxpmsl- Why....


Hemmo.penguin- I just don't see the point of talking to u anymore


Jenxpmsl- but I want to talk to u ...


Hemmo.penguin- whatever. I have to go..bye


Jenxpmsl- Bye..


Did I do something wrong?..he seemed to be mad at me. Why would I care anyway?.


I started to look through others stories on snapchat when I noticed Luke added a picture.


It was a selfie of him and some girl. She was gorgeous. She had blonde wavy hair and light blue eyes. Suddenly I felt something, the same feeling I got when Jason accepted the girls number but a lot stronger. I felt mad at him for some reason.


Oh he was probably too busy with the girl and that's why he told me he had to 'go'. Ugh why do I care so much ?!


*3 hours later*


He hasn't talked to me, for some reason it makes me upset. I don't know why it just does. I texted him again.


Jenxpmsl- Can u tell me why ur mad at me?


Hemmo.penguin- I'm not mad at u...


Jenxpmsl- it doesn't seem like it Lucas


Hemmo.penguin- You looked pretty yesterday at the movies. I assume u were on a date with ur boyfriend.


Jenxpmsl- wait how did u know?!. And that wasn't my boyfriend u idiot.


Hemmo.penguin- I went to the movies with my friend and then I saw you. We watched the same movie, but u didn't see me cause I sat at the back and it was dark. No need to lie, it was obvious he was ur boyfriend.


Jenxpmsl- he's my best friend u dumbass.


Hemmo.penguin- so ur single?


What the hell is this all about and why is he asking me that?...ugh boys these days...


Jenxpmsl- um yeah, why are u askin?


Hemmo.penguin- I was just wondering..


Jenxpmsl- um okay, ur girlfriend is really pretty btw :)


Hemmo.penguin- haha my girlfriend?...I don't have one. I'm a single Pringle babe ;)


Jenxpmsl- what about the girl on ur story? *smirks*


Hemmo.penguin- she's just a close friend love x


I don't know why but I felt relieved, everytime he calls me 'babe' or something cheeky it makes me grin like an idiot and I don't even know the guy !



















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