I want her {Luke Hemmings f.f}

Alissa was the most prettiest girl any boy had seen, she was popular and sweet and nice and could make anyone laugh or smile. Luke Hemmings was the most popular guy he had dated almost everyone in the school except for Alissa it was his mission to date her.
What happens when Luke and his bandmates get discovered by One Direction and leave to go on tour. During the tour the boys get to come back home to Sydney for a week, what happens when Luke sees Allissa in a bar and still can't get her even when he's famous.
When Luke and the rest of the band and One Direction go back on tour and find out that two of the boys are bringing their two girlfriends on the tour for a couple of weeks, and when Luke finds out that Alissa is one of them. SHITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
Read to find out who the guy is.


8. Chapter7




Alissa's POV:


*Saturday morning*


Tonight was the night of the big party Ashley is throwing i had agreed to go with Calum seeming as Bree is going with her new boyfriend oh well i will see her there tonight no biggie.

I decided to get ready for the party there was only 3 hours left until it started so that gives me enough time to get ready and look sexy. I took a shower first and then blow dried my hair i decided to go for a natural look i didnt do anything to my hair i just left it out. I put on some mascara, eyeliner, pinkish eyeshadow and some red lipstick. I changed into some black high wasted jeans with a single cut on each knee and a orange tank top (will show a picture of the outfit at the end) I was pretty much ready i was just waiting on Calum now. 

After waiting five minutes there was a nock on the door i opened it to see a happy Calum i slipped on my white nike airforce shoes and followed him to his car.

We finally arrived at the big house which was Ashleys there was already tons of people. they were spread out everywhere it was super packed outside on the lawn i can't even imagine inside. Calum and i walked into the house

that was filled with sweaty drunken teenagers everywhere there was at least one couple making out or grinding on each other everywhere you looked. I'm not really fond of parties too many sick perves such as Luke Hemmings!

Speaking of the devil he spotted me and Calum and started walk right over to us before he could make any communications with me i told Calum i was going to get some drinks i wasn't completely lying if i was going to make it through the night i would need to be wasted.


As i was making my way through the crowd tripping over a little bit i have had about a whole bottle of tequila i was drunk as! I was trying to find Calum i had lost him and i only wanted to see him. I don't know why i only wanted to see him i just missed his presences. 

I was still looking for Calum when i finally spotted him talking to.. Amber? why would he talk to her. Amber was his ex from last year they broke up because he caught her kissing this boy in year 10 everyone found out Calum was the last one to know about she doesn't deserve him thats when he started playing girls. 

I started making my way up to them but then all of a sudden someone picks me up and puts me over there shoulder i can't see who but they were running around i was trying to get off but they were to strong. I was finally let down it turned out to be Michael i punched his arm telling him off playfully. I made my way over to Calum and Amber without being attacked.

"Hey guys" I said smiling sheepishly. "Hey Alissa.. are you drunk?" Callum asked me, "Whaaaaat me drunk no.. no silly" I said laughing nothing was funny but i just started laughing.

"Calum did i ever tell you how sexy you are" i say to him touching his shoulders cutting off Amber. 

"Alissa how much did you drink?" He asked me. "A bottle.." i replied "of?" he asked "tequila" i said chuckling slightly.

I then turned to Amber smirking "you don't deserve Calum you slut" i said still smirking putting an arm around Calums shoulder Amber looked like she was going to burst in anger but then what i did next was surely going to piss her off.

I turned my body to Calum facing him i grabbed his face in my arms and smashed my lips onto his he was surprised at first but then started getting into it. At first it was just a kiss but then turned into a hot makeup session he pushed me against the nearest wall i wrapped my legs around his waist not breaking the kiss. I could here chanting and cheering obvisouly people were watching us hopefully including Amber. 

I am so drunk right now i don't even know what i am doing i start feeling Calum pulling up my shirt a bit i was helping him and then i pulled out of the hot make out we were having to pull it over my head then pushing my lips back onto his but then i heard wolf whistles i finally broke out of the kiss and realised we were still in the living room that everyone else was everyone was now drawing their attention to us i quickly picked up my shirt putting it over my head Calum was smirking obvisouly proud of it while i was hiding in shame.

What have i just done..



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