I want her {Luke Hemmings f.f}

Alissa was the most prettiest girl any boy had seen, she was popular and sweet and nice and could make anyone laugh or smile. Luke Hemmings was the most popular guy he had dated almost everyone in the school except for Alissa it was his mission to date her.
What happens when Luke and his bandmates get discovered by One Direction and leave to go on tour. During the tour the boys get to come back home to Sydney for a week, what happens when Luke sees Allissa in a bar and still can't get her even when he's famous.
When Luke and the rest of the band and One Direction go back on tour and find out that two of the boys are bringing their two girlfriends on the tour for a couple of weeks, and when Luke finds out that Alissa is one of them. SHITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
Read to find out who the guy is.


7. Chapter 6



Alissa's POV:


Of course it was him and his little mates why didn't i think about it before was wondering where they all were it was too obvious they were all not there today and Calum had told me that he was at band practice all day it all made sense now. god. What have i done now i feel bad that I'm leaving Calum but then i don't i don't want to anywhere near Luke he's such a prick no way was i staying here.

As i was standing up Luke, Michael and Ashton entered through the previous door me and entered through as soon as Luke saw me he put a big smirk on his lips i wanted to slap that smirk right off his face but i didnt want to start any drama.

"I never would've expected to see your hot ass in here" Luke said smirking. Arghhh dick.

"I came with Calum to see his band practice but I all of a sudden feel sick so if you excuse me I'm going to go home and sleep bye Calum it was nice that you invited me but I really don't feel well i'll see you tomorrow night?" I asked him, tomorrow night my friend Ashley was throwing a party and the whole school was invited and Calum asked me if i would go with and of course i accepted i trust Calum he wouldn't do anything stupid to me and i couldn't go with Bree since she's going with her new *boyfriend* she had met him at a bar he goes to university here he 20 i don't know how i feel about him just yet but he makes her happy so i can't say much but if he hurts her i will not feel bad about punching him in the face. Bree has had many boyfriends i think this is her third one this month but it didn't bother she says that I'm such a wee saint since I've only dated three boys in my entire life but i don't need a boy to rely on I'm happy being single its just too much drama she's tried to make me go on dates but i always pretended to be sick. 

I redbird that we took Calum's car here. shit. Oh well i'll just call a cab while i waited for a cab i never expected this person to come out and talk to me.

It was Michael i wonder what wants.

"Hey Alissa you alright I just came to check if you alright do you need a lift?" he asked me why was he being so caring this wasn't the Michael i knew.

"It's okay I can take a cab" I told reassuring him that i could take but he wouldn't take no as an answer he just grabbed my wrists not in a harsh way but a soft and caring way he pulled me over to black range rover it must be his car he hopped in the drivers side and lent over to open the door to the passengers side for me to get in.

I got in and told him to take me to school so i could pick up my car that still remained in the school parking lot he replied with a yes.

The car ride was silent and it was a little bit awkward but at the moment i didnt care i was seeing a different side of Michael and i liked this side. Him being caring and not saying inappropriate things.

We finally arrived at school the whole car ride was silent no on had said a single thing but it was okay. I thanked Michael he drove off probably going back to band practice i found my car and hopped in and drove straight home i was exhausted i couldn't be bothered going back to school for the rest of the day.


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