I want her {Luke Hemmings f.f}

Alissa was the most prettiest girl any boy had seen, she was popular and sweet and nice and could make anyone laugh or smile. Luke Hemmings was the most popular guy he had dated almost everyone in the school except for Alissa it was his mission to date her.
What happens when Luke and his bandmates get discovered by One Direction and leave to go on tour. During the tour the boys get to come back home to Sydney for a week, what happens when Luke sees Allissa in a bar and still can't get her even when he's famous.
When Luke and the rest of the band and One Direction go back on tour and find out that two of the boys are bringing their two girlfriends on the tour for a couple of weeks, and when Luke finds out that Alissa is one of them. SHITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
Read to find out who the guy is.


4. Chapter 4



Calum's POV:


I was sitting in class I couldn't stop thinking about her. Luke is such an asshole Im not going to let him get her no way!

I had such a great time with her just hanging out and talking about everything she was defiantly a good listener and was funny and her laugh was just as beautiful as the rest of her. When she smiles her dimples show, she told me lots about herself I could tell she didnt fully trust me but thats fine I won't make her tell me every little secret she has that would be horrible of me. Ive always liked Alissa but after getting to know her a lot more and just sitting down talking to her my feelings have become stronger I just want her to be mine I want Luke to leave her alone he doesn't feel the way I feel about her. 

He's only going to use her which I'm not going to let that happen.

The bell meaning school was over wow did I really just waste a whole lesson thinking about her. 

I walked to my locker to put my books inside and grabbed my bag when I saw Luke and the rest of the guys aproching me. Oh God.

"Hey Cal" Luke said "where did you go during lunch you were just gone" Luke asked "I was ahh" I didnt know what to say then out of no where I feel to arms wrap around my waist from the back and head lean against my shoulder. "He was with me" I heard a familuar voice say I turned to see who it was. It was Alissa what was she doing.

"YOU WERE WITH ALISSA" Luke yelled at me

Alissa finally let go of me and stood beside me. "Dude calm down" I said trying to calm him down.

"HOW CAN I CALM DOWN I TOLD YOU I WANTED HER AND THEN YOU GO AND STAB ME IN THE BACK" Luke yelling once again. "OMG calm your fucken tits Luke Calum and I are just friends jesus" Alissa said Luke relaxed a little now. WAIT. Did she just friend zone me.. great!

"Wait... so theres nothing going on between you guys?" Luke asked suspically.

"Yeah nothings going on we are just friends" I said putting an arm over Alissas shoulder acting like it didnt hurt when she told Luke we were just friends.

"Yeah.." she said. Luke relaxed and just laughed Alissa gave me a hug and said bye then walked away.

"Cal you have to set us up" Luke said smirking. NO FUCKEN WAY. was I going to set him up with her, Im going to make it my mission to make sure Luke doesn't get Alissa but how am I going to do it.

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