I want her {Luke Hemmings f.f}

Alissa was the most prettiest girl any boy had seen, she was popular and sweet and nice and could make anyone laugh or smile. Luke Hemmings was the most popular guy he had dated almost everyone in the school except for Alissa it was his mission to date her.
What happens when Luke and his bandmates get discovered by One Direction and leave to go on tour. During the tour the boys get to come back home to Sydney for a week, what happens when Luke sees Allissa in a bar and still can't get her even when he's famous.
When Luke and the rest of the band and One Direction go back on tour and find out that two of the boys are bringing their two girlfriends on the tour for a couple of weeks, and when Luke finds out that Alissa is one of them. SHITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
Read to find out who the guy is.


2. Chapter 2


Luke's POV:


Her butt looked so good in what she was wearing I honestly started drooling the boys were laughing. I don't understand why won't she at least give me a shot, oh wait yeah thats right I'm the schools manwhore great!

She's only dated three guys! Everyone would say yes to her no matter what she was every guys ideal girl.

Of course she doesn't like me, she could have any guy in the school why would she choose me. I wanted her so bad I wanted to touch her make her feel good...

Stop it Luke!

After watching her finally disappear I turned around and joined into the guys conversation. Of course they were talking about Alissa I wasn't the only one that liked her I'm pretty sure everyone in the whole entire fucking school liked her. She was hot but beautiful, she was confident and had a killer smile, she was loving and caring and new exactly what to say, and did I mention she smelt like the ocean. Pure beauty she was.

"Damn Luke she really went at it today" Ashton said laughing so did the rest of the boys I just smirked which made them laugh even louder. My cheek was bright red, damn that girl could slap I'm going to turn into a tomato at the rate I'm going. I don't know something about her just makes me. Complete. Seeing her face every morning was the best part of my day. The bell finally went so I went to my class, which did I mention Alissa has the same class as me. We have I think three or four classes together I normally just stare at her.. wait! That came out wrong.

I entered the class room I spotted Alissa straight away sitting at her desk with her best friend Bree and couple of jocks trying to flirt with them. I found it funny they actually think they would have a shot with her. No one is good enough for her she is like a goddess that came from heaven. What the hell is wrong with you Luke this isn't you.



Alissa's POV:


I was sitting in my desk next to my best friend Bree and some of the school jocks were trying to flirt with us mainly her though, it didn't bother me though because they were just cocky sweaty yucky guys that think they own the school because they are in the football team. Luke walked past me dropping a note on my desk I opened the note...

'Damn babe your ass looked good today. Meet me on the bleachers at lunch I have something to tell you'

Who the fuck does he think he is, bloody president Obama there was no fricking way I was going!


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