I want her {Luke Hemmings f.f}

Alissa was the most prettiest girl any boy had seen, she was popular and sweet and nice and could make anyone laugh or smile. Luke Hemmings was the most popular guy he had dated almost everyone in the school except for Alissa it was his mission to date her.
What happens when Luke and his bandmates get discovered by One Direction and leave to go on tour. During the tour the boys get to come back home to Sydney for a week, what happens when Luke sees Allissa in a bar and still can't get her even when he's famous.
When Luke and the rest of the band and One Direction go back on tour and find out that two of the boys are bringing their two girlfriends on the tour for a couple of weeks, and when Luke finds out that Alissa is one of them. SHITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
Read to find out who the guy is.


1. Chapter 1


Alissa's POV:


I was walking through the school halls, of course people were staring at me some out of love and some out of envy. I walked passed Luke and his little gang. Luke and his gang were the most popular boys in the school but that didn't bother me, Lukes been trying to get into my pants for three years and still hasn't, I find it funny how he thinks I will just sleep with him. I walk past him with confidence his mate Calum wolf whistled at me while I walked past them, I could feel their eyes on my ass I turned around and the three boys turned around quickly and made a conversation while Luke just stood there and smirked. I got mad I could see him chuckling a bit. He winked aswell which made me go off!

I walked right up to Luke and slapped him right across the face. Now all the attention was turned to Luke and I, people were whispering shit but I couldn't care less I was so angry to even give a damn.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I yelled at Luke with my most angry tone. "Oh c'mon babe it was just a wink" he said winking again, arghh how much he pissed me off. I was the only girl left that Luke hasn't dated yet in the WHOLE entire school and when I mean everyone I MEAN EVERYONE.


He would be all romantic and all that other shit to poor sweet innocent girls and then he would fuck them and the next day break up with them, his little gang does it too. I honestly have dreamed of punching that dickhead in the face more than once. I was hoping one day it will come true but today was not the day. "Fuck you Luke! Just leave me alone kay? cheers" I said winking at him while walking off with pride. Fuck Luke Hemmings I'm not falling for his stupid little games. 

A/N: Hey guys so this is my story from before but it got deleted some how but luckily I copied some off it but I will definitely be continuing writing this story since I like it myself :) Hope y'all like it :*

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