Ive always loved you



6. vikki POV

Vikki POV

I had to talk to cal about this cheating thing and tell him Luke was worried about him

"Cal are you okay" I said as cal looked down "yeah I'm fine" cal said he clearly wasn't he looked even more sad than before "cal I know your not I can tell" I said he then looked at me "I can tell you but you can't tell anyone especially Luke and Kat" cal said I looked at him worried "yeah okay promise" I said

"I like kat and she just makes me smile and I feel do happy when she's with me I know I have just broken up with poppy but things wernt well with her anyway and I did have a feeling she was cheating but kat I like her no screw it I love her" cal said I shushed him "cal ssshhhh you can't like her she's with Luke you have to tell Luke" I said cal then looked down "I know I should but I can't he will flip" cal said as then I saw kat walking towards us "hey guys what you talking about oh Michael wants you vikki" kat said "just band stuff I'll talk to you later then" I said as I went to find Michael

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