Ive always loved you



7. trust her

"Hey come on guys let's go back to mine" ash said I got up and laughed "okay can we just chill" I said ash looked at me "Kat that's all we do" ash said as Luke but his hands around me and Michael did the same to vikki Luke kissed my neck cal just rushed to the car we all got in the car

We got back to Ashton's house and cal went straight upstairs "where are you going" ash said "to bed I'm very tired" cal said we all laughed "but it's 3pm" Luke said cal just ignored him and walked upstairs "let's watch a film" Michael said "okay I'm going to see cal" I said walking to the stairs "but kat yo-" vikki cut off Luke "Luke do you trust kat" vikki said "yeah bu-" Luke said vikki smiled "Luke leave her" vikki said Luke smiled and watched the film

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