Ive always loved you



14. the argument

"Luke what ar-" I said Luke cut me off "where is he what has he made you do" Luke said "nothing he hasn't made me do anything" I said as Luke hugged me "Luke she has to choose it can't be you then me I don't want to fall out Luke" cal said Luke looked at cal "did you touch her" Luke said "no I didn't she just came to see if I was okay" cal said as Luke looked at me "did he kiss you" Luke said "no he didn't he didn't look luke I can't choose I love you luke but cal" I said "what about cal what does cal give you that I don't" Luke said

"Nothing I have feelings for you both" I said as Luke walked over to cal "why do you want everything I have she is mine and you are trying to take her away" Luke said "Luke I'm sorry but I have feelings for her" cal said they stopped arguing and I left

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