Ive always loved you



2. Pizza Hut

"Oh hi I'm poppy" the girl said she was holding cals hand so it was clear they were dating they looked cute "hey you girls want to come to the movies later" ash said "yeah sounds fun" I said smiling Luke then gave me his number and Michael gave vikki his number "call us later and we will meet up" Luke said as they left the store

We then went home to get ready I them texted Luke telling him we were ready for the movies we then met up later outside the movies and went to Pizza Hut I don't know why but Michael said we had to go to Pizza Hut first so yeah Luke put his arm around me as I laughed "what are you doing" I said as Luke laughed "will you be my girlfriend" Luke whisperd in my ear "yeah okay" I said smiling as I looked over at ash who was throwing mini tomartos at cal and poppy "grate now we need to get Michael and vikki together" Luke said as I smiled "looks like they already are" I said you could see them sharing pizza and kept flirting so you could tell they both liked each other "vikki and Michael sitting in a tree" I said smiling

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